We"ve likely all watched the informercials for the hair care line WEN through Chaz Dean in ~ some suggest in ours lives. You know the ones through all the gorgeous woman shaking your hair around, and swearing that the cleansing conditioner is basically magic in a bottle? as a die-hard haircare fanatic, I had actually to see if the rumors were true. I chose to put the WEN Cleansing Conditioner to the check to watch if it might transform my slim hair into luscious, TV-worthy strands.

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If you haven"t heard of the WEN cleansing conditioners, these commodities are essentially an all-in-one shampoo, conditioner, and also styling treatment. The brand boasts the these assets can work well for any kind of hair type depending on i m sorry formulation girlfriend try. Personally, I got to for the Fig version, together it promised to provide my hair moisture, bounce, and shine.

While there have actually recently been part not-so-excellent (but additionally quite rare) reports of an adverse side effects from using this stuff, i was willing to take it the chance. Together someone who loves beauty products, I"m conscious there is constantly a risk once trying out new products. V that said, here"s exactly how the WEN cleansing conditioner operated for mine fine, thin hair.

WEN Sweet Almond Mint Cleansing Conditioner, $32, Sephora

Day 1



After a work filled with planes, trains, and also automobiles, I was in desperate require of a shower (as you have the right to see in the photo). With that in mind, I believed it would additionally be a good time to begin my WEN Cleansing Conditioner experiment. Mine hair was currently greasy/frizzy/unruly when I come home, for this reason I wanted to watch what kind of magic this cleansing conditioner might pull off.

The an initial thing I desire to allude out around this product is just how much of the the brand actually recommends using. Published on the earlier label, the brand says using using 10-16 pumps that product for brief hair, 16-24 pumps for tool hair, and 24-32 pumps for lengthy hair. To me, that sounds choose actual insanity. Why execute you require that lot product on her hair? together someone with fine hair, I automatically began come worry about this weighing my hair down.

Normal lot of Shampoo I usage VS. Amount recommended By WEN



Here is the typical amount that shampoo that I need to use to clean my hair and also scalp.

WEN Cleansing Conditioner


Here is exactly how much WEN I had actually to usage as per recommended top top the bottle. Displayed in the photo above is ten pumps. This quantity is the minimum encourage amount for any type of length of hair. My strands were quaking in their roots.



Once I got into the shower, ns pumped the large amount that product right into my hands, and also spread evenly across my hair. Together recommended in the product directions, i massaged the conditioner into my scalp, and pulled through throughout my ends. I let the product soak in because that a couple of minutes, and then rinsed.

I i found it while ns was massaging in the product the my hair felt practically thicker. It seems crazy, yet it actually felt choose I had an ext hair. Also, i noticed that less strands were falling the end mid-shower. As any girl with much longer hair might, I often tend to an alert strands pilling up in my shower. However, nothing dropped out when I used WEN. It was great!

After mine shower, i blow dried mine hair to watch the end result. The looked much more shiny and bouncy, in mine opinion. Honestly, i was simply happy the it was clean.

Day 2


When i woke up the next morning, my roots were already greasy. This was an unanticipated surprise as it typically take a work or 2 of being unwashed for my hair to gain oily. Unfortunately, I had actually to operation errands this morning, and also didn"t have time to shower. However, ns did have time because that a kitten selfie to present you just just how stringy my hair looked.

The photo above is my pre-shower photo. Typically, I have actually volume in the morning that fades away during the afternoon. However, my hair was currently looking greasy and also flat.

When ns arrived home, I immediately jumped in the shower. ~ going v the entirety cleansing and also blow drying regimen again, my hair resumed to that shiny, voluminous watch from day 1. It still felt great in the shower head (despite the product amount) and also I love my "after" look. However, ns was still wary the the product due to how greasy my roots were prior to I showered. It had actually only been 24 hrs of using the product, and my hair already wasn"t acting prefer it"s common self.

Day 3

On day 3, i woke with wondering what in the human being my hair would certainly be feather like. Thankfully, my root weren"t together greasy together they had actually been the morning of day 2, however they still to be oilier 보다 I would like.

I hopped in the shower, provided the cleansing conditioner, and also even to be extra cautious to thoroughly wash out the product, just in case it to be leftover product that was making mine hair for this reason greasy. Once again, i loved the end result after i blow dried my hair. I will admit thought that I provided other commodities to format my hair on today like warm protectant and also texturizing paste. I normally use styling commodities on a day-to-day basis, for this reason I wanted to see how these would match up through the WEN.

Going on throughout my day, i noticed mine hair obtain flatter. This is pretty typical for my directly strands, so i wasn"t too bothered through it. However, at the finish of this very long day, i noticed mine hair tho looked quite shiny and also healthy. Overall, i was impressed.

Day 4

On job 4, i woke increase late, and also therefore, I had zero time come shower. Thankfully, I work-related at a hair salon, so i knew ns was walking to have the ability to style my hair. Much to my horror, however, my hair to be a total grease-ball when I lastly looked in ~ it in a mirror. Ns hadn"t noticed prior to I came down on the salon, however my hair to be a frizzy, greasy mess. It was the epitome of a negative hair day.

After lots of dried shampoo and also curling (see photo above), my root still weren"t looking any better. I was accurate counting under the hours until I could shower.

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T3 Bodywaver Curling Iron, $149, inspect It Out

Day 5

So, job 5 wasn"t that bad. Ns showered in the morning, used the product, and also had a normal good result. My just downside is that after ns curled my hair, the waves dropped a little an ext quickly than normal. However, mine locks to be super soft indigenous the WEN, so i knew my possibilities for long-lasting waves weren"t an excellent to begin with. This to be the very first time that whole week were i was entirely confident around my hair from begin to finish.

Day 6

By work 6, i was settling right into a program with WEN. If ns was walk to usage the product, I had actually to use it morning in bespeak to have clean spring hair. Even though ns still prefer to shower in ~ night, ns didn"t want to chance having greasy hair.

That night ns went the end for drinks with a couple of friends, and they surprisingly comment on just how shiny mine hair looked. That was certainly the trust booster I required after a mainly of hair struggles.

Day 7

On the critical day of mine experiment, I continued my program of waking up at an early stage to shower and also style mine hair. Together I had a busy day ahead of me, i didn"t want to need to worry around another destructive hair day. After my styling, ns noticed once again the my curls seemed to fall a tiny faster than normal, but besides that my hair looked great.

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Final Thoughts

The WEN Cleansing Conditioner is a good product for those v fine hair that make a suggest to shower and style their hair every morning. If you"re a slightly lazier person like myself, then this might not be her go-to product. While that made mine hair look at fabulous post-shower, mine strands became extremely oily and unmanageable if i tried to skip a day in between washes — or also if I"d showered the night before. It was absolutely a love/hate relationship throughout the week. However, I have the right to see myself getting to for the conditioner again top top days when I crave a little extra shine... If I obtain myself the end of bed on time.