Soursop is a fruit that may assist fight cancer, however human research studies are doing not have to prove this. It likewise has some safety concerns.

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This write-up looks at the potential services of soursop, including just how it might assist fight cancer.

It likewise covers safety concerns and also how to consume it. Check out on to learn what the research says.

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Soursop is a common name because that the fruit that the Annona muricata tree. The dark green, prickly, love shaped fruit grow in tropical and also subtropical regions of the world.

Some other typical names because that it include:

graviolaguanabanaguyabanoBrazilian paw pawcustard apple

People describe the flavor of soursop together a combination of strawberry and apple, with ideas of citrus. That smells favor pineapple and also has a creamy texture inside, comparable to the of a banana.

People frequently use the fruit to make beverages, ice-creams, and syrups.

Those in Africa, the Caribbean, and also South America use most parts that the tree — including the leaves, fruits, and also seeds — in their classic medicine.

The fruit consists of many minerals, consisting of calcium, magnesium, and iron. It additionally provides 46.4 milligrams (mg) that vitamin C in one cup of pulp, i beg your pardon is over half the recommended everyday amount because that adults. Because that context, females require 75 mg the vitamin C every day, and males need 90 mg.

Does the help? 

According come one review, “more 보다 47% that anticancer drugs on the market are herbal products, their derivatives, or natural product fabricated mimics.”

Soursop contains a range of phytochemicals. These space plant compounds the may advantage a who health.

In particular, that is a rich source of annonaceous acetogenin compound (AGEs). Acetogenins inhibit nicotinamide adenin dinucleotide, i m sorry is contained in the membrane of cancer cells.

Soursop has actually cytotoxic impacts in cancer. Cytotoxicity describes the capability of a drug to death cells. Chemotherapy and radiation treatment are additionally cytotoxic therapies.

The aerial parts of the soursop plant have proven effective against several species of cancer in laboratory and also animal studies.

How come consume soursop

A person deserve to consume soursop raw once it is ripe. That is ripe once the fruit is slightly soft to the touch. As soon as it is unripe, it might taste sour.

To eat the fruit, a human being should reduced it in half and scoop the end the flesh. They have to discard the seeds, together these may be toxic.

Depending top top the size of the fruit, a person may want to slice any leftovers and store castle in the refrigerator. Civilization can also add soursop to smoothies.

Sellers will frequently market soursop under the surname “graviola.” the is commonly easily accessible in the adhering to forms:

fresh fruitpackaged fruit pulptincture extract from leaves and also fruitpowdered leafbitterscapsules and also tabletsdried totality leavestea bags

Average online prices because that these products variety from $10–30, despite imported new fruit have the right to be more expensive.

How that may impact different types of cancer 

AGEs obtained from the sheet of the plant have displayed cytotoxic effects on chest cancer cell in activities studies. Researchers have uncovered that purified separation, personal, instance AGEs, and combinations of them, work against breast cancer cell in test pipe studies.

Laboratory studies suggest that leaf extracts indigenous the plant are cytotoxic to cell in different varieties of cancer, including:

The researchers additionally showed that extracts from various parts the the plant were cytotoxic come blood cancer cells. The components of the plant were:

the leafthe pericarp, i beg your pardon is the component of the fruit created from the ovarythe seedsthe stem

Scientists use various solvents to extract the useful compounds from the plant, consisting of ethanol, methanol, and also chloroform.

Potential benefits

Soursop shows antioxidant activity. Antioxidant counteract oxidative stress, i m sorry can cause damage and disease in a who body.

In addition, laboratory research study on cancer cells and animal tissue argues that soursop can:

cause apoptosis (cell death) that lung cancer cellsstabilize chest cancer cellsprevent DNA damages in the breast tissue of mice

Learn more about the potential services of soursop here.


The Food and also Drug management (FDA) execute not approve soursop or agree with any type of claims the it can treat conditions such as cancer.

There are also reports of security issues connected with cytotoxic drugs, such together hair loss and immune mechanism suppression. Laboratory tests have even revealed the the many abundant acetogenin to be neurotoxic.

Researchers say that soursop’s possibly toxic results can vary according to the component of the plant, the exploit method, the location of the plant, and the time that harvest.

Other foodstuffs for fighting cancer

One 2019 review suggests that certain species of diet might transform gut bacteria favorably and be valuable for cancer treatment and prevention.

Many that the studies have been in animals, however research suggests that the following diets may be useful for all at once health or details health conditions:

the ketogenic dietthe Paleolithic diet

Fasting may additionally be useful for overall health, but it have the right to worsen cachexia, or weight loss in cancer.

The National structure for Cancer study say the diet and lifestyle space influential enough to considerably reduce the danger of cancer formation and also progression. Castle advise civilization to:

avoid carcinogens, or cancer-causing compounds, present in processed foodseat a healthful diet comprising whole foods and also fiber-rich fruits and also vegetablesreduce the usage of red meat and alcohol, which have carcinogenic potential

Learn more about cancer-fighting foodstuffs here.

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Other possible uses of soursop

Different components of the soursop fruit have actually uses in herbal medicine come treat assorted conditions.

Research in animals and also test tubes says that the plant has the following qualities, i beg your pardon may advantage a person’s health:


It might also:

protect the liverbalance blood glucosebe effective against parasites

However, it may not have actually the same impacts in humans. More research is necessary.

When to see a doctor

Soursop is not an approved treatment for cancer. A person who has actually cancer have to speak to their doctor around any house remedies they room considering.

Many plants and herbal assets can interact with medicines or chemotherapy, so it is necessary for a human being to talk about such remedies with a clinical professional before trying them.


Some research points come the services of soursop in fighting cancer cells. However, this research has actually mostly to be in animals or test tubes, so human being studies are vital to check whether or no it has actually the same effects in people.

The soursop fruit includes phytochemicals, which may assist improve a who health and potentially stop or treat disease.

However, if a human is receiving therapy for cancer, they should talk to your doctor around trying remedies or brand-new foods the may connect with your medication.

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