For Premium, you can download albums, playlists, and also podcastsFor the complimentary version of, you deserve to download podcasts

You deserve to download up to 10,000 songs on every of as much as 5 different devices.

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Note: Go virtual at the very least once every 30 days to save your downloads. This is so can collect pat data come compensate artists.

How come download

When you online, walk to what you want to download.Note: You can not download separation, personal, instance songs, however you can put them in a playlist and also download theplaylist.Tap come download.A green arrow indicates the download to be successful.

Downloads save to Your Library.

Saving mobile data

By default, you can’t download without WiFi. This method your cell phone data isn’t provided to download.

You can select to permit downloading through your mobile data:

Tap Home .Tap setups .Tap Audio Quality.Under Download, move Download making use of cellular on.

Tip: us recommend downloading over WiFi to prevent mobile data charges.


When you’re online, walk to the playlist you want to download.Switch Download top top .A environment-friendly arrow method the download was successful.

Downloads conserve to Your Library.

Switch ~ above Offline Mode

Downloads play immediately when you shed internet, however you deserve to use Offline mode to do sure only your downloads play.

Mobile and also tablet

Tap Home .Tap setups .Tap Playback.Switch Offline on.Anything you haven’t downloaded is now grayed out and unavailable.


Open Mac: In the Apple menu at the top of the screen, click Windows: Click File in the Windows food selection at the top of the screen.Select Offline Mode.Anything friend haven’t download is now grayed out and unavailable.

Not downloading?

Make sure your an equipment is prepared to download:

Check the machine isn’t in sleep modeCheck your internet link is activeMake sure you have sufficient storage spaceTip: we recommend at least 1GB free memory

Downloads not playing?

Look because that the download status next to your tune or playlist:

Download statusWhat to do

Download successful

Try restarting the app.

You can also switch ~ above Offline setting to make sure any type of attempted internet connections nothing interfere.


Download unsuccessful

See "Not downloading?"

If that doesn’t help, shot reinstalling the app.

Note: You need to re-download her music after reinstalling the app.

Downloads removed?

You can lose her downloads if:

You don’t go digital at least once in 30 daysYou reinstall the appYou download to more than 5 devicesNote: downloads are removed from the machine you’ve used least recently

If it’s not these reasons, make sure your maker can save your downloads:

Make certain your application is up-to-dateIf your an equipment has one SD card, make certain it’s functioning OK

Last updated: 12 August, 2021

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