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Here are 5 means you can use different species of headphones or earphones v iPhone 7 and also iPhone 7 Plus, consisting of those through 3.5mm headphone jack.

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Apple may have taken the bold (“courage”) step to drop the 3.5mm headphone jack harbor from its recently announced iphone 7 and also iPhone 7 Plus flagship smartphones, however that doesn’t median that your existing 3.5mm headphones, or any type of other form of pair for the matter, are automatically made redundant.


Apple plainly wants to elegantly change across come this new Lightning-based audio experience, but the big eventual goal is to change to wireless audio, as has been do clear with the company’s introduction of AirPods. Whether you are ready for that shift at this suggest in time or not, there room still numerous ways of utilizing your existing headphones, including those with 3.5mm jacks, v the iphone phone 7 without having to spend a penny.

Here we take a look in ~ a number of possible alternatives that iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 plus owners can exploit to listen to audio in your ears.

Lightning-to-3.5mm Adapter (included for cost-free in package with every iphone 7)

If friend still own a to buy pair of high-quality headphones that require 3.5mm to function, then you aren’t exclude, from iphone 7 ownership. It’s almost as if Apple has thought about this exact situation, and as such, has included a Lightning-to-3.5mm adapter v every iphone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus purchase in the box. This allows you to continue to use the exact same 3.5mm headphones with the iphone 7 via the adapter. Worried about losing the adapter? simply keep the on the headphones you usage the most and also you will likely never shed it. Tho misplaced it? Apple selling the instead of adapter for simply $9.

Lightning Headphones/Earphones (included for totally free in package with every iphone phone 7)


This is probably the easiest course to making use of headphones with Apple’s new iPhone 7. Merely purchase the device, open up the box, and start making use of the contained Lightning-equipped EarPods that ship for cost-free with every iphone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. To apologize may have removed the 3.5mm headphone jack, but that doesn’t median they haven’t placed a replacement in place.

Bluetooth Wireless Headphones/Earphones


Take the opportunity to go totally wireless. If you very own an existing pair of headphones, such together a pair of Beats, Sony, Bose or any kind of other brand the can connect wirelessly to a device via Bluetooth, then the same system will occupational with the iphone phone 7 as well. Of course, you could also decide to walk wireless for the first time by purchase a pair of Apple’s own wireless AirPods.

Bluetooth headphones aren’t the expensive these days either. We have a list of the finest Bluetooth wireless headphones that you can acquire under $50. You can check out the perform here: Best iphone 7 Bluetooth Wireless Headphones for Under $50,

Bluetooth Adapter for 3.5mm Headphones/Earphones


If nobody of the above is applicable for you, climate you have the right to take something like the BTunes Bluetooth adapter and also essentially make her wired headphone wireless, as lengthy as they have actually a detachable cord. This little machine plugs into those headphones once the cord has actually been gotten rid of and allows streaming that music native a maker connected via Bluetooth. You can read much more about the here: How To add Bluetooth Wireless come Wired Headphones.

Lightning Dock


If you want to fee the iphone 7, and also listen to music top top a personal level at the very same time, climate you can need Apple’s Lightning Dock in your life. The handy tiny piece of hardware enables the iphone 7 to it is in docked to charge, and also consists of a 3.5mm headphone jack socket that courses audio v the Lightning port directly to this port.

If charging and using headphones in ~ the same time is what friend want, you can also of course go through Bluetooth wireless headphones to store the Lightning harbor on your phone complimentary for charging purposes.


Some carriers are currently coming up v a new type of adapter (pictured above) the will enable you come charge and also listen via 3.5mm headphone jack in ~ the exact same time. More about that here: iPhone 7 Tip: charge & use Headphones in ~ The exact same Time, Here’s How.

And that’s it! These are the 5 various ways you deserve to use your headphones/earphones with your brand-new iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus. If you know of any other way, feel free to share in the comments ar below.

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