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So you were gifted one Amazon gift map this vacation season? if it might seem choose a cop the end from her gifter, it really method the massive online retailer is your oyster. Even if it is you to be gifted a $25, $50, $100 gift card (or more, if you"re lucky), there"s something remarkable you can buy for yourself, consisting of hundreds of assets that earn a peak rating from our tests and also other users. Below are the 25 ideal things you have the right to buy v an Amazon gift card.

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1. A relaxing essential oil diffuser

After a stressful holiday season, you"re really going to have to wind down and relax. Important oil diffusers waft calm scents into the wait like lavender and eucalyptus and also this one from Innogear is the finest one we"ve ever before tested. It deserve to run repeatedly for up to 11 hours—no fire required—and glows number of fun colour for included ambiance. It"s not too expensive, which means you can throw in some important oils v the remainder of your gift card. 

Get the InnoGear Upgraded Diffuser because that $14.99

2. A streaming pole for countless binge-watching

So you"ve just gained Disney+, alongside her Netflix, Hulu, and HBO accounts. Use your Amazon gift card to bring your favorite mirrors to the little screen (a.k.a. your TV) through a steaming stick. The Roku Streaming Stick+ is the best affordable streaming device we’ve ever tested. It’s fast and also offers full 4K and also HDR for the can be fried binge-watching experience, i m sorry is lot better than paying your cable bill.

Get the Roku Streaming Stick+ for $44.95

3. A board video game that everyone will reap playing

Use your Amazon gift card to end up being the grasp of video game night. I very recommend acquiring Codenames—it"s serious so lot fun. The premise simple: One player provides their team a single word clue and the variety of cards ~ above the board that clue pertains to and they have to then figure out which cards they might be. It"s much simpler if girlfriend "know" her teammates, therefore friendships will be tested.

Get Codenames for $14.88

4. A makeup mirror with wonderful lighting

Makeup lighting is typically much better in the bathroom. However if you"re worn down of reaching over the sink or fighting through roommates end timing, then obtain yourself a lighted assembly mirror. ~ trying out a few, we uncovered that the DeWeisn Tri-Fold Mirror has super-bright, adjustable lighting, a clear reflection, and also three magnification options—a.k.a. It"s the best of the best. So, treat you yourself 2020 with flawless NYE assembly application. 

Get the DeWeisn Tri-Fold Makeup mirror for $30.98 

5. An remarkable smart speaker with a screen

Start 2020 off a small smarter by gaining yourself a clever speaker. The Echo present 5 is the perfect dimension for any room as it"s the compact version of the present model. I gifted myself among these this year and also I usage it every solitary day to see timers, acquire news updates, and even make video clip calls. Plus, it"s ours favorite clever speaker with a display, so you can"t go wrong. 

Get the Echo present 5 because that $59.99

6. Everyone"s favorite press cooker

If you gifter didn"t have the good idea to give you an immediate Pot, then you should gain one with your gift card. This food preparation gadget is great for anyone—whether girlfriend love or dislike cooking. Its pressure cooking setting makes it simple to streamline dinner, and also it can also sauté, slow-moving cook, and also cook rice, so the possibilities really space endless. I have actually one and I usage it virtually every night because that making soups, steaming veggies, and cooking grains.

Get the Instant Pot Duo 6 Quart press Cooker for $79

7. The DNA kit the everyone is talk about

Stumped on what to usage your gift map for? You might use the to learn a little more about yourself and also where you came from. With an ext than 15 million users, AncestryDNA is the most renowned DNA trial and error kit ~ above the market, which means you"re an ext likely to pinpoint precisely where your ancestors room from and have a greater chance the connecting with a long-lost loved one or two.

Get the AncestryDNA: genetic Ethnicity Test because that $59

8. A weighted ceiling for cold winter nights

Nothing feels better than wrapping yourself in a cozy bear hug—which is exactly what load blankets do. When we tested several of the best weighted blankets, we chosen snuggling up v the YnM weighted Blanket and also named it our favourite affordable option. It provides a an excellent amount of pressure without gift suffocating. Plus, its not also expensive, therefore there"s probably sufficient on her gift map to sheathe it. 

Get the YnM Weighted blanket for $79.90

9. A way to do iced coffee in the winter

It may be winter, yet every season is iced coffee season in my opinion. To make it at home (and prevent spending much more money on her Starbucks runs), get yourself a cold brew maker. We decided this one as the best cold brew coffee maker of the year since it was not only the most basic to use, but it also made the best-tasting coffee.

Get the Takeya Cold Brew Coffee maker for $17.99

10. A sleep mask that"s perfect for napping

When we were obtaining to the bottom of the ideal sleep masks you deserve to buy, our editor claimed the Nidra Deep remainder eye mask as "like having an individual blackout curtains for your eyes." Yes, please! If you require a good nap after ~ perpetual holiday shopping and parties, this mask will assure no light sneaks in many thanks to its contorted shape. 

Get the Nidra Sleep Mask for $11.95

11. An incredible choice of hot sauces

Use your gift card to start your journey as a hot sauce connoisseur. This selection is a good place to start to save things spicy. Made in Austin, Texas, Yellowbird warm sauces space vegan, gluten-free, and also made v 100% organic ingredients. This combo-pack features five the the company"s warm sauces—from mild come medium.

Get the Yellowbird hot Sauce Combo because that $35

12. A blender that"s perfect for smoothies 

Attempting a health kick in 2020? beginning each morning with a smoothie packed with sneaky greens is a great way come start. Plus, you don"t also need to get huge blender come take end your counter to make them. The Ninja to the right is the best personal blender we"ve ever tested, and we love that it come with tight travel lids, which way easy on-the-go sipping.

