There are various kinds of tapes the you can use on her breasts, which include duct tapes, strong tapes, and surgical tapes. However, this write-up will focus on discussing exactly how to usage duct tape together a strapless bra. Remember that every kind of tape girlfriend will use on her boobs have the right to still rip off her skin and also cause damages or irritation.

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Outfits v deep plunging necklines, open-backs, off-shoulders, and also without sleeves are daunting to enhance with a bra. The is a struggle, specifically for ladies who have actually bigger breasts because they need to wear a bra with sufficient support, i m sorry usually way those with straps. Women with little breasts likewise face this problem as sometimes, an illustration of cleavage will certainly make the outfit an ext beautiful as soon as you have actually worn it. Taping your breasts is the solution to this dilemma due to the fact that this will not only help you make her breasts continue to be fixed there is no wearing a bra, yet it will also help you achieve an attractive cleavage.

Preparing because that Taping your Breasts

Before using duct tape together a strapless bra, allow us first explore part tips on preparing because that taping your breasts. That is essential to be knowledgeable on this part for friend to accomplish your wanted expectations when it comes to using duct tape together a strapless bra. Be guided v the following tips listed below: 

You have to start by clean the skin or area wherein you would choose to usage the ice on. You can use a cotton round dampened v alcohol as a cleanser and after that, let that dry. You have to avoid using lotions or creams as the moisture will make the tape’s adhesive less effective.You deserve to now proceed to cut the tape into pieces. Depending on your breasts’ width and size, the most advisable tip is cut 3 to 4 piece of tape through 12-16 customs each.Since the nipples space the most sensitive part of a woman’s breasts, it is extremely recommended to use nipple tapes prior to taping the totality area of your breasts. It is to ensure that your nipples will certainly not be checked out through and will stop them from chaffing.

Taping your Breasts as a Strapless Bra

Now the you currently know part preparations the you will be needing prior to proceeding on just how to usage duct tape together a strapless bra, that is important to constantly take keep in mind of them because they are very useful when achieving the preferred outcome of taping your breasts. V that, let united state now begin on the question of how to use duct tape as a strapless bra. It is in guided through the complying with tips noted below:

Start by making use of the very first tape and also bringing the under her breast until you reach the other armpit. You have to rub your hand from end to end to for sure the location of the tape.After that, press your boobs with each other while standing upright. You have the right to proceed through picking another piece that tape and also applying the from the external side of the various other breast therefore it will cross end the nipples v to the outer part of the other breast.Again, carry out not forget to obstacle your fingers throughout the tape to secure it. For the third tape, use it over the place where you applied the second tape for strengthening.In case you require some illustration of cleavage, you deserve to wrap an elastic bandage tightly under the boobs. This will provide more support, especially when you desire to go braless underneath a tight-fitting outfit. However, if you room wearing a dress with a depth plunging neckline, you deserve to omit this step since you can not wear the elastic bandage comfortably there is no it being visible.Lastly, test the location of the ice by moving around. You deserve to jump, run, leap, or run while having actually tape on your breasts, and if girlfriend feel like it would budge anymore, girlfriend are now ready to go. You have the right to also include another ice cream if you feel that your breasts would likely to break free.

Taping your Breasts because that Low-Cut Dresses

Aside from taping your breasts together a strapless bra, you have the right to also try doing the same method when you arrangement to undertake low-cut dresses. Follow the actions given below to usage duct tape for low-cut dresses:

You should cut very first a 13-inch length of the tape, or to be more exact, you can measure the length from the bottom the your breast to the ago of your shoulder.Proceed by taping the external of her breasts. Then, lift each chest as you begin to tape indigenous underneath, pulling the ice up toward the ago of her shoulder.Repeat the same process for the other side that your breast by adding more strips towards the middle of each chest to cover the nipple.Smoothen the placements the the tape by rubbing her finger ~ above them till they look and also feel right.

Removing the ice cream from your Breasts

While the is mentioned above that all kinds of ice cream can damages or hurt her skin once you remove them, over there are additionally ways to reduce what it can do to her skin. They are detailed as the following:

The ice cream on your breasts is considerably easier come peel off as soon as you soak yourself in warm water. You have the right to take a warm bath or shower to help loosen the stickiness the the ice cream on her skin. You can also use a towel by damping that on heat water and laying it end the tape.Ensure the you eliminate the ice from your breasts slowly and carefully to mitigate skin damage and pain as lot as possible. Peel turn off the ice while hold the surrounding skin, and make sure that you do not pull her skin.If girlfriend have challenge in remove the tape, friend can apply an ample quantity of baby oil. Usage a cotton round dampened with baby oil and swab that on the tape as you slowly remove it.


Since part women desire to walk braless when wearing their wanted outfit, taping one’s breast utilizing duct tape deserve to resolve this dilemma. Currently that girlfriend know just how to use duct tape together a strapless bra, store in mind part precautions prior to taping your breasts. Do not allow anything hinder you from wearing your desired outfit – try these advice on exactly how to usage duct tape together strapless bra. Find out much more about bra hacks.

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