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Buying and also reselling LEGO? What if us told you, that you deserve to save anywhere from 5-10% on every purchase? In this tutorial, we’ll teach you exactly how to save money by becoming tax exempt on Amazon, Walmart, and also other retail stores. 

What is a Sales taxation Exemption?

A sales tax exemption is a special commitment with a retailer, distributor, or manufacturer that allows you to purchase items without payment sales tax. These agreements are typically granted to certain organizations such as resellers (retailers/distributors) and also nonprofits.

Typically, to obtain tax exempt status with a retailer or distributor, you’ll require a resale license (certificate). A resale license is a document, approve by your state, that permits you to purchase items without payment sales tax, as long as friend resell them.

How perform You get a Resale patent from her State?

To acquire a resale patent from your state, friend usually require to record some paperwork. Within the paperwork, you’ll have to agree to:

File a sales taxation return (either monthly, quarterly, or annually relying on your state)Remit sales taxes on the sale of those items (when sold) to that same tax authority.

Don’t feel choose registering for a resale license? this is the point — if girlfriend are marketing on Amazon, eBay, or almost everywhere else, most states likely require you to report this sales anyway.

To make it easier, numerous states have passed regulations within the last number of years to require Amazon, eBay and others to collect and also remit these taxes for you, therefore you’re just responsible for filing a sales taxation return. Together always, you need to confirm your neighborhood situation.

Regardless, one means or another, you’ll likely have actually to document some kind of sales tax documentation through your state. You can as well record one more kind and obtain yourself a resale certificate.

Harbor Compliance’s Sales tax Registration web page can help you learn just how to register for taxation exempt condition within her state.

Registering for taxation Exemption at sleeve Stores

Assuming you’ve registered and obtained a resale patent from your state, you’re currently ready to conserve 5-10% ~ above every acquisition from retailers, by preventing paying sales tax.

To it is registered for tax exempt status, Amazon, Walmart, best Buy, eBay, and many others have actually online programs because that you to submit sales tax exemption information (i.e., resale license). To buy in-store work-related a small bit differently, and we’ll talk about those as well.

Note: your resale patent isn’t simply for retailers. You will do it most likely need this document if girlfriend ever collection up all accounts v distributors or manufacturers.

Amazon taxation Exempt Program

Open an Amazon service Account

In stimulate to gain tax exempt purchases top top Amazon.com, you’ll need to open one Amazon service Account. This account is fully separate indigenous your an individual account and comes v some extra benefits. Many importantly, this account is free. 

Amazon company Account benefits include:

Free shipping top top orders end $25.Bulk/Business discounts from Amazon.com and 3rd parties.Allows separation of acquisition account from selling account — in the situation you acquisition LEGO from Amazon and later sell those purchase on Amazon.

“But wait! can I really purchase items from Amazon.com and also resell castle ON Amazon?”

Yes, girlfriend can. In fact, numerous of the item we discover using our 2020 overview to Retiring LEGO are from Amazon.com. 

The huge “no no” for buying from Amazon.com is specific to element benefits. From Amazon element Terms and Conditions:

“Prime members room not allowed to purchase assets for the function of resale, rental, or to ship to their customers or potential customers utilizing Prime benefits.”

As lengthy as you are using a conventional Amazon company Account that has been registered with tax exempt status, you’re an excellent to go. Execute NOT authorize up for company Prime. Organization Prime will certainly violate the terms and also conditions above.

Register for taxes Exempt Status

After you’ve opened your Amazon organization Account, you’ll should submit Amazon’s sales taxation exemption application. 

To discover the application, click on the Amazon taxation Exemption Program connect in the your Account ar (this has your surname or company name) in ~ the height of your Amazon account homepage.



Within the application, you’ll require to provide a couple of basic details about your service (or single proprietorship).

Once you send the application, you’ll have to wait a couple of days because that approval. You may need to inspect the application status on her own, as Amazon may not inform you top top approval. The course, friend can constantly verify by including an item to your cart and going come checkout. If you’ve to be approved, you’ll watch $0 in sales taxes on your purchase. 

Now you have the right to make sales taxation exempt purchase on Amazon.com!

Walmart taxes Exempt Program

Walmart has a separate routine for online and in-store purchases. In the store, girlfriend can present your state taxes exempt paperwork in ~ the company desk and they will provide you with a taxes exempt card that you will current to the cashier prior to starting check-out for future purchases. Just make certain you’re splitting up taxable and also non-taxable purchases.

For Walmart online, you’ll need to develop a brand-new account top top Walmart.com, then apply for taxation exempt purchases on the account, again with your state tax exempt paperwork. Once approved, every purchases made v this account will certainly be sales tax exempt.

Best Buy taxation Exempt Program

Best Buy taxation exemption functions by registering online v the exact same state tax exempt paperwork. You deserve to use one account for personal and organization purchases because Best Buy will certainly ask you whether each acquisition qualifies because that sales tax exemption in ~ checkout. You can likewise make second account purely for company purposes and apply for taxes exemption on the account – it’s her choice.

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In store, the employee doing the check-out can look up your sales tax exemption commonly via your phone number connected with the taxes exempt capable account.