Google is gradually closing the attribute gap between Google Maps’ cell phone and desktop computer versions, and also a current update ultimately made that as straightforward to play around with Street view on the Android application as it is top top a computer.

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The mobile version of the function now works practically the same as its desktop counterpart. Enable the Android app’s new Street view layer, and also you’ll view blue emphasize pathways follow me streets, sidewalks, and other thoroughfares that show viewable street-level locations. This lines display up top top both the overhead map and also Street check out perspectives.


This new Street check out layer is only available in the Android variation of Google Maps for now, however iOS customers should acquire it in ~ some allude soon. To allow it:

Open the Google Maps app on her Android device.Navigate to the location you great to view.Tap the layer icon, then tap ‘Street view.” you may need to zoom in in order to drop under to the street-level view.In Street view, you have the right to use your device’s touch screen to turn the camera in complete 360 degrees and also tap the blue present to move along to different viewpoints.

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