Corkscrews and also wine openers room a necessary component of any foodservice establishment looking to serve wine. These devices seem choose a simple subject due to the fact that they only have one purpose. Yet, there are many choices and the selections for the consumer vary greatly. Review on to learn much more about the various species of corkscrews!

8 types of Corkscrews & Wine bottle Openers

Each kind of corkscrew has actually different benefits and while they all open wine bottles, how they are used to remove a cork different from kind to type. Normally to use a corkscrew, you will certainly screw the worm right into the center of the cork. Then, slowly pull upward until the cork is removed.

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Below are the various types of corkscrews and also their intake instructions to help determine i m sorry corkscrew is ideal for you. This ar is ordered with the most commonly used corkscrew styles provided first.

1. Waiter"s Corkscrews

Waiter"s corkscrews - additionally know as wine keys - room the standard device of an option for many establishments. They market the perfect blend of affordability, compact size, and also functionality and are considered to it is in the oldest type of opened a bottle of wine. They’re perfect because that front-of-house usage for servers who regularly open and pour wine straight at tables. Many waiter"s corkscrews include bottle lid openers and also foil cutter knives as well.

How to use a waiter"s corkscrew:

Start by cut the foil under the lip that the bottleRemove the silver paper from the party neckPlace the worm ~ above the center of the cork and also twist the corkscrew come insert the worm into the corkPlace the first, small boot lever notch top top the lip that the bottle and hold it in placeLever the manage up to traction the cork around halfway out of the bottleMove the 2nd boot bar notch to the tip of the bottle and pull the cork the rest of the method out of the bottleTo eliminate the cork native the worm, reverse the corkscrew movement while holding top top the cork

2. Pocket Corkscrews

Pocket corkscrews have actually a compact dimension that"s perfect for transporting in apron or pants pockets. Many pocket corkscrews encompass a sheath to save the corkscrew worm native poking through fabric or pockets. This sheath is additionally often supplied to produce a "T" shame crossbar that provides leverage come twist the worm right into the cork and remove the cork. This small, portable corkscrews are an excellent for servers and bartenders to save on hand at every times. Pocket corkscrews require an ext strength than electric or respond to mount corkscrews.

How to use a bag corkscrew:

Start by cutting the foil under the lip the the bottleRemove the sheath and slide it into the opening at the base of the corkscrewInsert the corkscrew right into the cork and also turn till the worm is put into the corkOnce the worm is totally inserted, traction outwards ~ above the take care of to eliminate the corkTo eliminate the cork indigenous the worm, turning back the corkscrew motion while holding top top the cork

3. Wing Corkscrews

Wing, or winged, corkscrews are a popular an option for man-made cork removal due to their ease of use. Additionally, they deserve to be supplied on corks of all sizes for further versatility. Wing corkscrews room not the best an option for opened vintage wines or wines v natural, brittle corks as they have the right to leave cork crumbs behind. With a tiny size and also easy-to-use design, these corkscrews are good for front-of-house use by waiters.

How to use a wing corkscrew:

Start by cut the silver paper under the lip of the bottleCut the foil roughly the neck that the bottleRemove the foil and insert the worm right into the center of the corkTwist the corkscrew bar to insert the worm into the cork. Proceed twisting till the wings rise all the means upOnce the wings have risen, push down ~ above them simultaneously to pull the cork the end of the bottleTo remove the cork indigenous the corkscrew merely turn the take care of counterclockwise

4. Electrical Corkscrews

Electric corkscrews are the easiest means to open up wine bottles. Their simple push switch operation makes it feasible for everyone to open a party of wine. This corkscrews are an excellent for back-of-house use, and also for conveniently opening party of alcohol behind the bar. Electrical corkscrews are appropriate for anyone v arthritis or tiny hand strength.

