ns love using a pasta pot/steamer whereby there is an within "colander" pot so that you can pull every the pasta out easily.

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BUT... In every one of the people I"ve seen, the within colander doesn"t walk all the means to the bottom. There is a void of around 1.5 to 2", to add the 1/4 room of the bottom the colander itself.

The method I need to boil a LOT more water. The takes much more time, uses much more water and energy.

It seems like a void of simply 1/2" or so would be sufficient to "insulate" the bottom the the pasta indigenous the hot bottom that the pan. (And I"ve boiled pasta for years without a colander inside (so zero gap) fine).


You could have given the answer in your question. If the an equipment is come be used as a steamer together well, then there needs to be sufficient room in ~ the bottom of the pot because that steaming. How much is enough? There room two things to consider:

The bottom section have to hold sufficient liquid the there won"t be concerns about boiling the pot dry for anything you can want to steam. Longer steam items can include mussels, lobster, or tamales.

There must be some "air margin" for foodstuffs like tamales or broccoli, so that the cook splatter doesn"t render the food soggy.

Based on FuzzyChef"s comment, the sounds favor there room tools the suit your needs better. Maybe it"s time to put your steamship on Craigslist? :)


I"ve noticed this worry too--that the pasta inserts do not go far enough down right into the pot. Makers of a pot sold as a pasta food preparation pot should not aspect the opportunity of steaming right into its design. ~ all, pasta lasignoralaura.com does not require steaming in any type of way, shape, or form.

But, do no mistake around it, pasta inserts are an extremely useful! They, many importantly, permit for the usage of the slated water in i beg your pardon the pasta to be cooked come be incorporated into sauce production. So, dumping the thin down the drainpipe through a strainer is a serious waste of the water"s flavor and also texture improving properties that could be lent to a sauce.

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In any case, makers of this pots ought to dispense through imposing a multi-lasignoralaura.com measurement to pasta lasignoralaura.com pots, and also instead do pasta cookware only. Most of united state who search for this pots do not desire a steamer developed into it, especially since a good number of us already have steamers.