There room so numerous beautiful sleeveless, open earlier and empty shouldered dresses we would love to wear, however for part women with bigger breasts that is quite difficult as they have to wear a bra, the straps have the right to be seen and also this ruins the look. Also for women with little breasts this have the right to be challenging as occasionally a pretty cleavage is an extremely attractive. Because that both cases there is one smart and also temporary solution: taping her breasts. This will assist you to have the ability to not wear a bra and your breasts will certainly still continue to be fixed, and will aid you have actually a beautiful cleavage.

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What tape come use?

The best and also most encourage is operation tape together it has a an excellent hold and also it is less complicated to eliminate without damaging the skin. It needs to be broad and flexible, no noisy and not rigid, as you relocate a lot if wearing the (you can even hug people). Be conscious that no matter what tape girlfriend will usage it have the right to still rip turn off skin and also create damage, so it is in careful.


How come prepare because that taping?

The skin has to be clean, no lotions or creams used before, no powder, simply clean skin, preferable after ~ a shower. If you have damaged or sunlit skin protect against taping.

How to use tape?

Cut pieces of duct tape and stick them come the skin the following way: start with the left breast and force the up, usage the tape and also stick it come the skin (it need to be together long regarding reach the ideal breast). Do more layers of this till you are sure that holds the skin. This method will create additionally a an extremely nice cleavage you will adore.

Photo courtesy: ultimatebraguide.

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ravi says:
April 2, 2015 at 4:31 am

good gyanvardak for married

hannah says:
September 12, 2017 in ~ 12:49 pm

what kind of tape space we utilizing , you re welcome advise? say thanks to you and where to buy this tapes?


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