How to use an electrical corkscrew:

Start by cutting the silver paper under the lip that the bottlePlace the electrical corkscrew on peak of the wine bottle neck. Be certain to save the corkscrew verticalTurn the corkscrew on and also it will instantly insert the worm and also remove the corkRemove the corkscrew from the height of the bottle when corkscrew has removed the corkReverse the corkscrew activity to remove the cork indigenous the worm

5. Counter Mount Corkscrews

Counter mountain corkscrews have the right to be attached come a table or respond to for sturdiness and support. Counter mount corkscrews provide extr torque and can open up bottles faster and with less effort than plenty of other types of corkscrews. Therefore, this layout of corkscrew is ideal for high-volume establishments. These corkscrews are great for back-of-house use, and also attach conveniently to bars because that a convenient method to open up bottles of wine.

How to use a counter mount corkscrew:

Start by cut the silver paper under the lip of the bottleInsert the wine bottle in the corkscrewPull down on the manage to insert the corkscrew wormRelease the manage to uncork the wine bottleReturn the manage to the up position and also the cork will autumn off the worm

6. Lever Corkscrews

Lever corkscrews are quickly gaining popularity thanks to your ease of use. Most lever corkscrews just require 2 motions, one forward motion in which the worm is inserted into the cork and also another that gently pulls the cork from the bottle. The real advantage of using a bar corkscrew is the lot of manage they provide as the manage firmly holds the neck of the bottle while the corkscrew is in use.These corkscrews are great for front-of-house use, and also feature a compact dimension to keep concealed behind the bar.

How to usage a lever corkscrew:

Start by cutting the foil under the lip the the bottleRemove the silver paper from the party neckWith the bar in the up position, ar the corkscrew on top of the alcohol bottlePush the bar down come insert the worm into the corkOnce the bar is all the way down, traction the handle earlier up to eliminate the cork native the alcohol bottleTo remove the cork native the worm, lift the corkscrew off the bottle and also flip the handle up and also down a couple of times

7. Wine Cork Extractors

Wine cork extractors attribute prongs that slide down in between the wine bottle and cork to remove the cork indigenous the bottle. They"re ideally supplied with vintage corks do from herbal cork. Best of all, extractors won"t damage vintage alcohol corks or reason them to break apart dropping crumbs into the wine. As result of their small size, these extractors are great for keeping behind the bar or in aprons for practically access.

How to usage a wine cork extractor:

Start by cut the silver paper under the lip that the bottleFirmly hold the neck that the bottle, slide the extractor prongs in between the cork and the within of the party neckShimmy the prongs down utilizing a left to right activity while using light pressure to the handleOnce totally inserted, twisted the extractor and pull upward to remove the corkTo remove the cork indigenous the extractor just slide it out from in between the prongs

8. Wall Mount Corkscrews

Wall mount corkscrews mountain to a beam or wall for optimal stability and also security once removing alcohol corks. Wall surface mount corkscrews have the right to be collection for various penetration depths. This is valuable for partial alcohol cork extraction at banquet room features where the wine will be placed on the tables prior to the event begins. These corkscrews are great for back-of-house use, and also ensure wine corks will certainly not be shed or misplaced.

How to usage a wall mount corkscrew:

Start by cut the foil under the lip the the bottleInsert the neck the the wine bottle into the cradlePull down on the manage to insert the corkscrewReturn the manage to the starting position to pull the cork outOnce the party is eliminated from the cradle the cork will fall to the floor

9. Continuous Pull Corkscrews

Continuous pull corkscrews work using a twist movement to drive the worm right into the cork. Additionally, the political parties of the constant pull corkscrew sit top top the sit ~ above the neck of the bottle, and also many formats have hinges ~ above the handles so you can squeeze them around the party neck to get a better grip. Due to their small size and also easy-to-use design, these corkscrews are an excellent for front-of-house use by servers and bartenders.

