There a couple of different factors for taping her breasts, every will need a various method. Whichever you are doing review the tips and also adhesive advice below, then scroll down to the ar you need for much more information.

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Possible factors to tape your breasts:

To lift and reduce activity when friend can’t wear a bra.Taping to flatten your chest. Supplied by ladies who are dressing together a man, additionally sometimes supplied by dancers to alleviate movement.Taping to develop cleavage. For when you have small or no breasts, it is periodically used through transgender women to provide the appearance of breasts.

What kind of tape come use

You deserve to use operation tape (also referred to as medical tape), yet not the file kind as that usually has relatively weak adhesive and also isn’t really flexible. Girlfriend can also use sporting activities strapping tape. Everything you decide gain something the is relatively wide and also flexible (like the fabric tape), this will offer a much better result. Both that these choices are great as lock are assets that room designed to go on your skin. A lot of human being use duct tape but that is riskier if you have sensitive skin, additionally be careful not come buy one that has actually really solid glue as acquisition it off can be painful.

A breathable cloth tape will additionally be cooler and less likely to do you sweaty 보다 plastic duct tape. Also watch out for even if it is it will certainly be noisy, if friend hug someone and also your breasts squish a little a plasticy tape can make a crackly noise. Some tutorials cite masking tape however this isn’t a good idea, it’s generally not strong enough glue and also its papery therefore it will be noisy and won’t flex well. The video clip tutorials connected to below all usage duct tape yet you don’t require to, use everything you think will certainly work finest for you.


also if friend use clinical or strapping ice which is draft for usage on skin, un-taping deserve to be painful and even rip skin, so it is in careful.

Tips ~ above taping her breasts

Try come avoid having actually the tape stuck to the most sensitive parts of your skin (for example nipples). You deserve to use gauze, noodle wool or towel under the tape to protect these areas.It’s really easy to end up through bulges that breast and also skin between pieces that tape. If you room going because that a method that has gaps in between the strips be careful not to pull her breasts too much when girlfriend are putting it on.It can be less complicated to have actually a friend execute the taping quite than make the efforts to perform it by yourself. If there space two that you, you have the right to hold your breasts whereby you desire them while your friend tapes.
Adhesive adviceDon’t use over broken, damaged or sun-burned skin.If you room worried friend will have a reaction to the adhesive execute a patch test very first by utilizing a small piece top top yourself. The inside of your eight is a an excellent place as it isn’t hairy therefore won’t hurt as lot when you take it it off.Don’t use moisturisers or powders on the area before you use it, they will make it harder because that it come stick to her skin.Adhesives have the right to come loose if you space sweating a lot. Shot to protect against using them if this will be a problem, or make certain the adhesive is in one area wherein you don’t sweat much.Clean and dry the skin prior to sticking anything come it, wiping with rubbing alcohol will assist remove oils and also dirt.Have a warm shower or soak in the bath if you are having trouble getting it off.If you have actually sticky residue left on her skin after removal girlfriend can get rid of it by utilizing some infant oil on noodle wool and rubbing gently. Solvents favor nail polish remover will work-related too however they aren’t as gentle on her skin.

To lift and reduce motion when girlfriend can’t wear a bra

Taping your breasts is a way to lift, support and reduce motion when girlfriend wear something that you can’t stay a bra with. It’s a equipment for no feeling able to go braless that has actually been roughly for a lengthy time. In current years there have been a the majority of adhesive no-bra services that have come top top the market, girlfriend may uncover you get far better results with these. There space stick-on bras or especially shaped breast lift tape, you deserve to do a DIY taping variation of that too.

Firstly, the is tricky to obtain a good result with taping, you need to practice first as it deserve to take a few goes prior to you get the cave of it. If you are doing this because that an outfit because that a distinct occasion then definitely test that out before the day to make sure it works.

How you tape her breasts will count on what you are wearing, if it is something really low reduced (goes listed below your breasts) friend will need to have actually the breasts recorded separately. To create lift host your breasts up together you tape, leaning front can help too. Start with the tape short on the breast and also pull upwards to create lift. Below are a couple of ideas:

Apply strips of tape, producing a shape comparable to a bra. The edges of the piece can complete at your side therefore this is good for if you space wearing something backless.

Don’t placed the tape the whole means around you together it have the right to restrict her breathing or injure you if too tight.

Taping for lift and also to reduce movement

Taping come flatten her chest

This is usually strapping or binding her chest. Dancers periodically do this come make certain there isn’t motion when they are performing (see very first method below). It is additionally used by ladies who desire to flatten your chests to pass together a man, one of two people a one-off for a costume or it is provided regularly by part transgender males who desire to avoid obtaining surgery.


Don’t placed the ice the whole method around you as it deserve to restrict your breathing or damaged you if too tight. Also when using smaller sections of ice make certain you can comfortably breathe.

Two methods:

Use strips throughout your chest to compress your breasts (see picture below). Make certain you organize them apart when taping to avoid them looking favor one boob in the middle.
Taping to flatten your chest

Taping to produce cleavage

This will offer women with small breasts much more cleavage than is possible with a push-up bra. Clearly a push-up bra is much more comfortable so girlfriend would only do this if friend needed an ext cleavage or if you to be wearing something friend couldn’t undertake a bra with. This method is likewise used by transgender women to give the look at of genuine breasts without having implants. You will certainly be taping throughout your chest come push whatever up so girlfriend will have to pad out the bottom of your breasts to make them look full. The easiest way is to pad a bra but if friend aren’t able to wear one you deserve to tape the padding on.

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Here is a video tutorial on using the ice from traction Queen Misty Minute, and also a video clip on removed the tape in ~ the finish of the night.