TikTok was banned in India due to the fact that the nation believes the app to it is in a threat to its national security and also the privacy the its citizens. Tiktok is a Chinese company, which has caused issue for people who space worried their information will finish up in the hands of the Chinese government. Plenty of countries space considering censoring or banning the application because of these concerns.

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Even if girlfriend live in a nation that has banned TikTok, you have the right to still download the app. There space three means to perform so:

By an altering your application Store location Settings on her iOS device.By sideloading the APK paper on your Android device.By wiping her phone and also using a VPN to access TikTok in your area

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Read our full write-up below to learn more about tiktok bans and also how to get roughly them.


Since June of 2020, TikTok has actually been prohibition in India. According to Indian officials, the reason for the ban is to defend the data and privacy the its citizens. The United states is also considering to ban the app, if the U.S. Division of the firm is no bought by Microsoft or an additional American company. The official reason because that the ban in the U.S. Are nationwide security concerns.

If you’re among the 120 million TikTok customers in India or the 80 million users in the U.S., there’s a method around the ban. Just use a VPN on one of two people a new phone or the web application to access the social network.

What is TikTok?

Tiktok is a Chinese video sharing society network whereby users deserve to upload their very own videos through their phone. These videos room sorted into different categories for civilization to browse through and also interact with.

TikTok is owned by the Beijing internet an innovation company ByteDance, i m sorry was founded in 2012. 5 years later, the app launched for Android and also iOS in markets exterior of mainland China. After merging with Musical.ly in respectable of 2018, tiktok became easily accessible worldwide. TikTok has actually offices roughly the world and has been easily gaining popularity through over 1 billion users roughly the world in less than four years.

One the the reasons for the climbing popularity that the application is the use of tik by celebrities and influencers. From Jimmy Fallon to Jessica Alba and Will Smith, a many of renowned names are using the app. The merger v Musical.ly has additionally increased TikTok’s popularity. The app is now even giving increase to new TikTok celebrities, such together Zach King, Loren Gray, and also Charli D’Amelio.

Why room Some nations Banning TikTok?

TikTok has already been banned in India and also might it is in banned in the United says as well. According to India’s official statement, the app was banned since it represented a risk to the privacy the its citizens and their data. Tik was one of 59 apps the were banned in the nation following a border dispute.

According to The economic Times, India’s to adjust of Information technology made the adhering to statement:

“The compilation of these data, that is mining and also profiling by elements hostile to national security and defence of India, which at some point impinges upon the sovereignty and integrity of India, is a issue of an extremely deep and immediate worry which needs emergency measures.”

This concern about data mining is the major reason the U.S. Has given about banning tik from its country as well. While tiktok denies that the data from this application is common with the Chinese government, the U.S. Has already restricted service members from utilizing the app.

Involvement that the Chinese government

The concern comes from the assumed inability of Chinese suppliers to refuse Communist Party requests to their user data. Tiktok has declared that every U.S. Data is stored in the U.S. And therefore isn’t topic to Chinese law. If you’d favor to know much more about the privacy dangers of TikTok, you have the right to read our post on the threats of TikTok.

While there to be talks in Australia to half the app, the federal government in the nation has decided versus it after ~ stating tik wasn’t a nationwide security threat. In 2018, both Indonesia and Bangladesh blocked tiktok in their countries, however these steps have due to the fact that been lifted. The reason for the ban was cited together inappropriate content and blasphemy. Follow to bdnews24.com, this to be resolved as soon as TikTok put certain censorship measures in ar in these countries.

LocationBanned StatusReason
IndiaBanned because June 2020Data security threat
IndonesiaCensoredInappropriate content
BangladeshCensoredInappropriate content
AustraliaNot at this time bannedInvestigating concerns
European UnionNot at this time bannedInvestigating concerns
United StatesPending banData defense threat

Why is tik banned in India?

TikTok is prohibition in India since officials have claimed the application a risk to the country’s security and integrity. The banning the the application happened ~ escalating stress brought about by a border dispute between China and also India. In June, both nations deployed additional troops to the Ladakh region, causing plenty of clashes and deaths.

With an estimated 120 million users in India, the country was TikTok’s largest foreign market. Various other apps that have actually been prohibition in India incorporate Clash the Kings, Weibo, society Factory, and Shein.

Current condition TikTok in India: banned

Is tiktok banned in Indonesia?