How to use a consistent pull corkscrew:

Start by cut the silver paper under the lip of the bottlePlace the basic of the corkscrew end the height of your wine bottleTurn the handle clockwise come insert the worm right into the corkAs the worm screws into the cork, on slide the sides over the neck that the bottle for a much better gripContinue transforming the take care of clockwise until the cork is completely extractedTo remove the cork native the corkscrew just turn the handle counterclockwise

Anatomy the a Corkscrew

There are plenty of different varieties and styles of corkscrews. In spite of their differences in styles, corkscrews normally at least have a corkscrew worm, handle, and also bootlever to eliminate corks. Extr features, such as foil cutters and also bottle cap removers are likewise common components found ~ above some layouts of corkscrews.
Corkscrew worm:
a single metal helix the drives into a alcohol cork to remove it indigenous the bottle. The helix take away the cork as it is twisted in so that the cork have the right to be completely removed indigenous the alcohol bottle. Corkscrew handle: provides the leverage and also grip crucial to remove corks native the wine bottle. Manage styles, lengths, and also materials vary greatly across the different types of corkscrews.Corkscrew bootlever: provides extr leverage to pull wine corks out of alcohol bottles. Bootlevers room primarily discovered on waiter"s corkscrews.Foil cutter: generally small, serrated chisels or wheels that are used to slice open the security foil covering at the top of the wine bottle. Bottle lid remover: transforms a corkscrew from just being maybe to open up wine to popping the tops off beer or soda bottles. Party cap removers are obtainable on countless styles the corkscrews.
The very first thing to take into consideration when to buy a alcohol opener or corkscrew is its lull of use. A corkscrew the is difficult to use may result in cork crumbs in the wine, damaged corks, or friend may finish up can not to eliminate the cork. Because of this, many big operations have actually moved towards respond to mount, wall mount, or electric corkscrews as these layouts make cork removal extremely easy because that everyone.


Smaller work or establishments with sommeliers or staff trained in alcohol cork removal may opt because that a pocket or waiter"s corkscrew. These corkscrews are usually less high-quality than various other styles and are cheap to replace. Large, high-volume operations should take into consideration the more expensive wall mount, respond to mount, and electric corkscrews as these layouts make opening countless bottles at a time quick and easy, which helps recoup their cost in conserved labor.


Smaller corkscrews, such as waiter"s and also pocket corkscrews, room a good choice for employee on the move. This corkscrews easily fit within an apron or pants pocket and are lightweight. Larger corkscrews, such as electric, respond to mount, and wall mount corkscrews, are much better suited because that a single location wherein staff bring wine party to the corkscrew to open them. These bigger corkscrews are regularly faster and also easier to usage than smaller sized corkscrews.

Cork Type:

Different species of corkscrews excel at removing different types of cork. Come start, there space two varieties of alcohol corks: synthetic and natural cork. Man-made corks are much more dense than organic corks, which requires much more force to twist the worm into the cork. The advantage of synthetic corks is that they are less likely to break apart during extraction. Natural corks are an ext brittle and sensitive come removal than fabricated corks. The benefit of herbal corks is the they properly age wines stored over long periods that time.

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What kind of corkscrew is finest for removing man-made corks?
A soup corkscrew is wonderful choice for removing man-made corks. Castle provide more leverage 보다 other varieties of corkscrews to do tight fitting fabricated corks simpler to remove.What kind of corkscrew is best for removing organic corks? herbal corks can come to be sensitive or brittle through age. Therefore, if you"re opened a lot of vintage wines look to an extractor or lever format corkscrew. These types of corkscrews are less likely to rest a cork personally leaving cork crumbs in her wine.

Type that Restaurant:

Upscale restaurants that emphasize presentation the wines might want to walk for a decorate or vintage format corkscrew since of the intensified presentation value these corkscrews provide. Large banquet halls, wedding venues, or wine tasting rooms
that may be opening a lot of wine bottles in a quick amount the time will desire to consider a wall mount or respond to mount corkscrew for their speed and ease that use. Lastly, restaurants that just serve alcohol occasionally might want to consider a wing or waiter"s corkscrew merely from a price standpoint.
How can I remove damaged corks that fall inside the alcohol bottle?Consider utilizing a cork retriever. Simply hold the prongs together, insert the an equipment into her bottle, and also push under on the optimal to open up the prongs. When the prongs space situated roughly the cork, pull up top top the device. The prongs will close automatically about the cork, pulling it to safety external the bottle and saving your beverage!

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