In a crowded room where a many of civilization are talking, girlfriend may find yourself distracted and unable to plainly hear what the human being in a group is saying. You may not need a hearing aid but would benefit from listening assistance. With the assist of her AirPods and also your iPhone to run iOS 12 or later, you deserve to use a feature dubbed Live Listen to acquire a small clarity.

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Live Listen lets you placed your iphone phone close to the human talking while girlfriend listen with your AirPods so the you can much better hear what is being claimed in the discussion, instead of funneling in all of the ambient chatter that could be taking place. Here"s exactly how to set up and also use Live Listen through your iPhone and also AirPods.

How to collection up her iPhone or iPad and also AirPods because that Live Listening

Before you can use her AirPods as a Live listening device, you have actually to add the controls to Control center on your iPhone or iPad.

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Launch the Settings app on her iPhone or iPad.

Tap Control Center.


Tap Customize Controls.

Tap Hearing.


This will include the Live Listen attribute to your Control center panel therefore you have the right to quickly accessibility it at any time you need to.

How to use Live Listen v your AirPods and also your iphone or iPad

Make sure your AirPods are linked to your iPhone or iPad before you rotate on Live Listening.

Swipe down from the upper right edge of the display screen on iphone X or swipe up from the bottom that the screen on all other iOS tools to access Control Center.Tap the Live Listen icon. It looks choose an ear.

Tap Live Listen to rotate the attribute on.


How to place your iphone phone or iPad because that optimum audio with Live Listen

Though Live listen is to plan to aid isolate one area so you deserve to hear conversations better, it"s still simply a microphone choose up sound. I have a pair of proposal for the best means to place your iphone or iPad to gain the best possible audio.

Point the bottom of her iPhone or iPad towards the area you desire to hear better. Live Listen uses your device"s microphone, i beg your pardon is in ~ the bottom of the iPhone and iPad. Set it as close as feasible to the human you want to hear. The microphone will still choose up approximately sounds, so the works best when your an equipment is closer to the subject than bordering noises.Adjust the volume on your iPhone or iPad to get better sound quality. If the volume is every the way up, whatever will obtain louder, including ambient noise. I"ve i found it that, once I set the volume at about middle or slightly above middle, I acquire the finest quality of sound because that the person I"m hearne to without bringing in every one of the according to noise about me, too.

How to turn off Live listen on her iPhone or iPad

When you"re done using the helped audio feature, you have the right to turn it off by tapping the red banner at the height of her iPhone screen and then tapping Live Listen.

You can additionally find the in regulate Center.

Swipe down from the upper right edge of the display screen on iphone phone X or swipe increase from the bottom of the display on all various other iOS devices to access Control Center.Tap the Live Listen icon. The looks favor an ear.

Tap Live Listen to turn the attribute off.

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Any questions?

Do you have any kind of questions around how to collection up and use Live hear on your iPhone or iPad and also AirPods? placed them in the comments and also I"ll assist you out.