Get the Ninja an individual Blender for $49.99

13. A portable speak to lug the jams with you

We could constantly use a portable speaker to play music at acquire togethers and to bring the jams through you top top the go.This one indigenous Anker is the ideal affordable Bluetooth speaker we"ve ever tested since it has good sound, 24 hours of battery life, and is pretty reliable no matter where you carry it. You might also make the a resolution come perfect your playlist in 2020 if you"re at it.

Get the Anker SoundCore Bluetooth Speaker because that $27.99

14. Those to apologize AirPods that everyone wants

If you were lucky enough to gain a nice hefty gift card, you need to treat yourself to a pair that AirPods. You know you want them. They"re honestly worth it, also if you deserve to only salary for several of it via gift card. They"re the finest true wireless headphones we"ve ever before tested because that their great sound and seamless link to apologize devices.

Get the apple AirPods because that $139

15. This cult-favorite egg cooker

Let"s be honest: cooking eggs is type of hard. Too plenty of times the yolk is overly runny or overcooked, essentially ruining your breakfast. However this cult-favorite egg cooker cooks every format of egg perfectly and will assist you whip increase deviled eggs together an appetizer or a quick breakfast. It"s a good choice to use your gift map on come streamline your brekky. 

Get the Dash quick Egg Cooker for $14.95

16. A reusable straw because that sustainable sipping

Let"s leave single-use straws in the 2010s. Begin the brand-new year a little an ext sustainable and also ditch plastic straws by obtaining yourself a recycle straw. Through the FinalStraw, friend won"t forget her straw due to the fact that it comes in a convenient bring case the doubles together a keychain. So as lengthy as you remember her keys, you"ll remember her straw.

Get the FinalStraw for $24.95

17. The best e-reader ~ above the market

Have a long to-be-read perform for 2020? gain yourself a Kindle, therefore you can carry around an unlimited library wherever you go. That means you won"t it is in lugging about your heavy copy of The Testaments. The Kindle Paperwhite is the best e-reader we’ve ever tested and is waterproof, for this reason you have the right to even carry it on her tropical travels. 

Get the Kindle Paperwhite because that $119.99

18. Everyone"s favorite water bottle

While VSCO girls might have declared the Hydro Flask, you have the right to still unironically drink from one (and have actually it stay cold for hours on end). It"s among the finest water party we"ve ever before tested due to the fact that it keeps water cold for hours and comes in numerous stylish colors. Plus, it"s a an excellent way come remind yourself to actually drink water and also stay character language in the new year.

Get the Hydro Flask standard Mouth Water bottle for $34.95

19. An innovative stand for her phone

Popsockets space popping these days. Castle create simple carrying take care of or stand, i beg your pardon is best for FaceTiming, acquisition selfies, city hall YouTube, and also anything rather you could need your phone for lot easier. Not to mention they come in part gorgeous and also wacky patterns. Since they"re relatively inexpensive, girlfriend can acquire a few designs through your gift card and swap lock out.

Get the Popsocket for $7.99

20. The many affordable Echo device

Want to try out part smart tech, but don"t desire to invest too much? usage your gift map to obtain yourself the Echo Dot. We uncovered that it"s the best entry-level smart speaker the money have the right to buy. It has actually all the major functions as its bigger counterparts in a little footprint. I have actually one and also find the it"s the perfect dimension for setting timers for laundry, play music if a cook, and getting weather updates in the morning.

Get the Echo period for $24.99

21. The best cast iron skillet money can buy

One means to majorly upgrade your food preparation is to invest in a actors iron skillet. This cookware is at sight versatile and can be used on the stove, in the oven, on the grill, and even end the campfire. Lodge makes the ideal cast iron cookware out there because it lasts a lifetime, come preseasoned, and also is always really affordable—which makes it a an excellent thing to invest your gift card on.

Get the Lodge cast Iron Skillet, 10.25" for $14.88

22. An exceptional candle the reminds friend of residence .

If you desire to display off part hometown pride, this candle is perfect. These "Homesick Candles" have scent profiles of various states like peaches and also barbecues of north Carolina or the smells of apple-picking in Massachusetts. They"ve also come in holiday and also seasonal scents and also can burn up to 80 hours. We"ve melted a few of these poor boys and can attest come their incredible scents and also eye-catching design.

Get the Homesick Candle for $29.95 

23. A smart scale to help you reach your goals

Tracking her weight have the right to be vital for getting to your health and wellness goals in 2020. However there are also points to consider like body fat, BMI, bone mass, and also muscle mass. This smart scale from Eufy goes above to measure and track this data—all you need to do is step on in the mornings and also watch your progress from your phone. It has its very own app, but it also syncs through Fitbit, to apologize Health, and also Google Fit.

Get the Eufy Smart scale C1 for $29.99 

24. The most comfortable pillows because that a an excellent night"s sleep

One thing you"ve more than likely overlooked spending your money ~ above is upgrading her pillows. And also a gift card is the perfect chance to execute so. After experimentation some of the best pillows around, we found that this one from Xtreme Comforts space the only ones we want on ours beds. It completely wowed our testers since the removable shredded storage foam allows you to fill the pillow to the precise firmness girlfriend prefer, and also since it"s shredded, it continues to be fluffy for the finest night"s sleep.

Get the Xtreme Comforts memory Foam Pillow for $49.99

25. Our favorite electrical toothbrush

It"s finally time come upgrade your toothbrush to an electrical one. This one indigenous Oral-B is our and functions a two-minute timer—broken increase into four 30-second segments—so you deserve to be sure they"re brushing every ar of their mouth for long enough. Seriously, your dentist will be proud.

Get the Oral-B pro 3000 because that $68.88

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