This is the indict on just how to usage the CV1 coffee maker. The instructions have actually both the visual and also written instructions. The can be valuable if you occurred to go residence from a week long stay in ~ the hotel and ‘accidentally’ pack this in her suitcase.

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1 – Insert disposable brew basket and coffee filter pack right into coffee maker.

2 – fill cup v water and pour into ago of coffee maker.

3 – ar coffee cup under CV1 brew basket.

4 – Press and also release begin button. Light will go out once brewing procedure is complete.

Note: The coffee basket, coffee pods, and also coffee cup room usually consisted of when you check into your hotel room. Not sure where you can actually purchase the offers for unavoidable at home. The main thing you would need at house would it is in the coffee basket. You deserve to user various other coffee pods and generic coffee cup, as lengthy as the cup fits below the coffee basket.

The instead of packs for coffee deserve to be purchase on Amazon.

Quick Instructions:

Pour water in the back area (see photo) – measure using the cup girlfriend will usage for the coffee.Add the coffee tray + coffee packet (leave in the tray)Press the switch in prior of the machine, in ~ the bottom the the cup ( be certain to place the cup before pressing BREW)

Different models the the CV1 will have the instructions on various locations that the coffee maker. The more recent model, below, has the very basic instructions within the lid whereby you to water the water:

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The cafe Valet - CV1 Coffee Maker

AS seen in countless hotel rooms, complete with a couple of regular and a couple of decaf packets.

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