Use our guide to learn around the all brand-new Fate and Fortune cards in speak to of Duty: boundless Warfare's zombie in Spaceland.

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You will start off v the an initial five Fate Cards provided below, climate the rest are unlocked together you level increase in zombie in Spaceland. The unlock level is detailed next to the name of the Fate Card.

Nade Party

Grenade slot regenerates automatically.

Shop class

Spawn a Carpenter power up. Carpenter fixes all zombie barriers.

Scorching Skin

The next 10 enemies to damages you will burn.

Mana Up

Regenerate your wellness faster.

Eagle Eye

Sniper Rifle hits always count together crits.

Blood clot - Level 3

Increases the moment it takes to bleed out, start in last Stand.

Scoped Dollars - Level 7

$300 bonus because that each kill with a sniper.

Static Shock - Level 10

Melee assaults chain electrical energy to other enemies.

Med Kit - Level 14


Revives space faster.

Getting Railed - Level 20

Use an infinite ammo Ballista EN3 because that 30 seconds.

Best for Last - 28

The last 4 bullets in your mag will have actually bonus damage.

5 second Muscle - Level 33

Five seconds of Increased damages after reloading, lasts because that one wave.

Socialist - Level 40

Cash is evenly distributed to all players.

All luck Cards

Fortune cards room not unlocked through level, you must discover them in Zombie Crates. This Zombie Crates are unlocked v Keys, which room earned by playing Zombies in Spaceland, and will contain 3 random cards.

Refund Policy

Your next 3 purchases are refunded by 30%.

Home Remodel

Instantly rebuild obstacles with an boosted money bonus.

Get Head

Headshots instantly death zombies, lasts because that 15 headshots.

Pimp Slap


Melee damages is an prompt kill.

On The Money

Accuracy provides a cash multiplier for your team.

Power Play

Increased odds of a power up drop.

Ego Trip

Increases headshot damages for 60 seconds.

Pay Day

Spawn a twin money power up.

Escape Route

Teleport come a for sure area of the map.

Atomic Massacre

Use an unlimited ammo Eraser because that 30 seconds.

Black hole Fun

Use an unlimited ammo heaviness Vortex Gun because that 30 seconds.

Scratch Post

Use an limitless ammo Claw because that 30 seconds.

Hide and also Seek

Zombies have the right to not uncover you or your team for 20 seconds.

Money Shot

Bullet hits earn much more cash for 30 seconds.

Head Reloaded

Instantly reloads her weapon after a headshot kill. Lasts because that one wave.

Twice the Pain

Doubles damages from bullets because that one wave.

Zombie Magnet

Attract every zombies for 10 seconds.

Rising Pheonix

Revive every downed teammates.

Slug Butt


Zombies movement goes under to shortest speed.

Raining Bullets

Spawn an limitless ammo strength up.

Get Packed

Your next wall buy acquisition is immediately Pack-a-Punched.


Spawn a Nuke strength up.

All The Ammos

Spawn a Max Ammo power up.

Death’s Party

Spawn one Instakill power up.

Super Minute Man

Increase the level of your weapon through one because that one minute.

Turn Coat

The following zombie come hit you will certainly fight for you. Lasts for 3 zombie hits.

The 2-Team

You room invincible when standing near a teammate through health.

Restored Losses

A to let go bullet will be put in her stock ammo.

Second Wind

Kills all adjacent zombies when you are close to death.

Perk Insured


Keep her perks if friend are revived before bleeding out.


Instantly Self-Revive after entering critical Stand.

Black Friday

Spawn a Fire Sale strength up.

Coupon Clipper

The next purchase girlfriend make will be free.

Punching Bag$

Earn $100 every time you space hit, lasts for 60 seconds. We recommend pairing through Tuff-Enuff!

Packed Magic

The following weapon you gain from the Magic Wheel will be upgraded.

Dragon Breath


Use an countless ammo F-Spar Torch for 30 seconds.

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Now the you have your Fate and also Fortune cards, you far better keep increase on what else is brand-new in zombie in Spaceland! For more coverage, head over to our zombie in Spaceland guide Hub.