While tiktok was banned in Indonesia because that a week back in 2018, that ban was lifted as soon as the firm agreed to censor few of its content. The reason for the ban were concerns about pornography, unreasonable content, and blasphemy.

Current standing TikTok in Indonesia: censored

Is tik banned in Bangladesh?

After being banned because that a quick time in Bangladesh, tik is now active again in the nation with part censorship in place. This censorship includes the removed of ten videos after objections from the government. Officials indigenous Bangladesh have declared they have actually no more plans to ban the app.

Current condition TikTok in Bangladesh: censored

Is tiktok banned in Australia?

TikTok isn’t currently banned in Australia. The federal government of Australia is right now investigating the application to identify whether its privacy and also data sharing policies are a protection threat.

Current condition TikTok in Australia: not banned

Is tiktok banned in the european Union?

As with Australia, tik isn’t banned in the european Union, but it is under scrutiny native data protection groups who began looking right into the privacy plan of the application in July of 2020. These pertains to from the europe Union room the same ones as from other countries when it comes to user information and also how the recorded and used.

Current condition TikTok in european Union: not banned

Is tik banned in the united States?

President Trump has threatened to ban tik in the joined States due to the fact that it gift a “risk to nationwide security”. The country would most likely order Apple and Google to remove TikTok indigenous their app stores, the same an approach used by India. The U.S. Could likewise reach the end to tik to have them prevent giving access to the country’s individuals under the risk of litigation.

Current status TikTok in the USA: Pending ban 

What is TikTok’s an answer to these Concerns?

The company behind TikTok has responded to the questions around data and also security by stating that the Chinese government doesn’t have access to the information gathered through the app. The company’s India head, Nikhil Gandhi stated the adhering to in a blog post:

“We have actually not shared any type of information the our users in India with any type of foreign governments, nor have we offered such data in any type of manner that would damage the verity of India. Further, also if we are asked for to in the future, we would not perform so.”

TikTok has additionally called the end the trumped administration’s claim that the app is a defense threat, claiming the the accusations room unfounded.

How to Install tiktok in a country That banned it

There space still means you can accessibility TikTok if you live in a country that’s banned the app. In enhancement to utilizing a VPN to access the browser version of TikTok, you can also look for the application outside of main mobile app stores.

How to download and also install tiktok on iPhone

If you have actually an iPhone and live in a nation that has banned TikTok, you’ll must follow these measures to get the application working on her phone:

Open the app Store and also click on her profile picture on the left the the screen.Select her name and also email indigenous the account settings.Choose “Country/Region” and tap the “Change nation or Region” button.Scroll under the different options and pick a nation that there is no banned the app.Tap on “Agree” because that the terms and also conditions and select the payment technique “None”.Enter an address in the country of your selection in the billing deal with section.Tap “Next” and then “Done”.

Now that your place in the app Store is updated, friend should have the ability to find and install the TikTok application on her device.

How come download and also install tiktok on Android

Unlike iphone users, human being who usage an Android maker can conveniently download and also install tik on your phone by searching for the official APK document online and also sideloading it onto your phone. If you usage an Android phone, you have the right to search directly from your phone’s browser for “TikTok APK” and also look because that the document to download.

The only drawback to utilizing an APK record is that you’re downloading and install a certain version of the app. This way that, if yes an update for TikTok, you’ll should search for the recent APK paper online to replace your existing one fairly than being able to update the application directly native the beat Store.

APK files are perfectly safe to use, as long as you make certain you’re downloading and install them indigenous a reputable source and the document is actually what she trying to install. You will need to enter your settings and turn ~ above the security option to allow you come install 3rd party apps.

Some reputable sources to discover TikTok APK documents include:

How to use TikTok in banned Countries

Previously existing tik users deserve to still accessibility their contents in prohibition countries. However, brand-new users deserve to no longer download the application through the traditional application stores on their smartphones. The only means around this is to use a VPN to access the company on her phone or computer. Several of our height VPNs encompass NordVPN, ExpressVPN, and also CyberGhost.

If you desire to accessibility TikTok via a VPN, you’ll require to factory reset her phone. This reset is required, since the app is blocked by the hardware i would on cell phone devices. Manufacturing facility resetting her phone will wipe your hardware ID. If you’d like an ext information about what a VPN is and how to use one, inspect out this article.

Will TikTok remain Banned?

