To slay in one outfit, you should be confident, and to be i was sure you must be comfortable.

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How numerous times have actually you felt attractive to a details top or dress yet ended up placing it back on the rack because you didn’t have the ideal bra?

Nowadays there"s a lot of of tricks because that wearing undergarments that prevent uncomfortable mishaps, however still feel snug and also secure in the right places.

One the Hollywood"s best-kept garment-securing tricks is the tried and true booby tape!


Haters will say boob ice cream is uncomfortable and inconvenient come wear.

But this bra alternate has quickly end up being a clip in plenty of wardrobes across the world.

Even Hollywood stars like Kim Kardashian, Cardi B, and Jessie J swear by boob tape.

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All this celebs have actually been known to employ the nips-to-shoulder strategy come give an ext lift and meaning to their already ample bosoms.

Now that you know how these celebs gain such a good lift that continues to be in place, it"s safe to say, the an enig is out!

In this article, we’ll go over whatever you require to understand and much more about boob tape and how you have the right to make it work for you!


Isadora Amorim puts breast tape to the test. Credit: David Cummings -The Sun



What Tape have to You Use?

Let"s start with the basics.

What tape is for sure to use and what isn"t

There are all species of tape that friend can select from and also multiple methods of applying them.

Let’s an initial dive right into understanding the various kinds that boob tape the are available in the market.



Image Source: Nueboo Boob Tape

Boob Tape

Boob tape designed especially for lengthy contact with human skin is your best choice.

This devoted tape is created for the function of lifting breasts.

It helps accomplish that perky full bosom that us all want.

Whether you just starting out or an skilled in the breast taping practice, boob tape renders things easy.

For a boob lift in seconds, the lasts throughout the day, boob ice is the best choice.



Image Source: The Bra Guide

Gaffer Tape

Breast taping has come a long method since it was first popularized through Hollywood A-lister and boob tape trailblazer Kim Kardashian.

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Kim speaks from experience—after trying nearly everything out there—in using only the strongest tape of them all—the gaffer tape.