Learn exactly how to make your very own Easy Bake cooktop mixes native boxed cake mix… returns 33 refills because that under $4, make them simply $0.12 each!

Easy Bake cooktop — come Buy Or not To Buy?

My oldest daughter rotate 10 a couple of months earlier — the precarious period where she’s top top the cusp of leaving childish things behind yet isn’t quite ready to give it all up. She Christmas wish list was an interesting take top top this, filled through clothing, a beats Pill, a Vera Bradley purse, earrings, etc… yet one item stood out:

An straightforward Bake Oven.

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I need to say i was torn… would she actually usage it? Or was it just a total waste the money? i added an easy Bake Ultimate range to my Amazon cart but continued to dispute purchasing for days.

You see, we had actually one of this toys numerous years earlier — however it was promptly donated once my five kids quickly flourished frustrated with how long it took to bake ONE teeny cake the was little an ext than a bite for each. However being the lone toy in a sea that preteen dreams, I finally decided: “What could it hurt?”

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And what execute you know?! She has used it near daily because opening the Christmas morning. She loves come make special cakes for anyone in the family, and also I love come watch quietly from afar, together she closely stacks great of miscellaneous cake flavors, frosting each to perfection, and topping them off v her favorite rainbow sprinkles. I’m so happy that ns caved, since I would have missed the end on so lot joy.

The down side to it? Those gosh darn Easy Bake stove mixes are ridiculously expensive! i mean, we’re talking $6.99 because that a refill load that makes just 2 cakes. Whoa, i would have dropped hundreds ~ above these things by now!!! however I gained smart and figured out a way to make our very own homemade easy Bake oven mixes…

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Make Your very own Easy Bake range Mixes

It took some research and a most trial and also error, but my daughter and also I struggle upon simply the best formula for making use of store-bought cake mixes to do our own Easy Bake cooktop refills. Us tested number of brands in the process, and also while the an approach I’m going come share operated reasonably well for all brands, us both agreed that the Duncan Hines Signature cake mixes consistently produced the best results.

Given the a crate of this cake mix retails for roughly $1.28 in ~ Walmart and also we to be able come get around 11 straightforward Bake oven mixes every box, girlfriend can quickly see just how the savings include up. That breaks down to simply $0.12 per mix versus $3.50 because that a single Easy Bake cooktop refill!!!

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I picked up 3 boxes that Duncan Hines Signature cake mix, one each of French Vanilla, Dark coco Fudge, and also Strawberry Supreme, i beg your pardon is sufficient to do 33 easy Bake stove mixes in under 15 minutes. In addition, ns recommend picking up a deserve to of baking spray come prepare the pan, a pair of tubs the white frosting, and some rainbow sprinkles.

I likewise found this beloved mini turner and matching spatula that space the perfect dimension for smaller hands, so I got them, together well. Unfortunately, they’re no longer obtainable online, yet I simply stumbled ~ above this adorable 5-pc. Silicone mini utensils set that i love also more!

Setting expectation For simple Bake cooktop Recipes

Before i share just how to do your very own refill mixes, I desire to it is in VERY CLEAR around what you need to expect indigenous them. Gourmet cakes? NO. A budget-friendly mix that will enable your child to bake a perfectly edible and tasty (enough) cake all on his or her own? Yes!!!

Eggs and oil room not crucial to obtain this goal. A tiny smear that frosting deserve to up the tastiness factor, yet I’ve consumed many, many plain cakes v ZERO complaints. :) Also, it’s vital to save in mind that this is a child’s toy, not a calibrated oven. The baking time may need come be readjusted slightly to attain desired results.

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With this goal in mind, mine girls have been may be to enjoy using their easy Bake oven whenever they want without emptying mine wallet. They’ve been totally thrilled v these basic Bake oven mixes and have delighted in hours upon hrs of baking fun through them! and this is my intent in share these basic Bake cooktop recipes through you.

How come Make simple Bake stove Mixes

Making your very own Easy Bake oven mixes is super basic when girlfriend follow these instructions. I recommend this Ziploc Snack Bags, due to the fact that they’re the perfect size to hold each mix. Label each with these simple Easy Bake stove mix brand that space designed to print on conventional Avery 5160 address labels. That course, in a pinch, you can just print them on regular file and tape castle on.

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NEW: By famous request, I’ve added another set of printable labels because that use v the Duncan Hines Signature Lemon Supreme, Orange Supreme, and Red Velvet cake mixes! These likewise work v the Avery 5160 resolve labels and can be download here.

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