It’s daunting to call whether tiktok will continue to be banned in details countries, due to the fact that each instance is being directed by the facility politics of the region. The U.S. Ban might be avoided if the revenue of tiktok U.S. Goes with by November 12th. India is a different situation, where it looks like the half could continue for the foreseeable future.

Other nations may decision to ban the application as fine if they decide it’s a real security risk for its citizens. Exactly how long this bans continue to be in place, will most most likely depend top top the outcomes of recurring research and TikTok’s reaction to these concerns.

Best TikTok options in India

TikTok users in India have actually a variety of different different apps to choose from. While they may not market the same features as TikTok, this apps are quickly coming to be popular choices for users in search of a method to re-superstructure user-created videos and reactions come those clips.


Doobido is an Indian video sharing social application that lets you re-publishing videos with other people. World who use Doobido can produce a profile to do videos of their very own for their followers come enjoy. The videos space sorted into various categories, so they’re less complicated to find. Doobido is one of the most well-known Indian apps and also is conveniently gaining more downloads because of the tiktok ban. This app is accessible for both iOS and also Android devices.



Lomotif supplies several functions that tiktok doesn’t, such together the capacity to create slideshows and also use hyperlapse ~ above videos. The app additionally lets you develop collages and montages, modify together video clip clips, and include music. Friend can edit your videos using the integrated editor and add GIFs, emojis, stickers and also filters. Lomotif also has a neighborhood section where you can upload videos and find friend on the app. This app is available on Android and iOS.

Best TikTok choices in the joined States

There space some good alternatives to tik that you can take into consideration even if the ban on the app doesn’t happen. Every apps listed below are available for both Android and iOS.



Dubsmash has actually been accessible for over 5 years and also has end a hundreds million downloads worldwide. The app lets you create and also watch ten 2nd video clips that room sorted into various sections and feeds. Using Dubsmash, friend can integrate clips you develop with pre-recorded sound to help your videos stand out. Friend can additionally make your very own dub recordings come sync up with your videos and also share them v the app.


With Triller you can create and share videos using various filters and also editing tools. Few of the popular uses that Triller include making music videos v their AI editing technology and creating dancing or lip syncing videos. Triller has over 26 million users about the civilization with over 120 million downloads.



Byte is an application created through the same human being who made Vine. This app permits you to edit and share looping six 2nd videos on your profile. You deserve to either edit the video footage you shot turn off the application or usage the built-in camera come shoot her video. Just like the various other apps, the videos room sorted into different categories so girlfriend can discover what you’re in search of or follow certain users.

What room the threats of utilizing TikTok?

Country-wide bans that a seemingly innocent social media application don’t occur without reason. Tik users confront some real risks. These include security vulnerabilities that exist in part versions that the app. If these concerns are often patched by TikTok, they do leave your device and the details on it delicate until the settle is available.

Another worry included the level of access the application needs to function. This has the iOS 14 clipboard accessibility that was supplied to flag customers copying the same comment to multiple accounts on the exact same device. However, apple has due to the fact that removed the feature and fixed the problem.

Other involves surrounding TikTok encompass censorship in details countries, danger challenges, blocked content, and the vulnerability of children using the app. For an ext information, you can read our write-up “The Privacy risks of TikTok”.

How to defend Yourself top top TikTok

If you’d prefer to save using tik while staying as safely together possible, there are some settings you can adjust within the app. Below are a few of them:

Switch come a personal accountOpt out of personalized dataEnable limited modeChange the “allow rather to uncover me” optionSwitch all security settings to “Friends”

While few of these setup changes come under to personal preference, parents have to pay certain attention to a few of these choices to help protect young kids using the app.


It’s feasible to accessibility TikTok, also if girlfriend live in a country that has determined to ban the app. You could download the application through one APK paper or change your iOS app Store settings. Another option is to usage a VPN to readjust your ar so you can accessibility the app on your device. Especially new users won’t have the ability to use the application without adhering to the procedures we’ve outlined in this article.

Fortunately, there room a the majority of resources accessible to aid you stay linked on TikTok even if girlfriend live in a country that bans the app. You simply need to get an imaginative and perform a tiny research to uncover out how to proceed to use the app.

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At the exact same time, however, it’s necessary to be responsibility of the privacy threats that tik brings. Safeguard your data ~ above the app and also be wary the what you share, whether on tiktok or otherwise on the internet. As lengthy as you execute this, you deserve to enjoy her time watching and making the ideal videos.