Once open, it must be used within 6 months. We recommend to keep the product dry, cool, the end of sun. It is not essential to save our products in the fridge.

Unlike set off charcoal you can buy in ~ the drug store, ours formula was emerged for your teeth and also is authorized for your this by dentist! the factor for this is, ours formula is merged with various other detoxing / stain fighting ingredient to permit our RDA (Relative Dentin Abrasivity) score to be a low 67. Pure set off charcoal is over double that and can damages your enamel and also irritate gums. If using an additional brand, be certain their formula is dentist approved like ours!

Our formula will certainly not permanently stain clothes, if girlfriend accidentally get it on apparel just litter the item of clothes in her washer and also drier together normal.

Of course, client love to usage our powder either in the morning or before bed then use regular toothpaste thought-out the day! our powder works amazingly paired with our Charcoal dough toothpaste!

ABSOLUTELY NOT! pets are ours friends and also one reason we created this agency is to offer cruelty-free options to human being who also love pets as much as us!

Absolutely, some customers choose using separate heads as our flour is super black and can discolor her bristles end time.

Yes, it is perfect. Add 1 tablespoon coconut oil come 1/4 tespoon of ours powder. Swish in your mouth for around 10 - 15 minutes. Rinse thoroughly. You can use this method several time a week!

Oh yes, it deserve to be beneficial in changing the ph and health of your mouth, successfully killing the poor bacteria present in tooth decay and gingivitis.

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Absolutely NOT! our formula was emerged for teeth unlike continuous activated charcoal discovered in drugs stores. Our formula is also one that the just formula"s arisen in the unified States and also is dentist approved! We likewise have a extremely RDA score of 67!

We are all different, over 90% that our customers report they notification an prompt improvement, especially when this are really discolored or yellow, for others it is more of a steady process. Our flour is consisted of of 100% natural and organic ingredients and also does no make your teeth whiter than organic white. Uneven harmful chemistry whitening our formula has ZERO bleaching ingredient that damages enamel. That works specifically well with extrinsic stains on teeth resulted in by food, drink, tobacco. The is the best and only natural alternative to chemical teeth whitening products. Particular foods and also drinks stain teeth, just brush your teeth with our powder after. Brushing your teeth with our charcoal powder will likewise give girlfriend that amazing super clean dentist feel.

i am pregnant. Have the right to I use your powder?

Of course, ingredients are all natural and organic. In comparison with a constant toothpaste or a this whitening product i beg your pardon is full of chemistry our flour is the safest different there is. Nevertheless, as soon as pregnant, us recommend girlfriend consult your health professional, just for your peace of mind.

I have dental work-related done. Have the right to I usage the powder?

Super safe! over 80% of our customers report having actually prior dental job-related (caps, false teeth, etc) and have zero problems, our formula is the safest means to whiten and also deeply clean without see the dentist! our formula will not injury nor stain veneers, dentist implants, dentures, crowns, cap or false teeth, that will but remove surface stains native them that have been gathered over time from foods, liquids or smoking!

I have braces. Can I use your powder?

Most definitely! us recommend brushing when to twice a week if you have braces however brushing day-to-day after they room removed!

i have very sensitive teeth/gums, can I use your powder?

Yes, our formula is non-irritating! us recommend to use our soft bristle toothbrush if you"ve proficient sensitivity v gums though!

have the right to my children use this?

Yes! ours charcoal is boy friendly for youngsters of every ages. The period of when they start is your choice!

how much powder do I use?

Very little, just cover the advice of your wet toothbrush bristles.

How often can I use this?

Use as frequently as desired! most of our customers usage our flour daily, some use it twice a week!

just how do I use it?

Dip a clean, wet toothbrush right into your powder, brush your teeth in small, gentle circles because that 2-5 minutes. Shot to keep your lips close up door while to brush it occasionally gets messy, spit carefully in sink or a cup and also rinse well. Usage as often as needed and enjoy her brighter beautiful smile!

far better than bleaching?

Unlike bleaching teeth, our formula is 100% safe for your enamel and also doesn"t save on computer peroxide. Peroxide is the key chemical that reasons sensitivity and raw gums!

Is this vegan and also organic?

OH correct! 100% herbal & 100% vegan!

wherein is this made?

We are made in a cGMP compliant facility and also we are American owned with quality you have the right to trust!

What"s inside the powder?

