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McDonald"s offers an excellent value, quality food and a wonderful experience because that its customers. However it also has a focus on the hundreds of communities throughout the UK whereby its restaurants room based and also the thousands of civilization who work-related in those.

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systems training
Performance advancement

McDonald’s came to lasignoralaura.com with a challenge. A launch of brand-new till device was fast approaching. They wanted to give learners an possibility to learn in a safe environment to practice and also learn from mistakes, there is no customers getting frustrated. And they wanted company results: enhanced accuracy, reduced service times, and higher spend. And make that fun. Well, we prefer a challenge…




A game-based approach

Working together, lasignoralaura.com and McDonald’s developed a till training video game to do it addictive, purposeful and also fun. Using an innovative approach, a video game was designed come target skill and knowledge – making use of a simulation the the new till system so that learner’s ability to take it orders might be tested and also using inquiries to assess expertise on exactly how to provide the ideal customer experience.

Even better than the actual thing

The till game is actual time and full on. Learners deal with customer orders, going between customer conversation and also till entry, whilst being timed, to display their expertise of the it rotates system and keep your customers happy.

Lifelines, bonuses and panel facets were also included to boost the gamification feel, but to additionally further connect the learner. Several of the attributes included:

Perfection: acquire the order 100% correctThree ~ above the bounce: get 3 exactly orders in a rowBeat the clock: end up the video game with time come spareHappy camper: keeping the client satisfaction meter highTime come spare: finish the order before the timer runs out.

They"re loving it

This to be the first time McDonald’s have actually used a game for learning. Despite not being mandatory, the till video game had 145,000 access time in year 1 and also remains the most popular employee portal web page McDonald’s have ever before launched. 85% that crew members thought the it spins training video game helped them know the brand-new system and will aid with your future performance.

Great student engagement

Here’s what few of the crew had actually to say:

“It really got the competitive sheet going – us were talking around our scores ~ playing.”

“It was an excellent to learn around the new system before trying it the end in prior of customers.”

Real company results

And the holy grail – did it achieve its performance and also business objectives? due to the fact that the implementation the the it spins game, McDonald’s have measured:

a reduction of 7.9 seconds for each till servicean rise in their typical cheque through 15p (totalling an increased average that £18,000 every restaurant). That’s £23.7 million in the UK alone.

It"s additionally award-winning, taking a silver discovering Technologies award in the 2014 LPI finding out Awards and also Gold in ~ the 2014 Elearning Awards, v the judges stating:

"Delivering high success rates, cost savings and also a better uptake of training and knowledge retention, the video game has been an unquestionable success. This to be an entry which has had actually a clear an ongoing service impact, dispersing virally around the service with good learner engagement. This straightforward well-designed video game stands out together a good example that how games can be offered in learning."

Is gamification precious it?

McDonald’s think so. Note Reilly, Corporate training Manager, share his thoughts:

“This tool was inserted quietly on our crew website through no advertising or direction to the restaurants. The crew discovered it, played it, re-played it and also shared it. Its power was in the fact that it tested people come try-out and experiment come succeed and also improve, which is what the most reliable learning is all about."

As a business, we have actually seen far-ranging improvements in customer experience, sales and profit metrics together a result. The success of the project has actually led come a wider cascade of the it spins game across European markets, and also to the advance of additional game-based discovering to assistance the arrival of new initiatives across the business.”

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