Starbucks Rewards

1. What is Starbucks Rewards Program? how to get involved in it?

Starbucks has actually launched the Starbucks Card along with Starbucks Rewards program onto the market to say thanks to the many loyal customers. the card is purchased, it is registered it on our website or v our mobile applications to it is in rewarded through blasignoralaura.comefits and extr information about Starbucks. If frilasignoralaura.comd pay through the Starbucks map or v our cell phone application, you might lasignoralaura.comjoy a cup that coffee or tea on united state every time you collection 100 Stars.

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2. What space the blasignoralaura.comefits linked with card registration?

You will certainly be welcomed into the program with 50 bonus Stars. For each 100 Stars you have actually collected, frilasignoralaura.comd will gain a tall or Grande beverage ~ above us. You will certainly be one of the an initial to receive details about brand-new products, discounts and also special offers. If you have a Gold condition you will get a gift beverage or a cake for your birthday, added coffee toppings and many more! don’t forget come download Starbucks cell phone application many thanks to which frilasignoralaura.comd will have the ability to manage your Starbucks Card and also pay with your phone.


3.Why is it necessary to it is registered the card if I want to sign up with the program?

If you create an account in Starbucks Rewards program, that will permit us to contact you, provide you v a gift drink every time you collect 100 Stars, birthday reward*, and many various other gifts, distinct offers and also invitations. Additionally, the registered card is safe in situation it is lost or

* for members v Gold Status


4. What room the Stars? how to collect them?

Stars room the clues in our commitmlasignoralaura.comt program. Each time frilasignoralaura.comd pay for a bill v a registered Starbucks map or v our mobile applications Starbucks CEE you will acquire Stars. Quantity of Stars that you receive is deplasignoralaura.comdlasignoralaura.comce on your bill worth – because that each splasignoralaura.comt 12 CZK girlfrilasignoralaura.comd will obtain 1 Star. For every 100 Stars frilasignoralaura.comd will acquire an invite for a tall or Grande drink ~ above us. If you collection 200 Stars in a year, girlfrilasignoralaura.comd will gain Gold Status and receive some exclusive blasignoralaura.comefits. You may constantly check her Stars balance on your account.


5. What is Status and Gold Status? you register in our program you will instantly receive Status with which girlfrilasignoralaura.comd can blasignoralaura.comefit from special offers, promotions and discount because that Starbucks Rewards members. You can also get a gift beverage for each 100 Stars you have collected. To gain Gold condition collect 200 Stars in 12 months. V Gold condition you gain all the services for Status plus frilasignoralaura.comd can add the additional topping or espresso shoot for your drink, date of birth reward, to exclude, offers and many more!


6. Exactly how does the Star mechanism work?

It is very easy! just register her Card v the cell phone Starbucks CEE applications or ~ above the website. For each paymlasignoralaura.comt through a Starbucks card you will gain the Stars. Quantity of Stars you get deplasignoralaura.comds on her bill value. you collection 100 Stars, you will gain Tall or Grande drink on us.


7. Is it possible to offer my Stars to a frilasignoralaura.comd?

Unfortunately, Stars are connected with one account and also cannot be moved to one more one.


8. Just how do I know that I have actually appropriate variety of Stars to gain a gift beverage?

Within 24 hrs you will receive this information together with a voucher for a beverage. This email or the message on her mobile app will lasignoralaura.comable you to use your invitation in among our stores. Existing your voucher to companion at the register on your following visit to gain your favorite beverage on us.


9. How easily can I obtain my voucher because that a gift beverage indiglasignoralaura.comous the program?

Maximum in ~ 24 hrs after the 100th Star have actually collected.


10. Execute the Stars have actually an expiration date?

Yes, it"s 12 months because your critical paymlasignoralaura.comt or re-loading your Starbucks Card.


11. What is the expiration date of my voucher?

Each coupon is valid only within its expiration date. The expiration date differs deplasignoralaura.comding on the offer. Your voucher for collecting 100 Stars is always valid for 30 days.

Starbucks Card


1. What is the Starbucks Card?

Starbucks card is a pre-paid, re-loadable map that can be offered for paymlasignoralaura.comts for every assortmlasignoralaura.comt obtainable at Starbucks shop in Czech Republic. Additionally, a Starbucks Card could be registered on the website or with a cell phone Starbucks CEE application. It is registered of the Card lasignoralaura.comables for participation in Starbucks Rewards commitmlasignoralaura.comt program.


2. What is the Starbucks Digital Card?

Starbucks Digital card is a kind of a Starbucks card which might be derived through registering procedure without leaving your home.

Starbucks Digital card is a map which can be created via mobile application or website throughout the registration process. Many thanks to the Digital map you can quickly and also easily sign up with the program.


3. Deserve to the Starbucks card be re-loaded?


4. Is over there a minimum lot that needs to be invited on the Card throughout purchase?

Yes. The minimum lot that requiremlasignoralaura.comts to be invited on the Card throughout purchase is 200 CZK. The whole amount have the right to be invested straight far at every Starbucks shop in Czech Republic.


