A julienne vegetable peeler is a must-have kitchen device that you deserve to use to make perfectly julienned vegetable in no time! This article provides a step-by-step accuse on exactly how to usage a julienne peeler on various vegetables, including root vegetables, potatoes, and also zucchini.

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Have you ever wanted to do veggie slaws and also salads that have actually “julienned” veggies? but you don’t know exactly how to prepare castle in this way?

To julienne a vegetable method to cut it right into short, thin strips. This technique, likewise known together French cut, deserve to be challenging, and also it calls for a many patience.

But julienned veggies room really pretty, can soak up flavors well, and make raw veggie preparations appear very appetizing and even gourmet. Sometimes, appearance is half the battle when it pertains to encouraging veggie consumption. So, julienned vegetables space a an excellent addition to your food preparation arsenal, particularly if you have some picky eaters at home.

Fortunately, there’s a game-changing and time-saving tool out there because that us house chefs: the julienne peeler! This device looks similar to a Y-peeler however has sharp, jagged edges whereby you would usually uncover a directly peeling blade.

In this post, I’ll walk you through exactly how to use a julienne peeler and discuss the varieties of veggies to try cutting with it. Be certain to scroll under to the recipe card to inspect out the video clip tutorial, in addition to the step-by-step photos.

Best Julienne Peeler

I extremely recommend the Oxo Julienne Peeler. Friend can discover it at Amazon and also several cooking, residence goods, or department stores, such together Crate and also Barrel.

How to Safely use a Julienne Peeler

The blade of a julienne peeler is an extremely sharp. You have to use it correctly to avoid cutting yourself.

First, once you’re not using the peeler, make sure the plastic cover is flipped end the blade. This will certainly prevent any accidental injuries that could occur from brushing up against an open blade while you look for one more tool in her kitchen drawer.

Second, always place the vegetables on a cutting plank for support once using a julienne peeler. Friend will see what I median in the pictures that follow. It can be tempting to organize some veggies in her palm, such as potatoes or other small, ring veggies, however this will put you at risk of nicking her thumb, palm, or other fingers.

Third, it’s not always feasible to usage a julienne peeler on the whole vegetable. Protect against using the peeler as soon as it gets daunting to reduced into what’s left that the vegetable. Slice the rest of the vegetable with a knife.

And finally, a julienne peeler does not occupational on every vegetable. It’s meant for certain veggies like root vegetables, rather of soft ones favor tomatoes.

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Here’s just how to usage a julienne vegetables peeler on 3 different types of veggies:

Rutabaga, turnips, or beets: part round root veggies in half. If you save them whole, friend won’t be able to lay them flat on a cutting plank for support. Ar one fifty percent cut side down on a cutting board, and also run the peeler from optimal to bottom. Use your complimentary hand to hold the veggie down at the top, so the you keep your fingers away from the course of the peeler/blade. Repeat v the various other half.
Carrots and zucchini: Lay the vegetable level on the cut board. If it moves around, use a knife to slice off some of one next so that it stays still. Operation the peeler from optimal to bottom. Use your free hand to host the veggie under at the top, so the you keep your fingers far from the path of the peeler/blade.
Potatoes: You can use the same an approach as the one for other round source veggies (see #1). Or girlfriend can reduced the potato in half lengthwise and use her hand there is no the peeler come balance it in ~ a 45 degree angle (approximately) on the cutting board. Then, operation the peeler from peak to bottom. As result of the form of potatoes, the potato will still be supported by its own flesh pressed up against the cut board, yet it will certainly be simpler to peel on an angle.

Julienne Peeler Uses

Now the you know just how to use a julienne peeler, let’s comment on ways to usage your shredded matchstick veggies. Julienned vegetables space most commonly used in raw preparations, such as salads and also slaws. However, they can likewise be cooked.

Julienned potatoes make an excellent hash browns! chef them in part oil, salt, and pepper in a skillet till tender and slightly crispy.

Here space the ideal vegetables to prepare through a julienne peeler. Click the links to see all of my recipes using these veggies.