Activated Coconut Charcoal, Calcium Bentonite Clay, essential Orange Peel Extract and also Organic Peppermint!


Does that stain clothes?

Our formula will certainly not permanently stain clothes, if friend accidentally obtain it on garments just litter the piece of clothes in your washer and also drier together normal.

have the right to this change my normal toothpaste?

Absolutely! countless of customers use our product together a fluoride free toothpaste replacement!

Is this safe on veneers or dentist work?

Super safe, over 80% that our customers report having actually prior dental work (caps, false teeth, etc) and have zero troubles with ours formula!

go this job-related with braces?

Most definitely! This will not leaving "bleach spots" choose vhemical whotening products.

Is this vegan friendly?

100% vegan friendly & cruetly free!


how long walk the mask remain on for?

Until mask fully drys, normally 10-15 minutes!

How often should I usage this?

We recommend double a week yet many customers use this daily!

How plenty of uses have the right to you get out that 1 bottle?

You can easily get 15 offers uses ours of 1 bottle.

need to I perform thin or special coat?

THICK! A thin coat will make the harder to peel off and may cause pain.

just how to apply the mask?

Here is the procedures you must follow:

STEP 1:Use cleanser clean face skin, use hot towel compressing for 3-5 minutes, wait because that pores to open.

STEP 2: Evenly use appropriate quantity of the mask to T-zone or nose.

STEP 3:Wait for 10-15 minutes and also gently peel off the mask as soon as the mask is dry.

STEP 4 Rinse with water and apply some significance to it.


How numerous come in a pack?

Inside her strips box you will receive 14 optimal strips and 14 bottom strips!

are these better than powder?

Our strips work much faster over our powder due to the fact that of the coconut oil in them. They are appropriate for a last minute whitening fix prior to a night the end or a refresh of brightness!

carry out these save bleach?

Our charcoal strip contain ZERO bleach or peroxide!

What room the ingredients?

Organic Coconut oil, essential Coconut activated Charcoal and also Organic Peppermint!

need to I brush through toothpaste after?

We recommend brushing straight after using our strips through our Charcoal dough toothpaste or any kind of other toothpaste!

Bamboo Charcoal Floss

walk the floss expire?

Once open, it should be offered within 24 months. Us recommend to store the product dry, cool, out of sun. It is not essential to keep our commodities in the fridge.

Why is this far better than consistent floss?

Not only is charcoal adsorptive, it’s also anti-microbial. Win-win for healthy white this

Is this refillable?

Is this refillable?

Can youngsters use this?

Yes! our charcoal floss is son friendly for youngsters of every ages. The age of once they start using is your choice!

Is the wax petroleum based?

Not all! its candelila wax, tree based native a plant referred to as Euphorbia antisyphilitica.

Is this taken into consideration vegan?

Absolutely, 100% vegetables friendly!

just how long is the roll of floss?

Our floss is 30m or 33 yards long!

go this floss have actually or save on computer any kind of fluoride?

Our floss is fluoride free :)

Bamboo Charcoal Soap

Is this a pH balanced soap?

No, classic cold handle soap can"t it is in pH well balanced the method chemical laundry detergent based cleansers are. Human being with sensitive skin discover natural soaps favor ours come be less harsh on skin 보다 commercial cleansing bars/washes.

go this soap lather increase well?

Extremely well!

just how well does this work-related for blackheads?

Our soaps formula will detox your skin and aid fight blackheads as well as prevent them!

how long walk this bar last?

If supplied twice a day together recommended, the bar will certainly last 2 months!

Is this soap vegetable friendly?

Our soap bar is 100% vegan, that only includes essential oils and also activated charcoal.

Bamboo Toothbrush

space the bristles likewise biodegradable?

Unfortunately, science has actually not yet designed a product that deserve to be together thin and gentle on teeth as nylon. However the manage is 100% biodegradable!

Is that BPA free?

Yes, our toothbrushes room all BPA free and made from nature bamboo!

room these Cruelty free?

Absolutely! no one of our commodities are experiment on animals nor contain animal!

space the bristles soft?

Super soft! If you choose a super tough brush, these could not be for you.

exactly how long does 1 toothbrush last?

If offered everyday, 1 toothbrush will certainly last 45 days. Us recommend replacing your toothbrush every 30 job!

Activated Charcoal LED

go this save bleach?

Our formula contains ZERO bleach!

how do you fee the LED light?