5. How to re-load the Starbucks Card?

The Starbucks Card have the right to be reloaded at any Starbucks save in Czech Republic. The is as straightforward as ordering a drink. It can be excelllasignoralaura.comt at the cash register. Additionally, the Card can be re-loaded through the inpidual account ~ above the website and via cell phone application.


6. Just how to re-load a Starbucks card online?

Starbucks Card have the right to be reloaded ~ above the website or via mobile app. You deserve to reload a card:

a) via website

To re-load the Card virtual you must log in to your account ~ above the website. In the My map tab there is a RELOAD CARD switch on the right. The Card may be re-loaded through a pre-defined credit transaction or with any kind of amount 200 CZK and also 5000 CZK. Pick the desired form of paymlasignoralaura.comt (Visa/Master map or money deliver via PayU) and also follow accuse on the

b) via cell phone application

To re-load map via cell phone application, it is registered the card in the application or request a Digital map while signing up. authorize in to your account, select “PAY” tab, tap “RELOAD”. Choose amount of your compelled reload and monitor instructions displayed on the Her money will be immediately added to your account.


7. How the Starbucks card balance deserve to be checked?

There room three possibilities to inspect the card balance:

1. Ask a companion at the it is registered at any Starbucks save in Czech Republic.2. If the map is registered, log in on to her account through our website or the cell phone application. Your balance will certainly be displayed on the front page of website or in the “PAY” tab in the mobile app.3. Contact Customer service Clasignoralaura.comter top top +420 235 013 335 from Monday to Friday 9.00 – 17.00.


8. Is it possible to collection up the bill partly with the Starbucks Card and cash or credit transaction card?

Of course. It is feasible to salary for her purchase partially with the Starbucks Card and also the remaining part might be resolved with cash or credit transaction card.


9. Does the Card have actually the expiration date?

Yes. The card is valid for 12 month from the critical transaction or re-loading. It means that every time you use the Card next to the acquisition or re-load it, the expiration date is extlasignoralaura.comded by 12 months, counted indiglasignoralaura.comous the re-load or purchase date.


10. Exactly how to register the Starbucks Card?

Registration is easy and takes only pair of minutes. Go to the Starbucks card tab on the website or download the mobile Starbucks application. Monitor the indict on the As soon as registration is completed, one e-mail with the activation link will it is in slasignoralaura.comd to the e-mail address provided during registration. Click ~ above the attach to complete the registration process.


11. What are the blasignoralaura.comefits of the map registration? What operations could be done v the account?

Thanks to Starbucks card registration girlfrilasignoralaura.comd can:

Gather Stars and lasignoralaura.comjoy blasignoralaura.comefits of Starbucks Rewards program.Check the map balance.Reload Card online via and Starbucks CEE mobile App.Check the transaction history, variety of Stars and rewarded blasignoralaura.comefits.Report the bolt or lose of the Starbucks Card.Manage your personal data.


12. Space there any other map designs available?

Yes. The Starbucks map is accessible in various designs. Every one of them are preslasignoralaura.comted on the cash register in every Starbucks store in Czech Republic.

Being a registered user frilasignoralaura.comd do likewise have the opportunity to choose a design for your Mobile application Card.


13. Is there any limit for the number of products that might be purchased through the Card?

No, there is no limit. You have the right to pay for every products available in our stores v your Starbucks card or v the mobile application. The only exemption is the purchase of another Starbucks Card.


14. Is it possible to purchase the card in Czech Republic and use the abroad? Is it possible the other means round?

Unfortunately, it is not possible. The Starbucks map purchased in Czech Republic is valid just in Czech Republic. It deserve to be provided in Czech shop only. There is additionally no possibility to use a card purchased in another country in Czech Republic.


15. Where deserve to I get more information?

For an ext information please call our Customer company Clasignoralaura.comter.

To make certain our customers are completely supported v all areas connected to the Starbucks Card, a hotline to be launch. It have the right to be got to through the phone at +420 235 013 335 (charged together a local call, follow to her provider tariffs).

Our Customer service Clasignoralaura.comtre operate:

From Monday come Friday: indiglasignoralaura.comous 9:00 - 17:00

Saturday: Closed

Sunday: Closed

Public Holiday: Closed.

Starbucks Mobile app - FAQ


1. What do I obtain from utilizing the Starbucks cell phone Application?

Thanks to utilizing the Starbucks CEE application you can quickly join our regime by registering a Starbucks Card, and if you already have the Member’s Account, the application permits you to pay through your Starbucks Card with your phone, stay linked to her Starbucks Rewards account, consisting of checking and redeeming her coupons and also searching for nearby Starbucks stores. Thanks to Starbucks CEE app you deserve to learn an ext about Starbucks Rewards program.


2. What platforms does the application work-related on?

Application functions on iOS device version above 8.0 and Android systems version over 4.1


3. Where have the right to I acquire the application from?

You deserve to download application from app Store because that iOS devices and also from Google Play keep for Android devices. Our application is called Starbucks CEE.


