Tea Tree Oil because that keloids is a an excellent go-to because that healing. Keloids are a type of scarring that can type over a wound or cut. Piercing any part of her body needs forceful wounding of that component to accommodate the piercing. Skin is the many sensitive part of human’s body. The human body responds come this through developing fibrous skin tissues, generally known together scar tissue, over the wound in bespeak to protect it from external determinants so that it deserve to heal and also close top top its own. However, in specific cases, the tissue expansion is excessive and cause dark, tough layers of skin referred to as keloids to build over the wound, sometimes extending far beyond its periphery. This happens because of excessive collagen production. They usually occur during the period of healing and in particular cases, also after the wound has actually healed.

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Tea Tree Oil for Keloids

This method finds it’s performance by utilizing the oil properties. Tea tree oil helps in hydrating the keloid and also reducing the visibility.

Dilute 2-3 drops of tea tree oil in 1 tbsp of water.

Apply this to the area that keloid v a q-tip.

Leave that on for 15-20 minutes and also wash off.

Repeat when a day

Lavender and Tea Tree Oil for Keloids

This technique finds that is effectiveness because the tea tree oil kills any type of infection in the keloids when Lavender oil’s anti-inflammatory properties helps minimization the size of keloids and also stops overgrowth.

2 autumn lavender oil

2 fall tea tree oil

1 tsp that tamanu oil

Cotton pads

Mix oils together.

Soak a cotton pad in the oil blend and also apply it over the keloid.

Leave cotton pad top top keloid for 25-30 minutes prior to removing.

Repeat once day-to-day for much faster results.

Sea Salt, Aloe Vera, and Tea Tree Oil for Keloids

Using aloe vera because that keloids is an additional proven method to cure them. This an approach works since tea tree oil reduce bacteria, growth, and inflammation, the aloe vera soft the keloid, if the sea salt antiseptic lends come ward off bacteria too.

1 tsp sea salt

2 tbsp water

3-5 fall tea tree oil

Aloe vera gel

Use warm water come dissolve the sea salt.

Apply the salt systems on the keloid making use of a noodle pad.

Leave it on for 5-7 minutes and also then apply tea tree oil spanning the entire area that the keloid.

Once the tea tree oil is absorbed, apply Aloe vera gelatin to soften the region

Repeat this procedure once or twice a day.

Aspirin and Tea Tree Oil because that Keloids

This method finds that effectiveness due to the fact that aspirin and tea tree oil contains properties that assist reduce keloids and lighten them. Aspirin is a non-steroidal and anti-inflammatory drug and also is a skin clarifier which helps to heal keloids and also reduce the development of the keloid.

3-4 aspirin tablets

1-2 tsp water

2-3 drops tea tree oil

Cotton pads

Powder the aspirin tablets and mix it v water till it becomes a smooth paste.

Apply this mixture ~ above the keloids and let it dry for 20-30 minutes.

Rinse the dough off through water.

Soak a noodle pad in tea tree oil and apply it everywhere the keloid.

Repeat this as soon as a work for finest results.

Vitamin E and Tea Tree Oil for Keloids

This an approach finds its efficiency by using tea tree oil’s antiseptic and also anti-inflammatory properties. When the vitamin E helps fight turn off skin damages diminish the illustration of keloids.

2 drops of Tea Tree Oil

1/2 tsp of Vitamin E Oil

Mix equal components of tea tree oil and vitamin E.

Apply this oil mixture ~ above the impacted areas.

Leave the mixture on as you would certainly a object ointment.

Repeat this when a job for best results.

Essential Oil Blend through Tea Tree Oil because that Keloids

5 tsp rosehip seeds oil

4 tsp emu oil

4 tsp tamanu oil

5 vitamin E capsules

10 drops helichrysum essential oil

5 drops frankincense important oil

5 fall lavender essential oil

5 fall tea tree essential oil

4 oz amber glass dropper bottle

Using a tiny funnel, to water oils right into glass amber bottle.

Open 5 vitamin E capsules and squeeze the oil right into the bottle.

Close the bottle and shake it well to integrate all the oils.

Use Serum daily.

Store that in a cool dried place. This serum is walking to critical 1-2 years.

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For larger scars, it’ll take longer to check out improvements. Enable at the very least two months of consistent use to decision if tea tree oil for keloids is your solution. If you have actually a very large keloids seek advice indigenous a medical professional. Additionally check out exactly how to usage aloe vera because that keloids and also how to stop keloids ~ above ear piercings.