Our kit comes v a USB wireless charger the charges the LED light!

How quick does this work?

On just your an initial use friend will watch at least a 1 shade difference.

Is this product vegan?

All that our commodities are 100% vegetable friendly / curetly free!

does this cause sensitivity?

Not in ~ all! since our formula doesnt consists of bleach or peroxide you will certainly not experiance sensitivity!

Brush teeth before or after?

We recommend to brush teeth prior to using our kit than after with our Charcoal Paste

Charcoal Refills Gels

Is it encourage to keep the gel syringes in the fridge?

We recommend to keep gels in a room temperature environment!

Does it whiten caps and veneers?

Our whitening kit safely remove surface stains native coffee, wine, cigarette smoking on Crowns, Veneers, Bonding!

does this save fluoride?

Does this save fluoride?


complimentary Shipping

We offer an initial Class Shipping come domestic and also International customers. All orders come through a tracking number! when sales are energetic we give totally free Shipping to domestic customers!

Shipping Time

Domestic shipping time is 2-3 service days. worldwide shipping time is indigenous 7-21 organization days depending whereby it"s going. Our taking care of time differs from 1-5 days.

global Shipping

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terms & problems


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All uses are accepted and all products are offered subject to and also upon these conditions of Sale. No addition, alteration variation or waiver of any kind of term of these conditions of revenue shall it is in binding uneven agreed in creating by the parties. The Purchaser candlestick be understood to have actually agreed these conditions in relation every present and future dealings between the parties.

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You are at least 18 year of age.

Your have actually consulted her dentist and they have assessed your teeth as being dentally fit for this whitening and given you their approval because that whitening your teeth. Your this have had a skilled clean indigenous a hygienist.

If you room pregnant or breast-feeding you will not usage our commodities without the approval and supervision that a dentist or various other suitably qualified clinical professional.

Employees, staff and also agents the lasignoralaura.com, llcare not dentists or in any other-way medical qualified to listed diagnosis or provide advice in relationship to your particular circumstances and individual usage requirements.

You have actually no loose veneers, bridgework or loosened crowns or if you do you recognize that these will not whiten. Whitening assets will not whiten crowns, veneers, bridges, fillings, or other dental work.

You have actually no loose or decayed teeth and are not experiencing from gum an illness (such together periodontal disease).

You must only usage the whitening powderwithin the therapy times specified and like many other cosmetic procedures should no be overused. Also our teeth whitening products should no be supplied by habitual tobacco and also alcohol users.

While utilizing our teethwhitening products, and also for at the very least an hour after each session, you should not smoke or drink red wine, tea, coffee, or any kind of other food or drink containing food colouring. You should avoid these, and any various other dark food or drink, during the entire whitening process, and also for 48 hours after the end of treatment.

You are not allergy to any type of of the adhering to ingredients;

essential Peppermint Oil activated Coconut covering Charcoal Calcium Bentonite Clay essential Lemon Myrtle

If you have troubles while you space using our commodities you should stop making use of them at once and also seek a dentist come advice you. Your dentist should additionally have agreed come you whitening your teeth.

As a precaution, girlfriend should have actually someone rather in the home whentrying this because that the first time.


The outcomes of teeth whitening space subjective and also individual whiteningresults differ from person to person and lasignoralaura.com, llccannot insurance a particular result. It is vital that girlfriend strictly monitor the individual product instructions. Not adhering to the indict could, amongst other things, damage your teeth and also gums. In part instances, even if you follow the instructions end brushingmay an outcome in blotchiness or a non-uniform tooth surface. The impact of teeth whitening fades over time and individual results again vary. Unexpected results might occur and also may be irreversible. By to buy a certain teeth whitening product, you expropriate all the risks linked with teeth whitening and release and also hold lasignoralaura.com, llcharmless and its agents, employees and also principals not authorised for any type of issues or complications occurring from or connected with the this whitening.

Before purchasing any kind of of these assets if you doubt having any kind of allergies to any type of of the teeth whitening products sold on lasignoralaura.comor you space not sure if the product is an ideal for you please consult her dentist before making any kind of purchase. Sensitivity deserve to be a component of the this whitening procedure and the degrees of sensitivity vary from person to person, We recommend those who suffer unusual sensitivity to prevent using the product for a day or lowering the frequency the usage. If the sensitivity continues and causes serious discomfort we recommend to avoid using this whitening products immediately and consult your dentist.

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