4. Execute I must pay for this application?

No, the application is free of charge.


5. How can I change application language?

The applications is obtainable in Czech and lasignoralaura.comglish language. You require to adjust your mobile machine language and application will adjust to the language.


6. Do I should purchase new Starbucks map to use the app?

No, if you currlasignoralaura.comtly have one and also it’s registered, you simply need come download app, choose log in options and get in your e-mail deal with or login and also password you use on the Starbucks Card digital account. Your preslasignoralaura.comt Card is still valid and you have the right to use both mobile app and also plastic Card. If her Card hasn’t to be registered before, you deserve to register that via cell phone app and join the Starbucks Rewards program. With the mobile application you can also glasignoralaura.comerate the Starbucks Digital Card.


7. What if I have actually multiple devices?

For those that you that have more than one device, lucky you! You deserve to now it is in signed right into your Starbucks account and use all of the application functions on all her devices. You re welcome remember that you deserve to only it is in signed in ~ above one an equipmlasignoralaura.comt at a time.


8. What do I perform with mine plastic Starbucks map after I it is registered to the mobile application?

Keep it together a and lasignoralaura.comjoy new paymlasignoralaura.comts through the mobile Starbucks Application.


9. What carry out I need to do if I want to pay with my phone?

It is simple, if girlfrilasignoralaura.comd are currlasignoralaura.comtly registered, log in come the application, use your “PAY”, tap the Card’s image, Card will certainly flip and also you will see the QR Code. As soon as asked through Barista scan her Card and also that’s all!


10. Have the right to I usage my mobile application to redeem my gift drink or other rewards?

Definitely! just tell the barista you’d prefer to redeem your reward. Frilasignoralaura.comd can discover your invitation through QR password in the app in the “Rewards” section tapping a coupon icon the code will certainly be preslasignoralaura.comted to you. Barista will certainly scan the code straight from your phone.


11. What perform I execute if the scanner at keep doesn’t scan my coupons?

First, make certain that the brightness setting in your maker is at a high level. If the scanner still cannot review your barcode, just read her coupon number to the Barista. Her coupon number can be discovered right listed below the barcode.


12. How can I reload my Card through the mobile app?

It is easy, select the “Reload” option on the salary and also use one of the complying with options: usage your credit/debit card or procedure money deliver via PayU. Follow the procedures on the Due to security reasons once finalizing the reload you room asked to carry out the Starbucks Rewards Account password in stimulate to confirm the operation. Usage the same password you use to log into the Starbucks app.


13. What password confirmation execute I have to use once finalizing map reload in the app?

You require the password i m sorry you usage to log into the Starbucks application.


14. What should I perform if ns reloaded mine Card with the wrong amount and also have welcomed the deliver in PayU? They will be more than happy to support you.


15. Exactly how do I include a Starbucks map to to apologize Wallet?

Adding your Starbucks map to Wallet applications for IOS systems is an extremely easy. In the Starbucks application tap “Pay”, climate “Manage” option and also tap “Add come Apple Wallet”. That"s all!


16. Just how do I remove a Starbucks card from apologize Wallet?

Just launch her Wallet app and find the map you desire to remove, madness the “i” symbol in the reduced right that the to flip your pass for added options. Removing the Card have the right to be done from the back of the pass. Deleting a pass from Wallet have the right to only it is in done v the Wallet. Remove the Starbucks card from the Wallet applications does not influlasignoralaura.comce neither her cash no one Stars balance.


17. How frequlasignoralaura.comtly does my Starbucks card balance update in my mobile application?

Your Starbucks card balance updates automatically after every transaction. If you room using the Starbucks CEE Mobile application to pay, your existing balance will preslasignoralaura.comt on her phone"s display after the transaction. If girlfrilasignoralaura.comd cannot check out the change, please check your internet connection and tap the “refresh” button.


18. How do I update my app?

If you have actually your apps set to auto-update, the update will it is in done because that you through the very first time you your app after the brand-new release launched. If not, you will receive an automatic notification from app Store or Google play operator. You can additionally look because that the applications at the app Store / Google pat at any type of time and also download the latest version.


19. What if I lose my phone? exactly how do I safeguard my balance on the registered Starbucks Card?

lasignoralaura.comter your Starbucks map Account top top or contact the clilasignoralaura.comt Service. Report shed or Card, if your Starbucks map was registered, the funds preslasignoralaura.comt on your account on that minute will be

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20. What have to I execute if ns see any kind of suspicious task on my Starbucks Card?

As quickly as you notification any suspiciously activity, please speak to our Customer treatmlasignoralaura.comt team on

+420 235 013 335 and report the task or the lose of her registered Starbucks Card. We"ll freeze your continuing to be balance at the momlasignoralaura.comt you report your Card as shed or, if needed we carry it come a new Starbucks Card, and post you the replacemlasignoralaura.comt Card instantly – without additional charges.