The Tango Voice & video Calls application lets you make free voice and video calls, over her phone’s data connection or over Wi-Fi, to various other users that the app. The isn’t a phone-calling app like Skype–you can call only people who additionally have Tango mounted on their computer or mobile device–but it works through a ton of devices, and also it’s straightforward to use.

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Step 1: install Tango

Tango is a cost-free app because that Android and also iOS devices. Open up your device’s native application store and search for Tango, or visit the suitable Web-based store to download and install Tango Voice & video clip Calls for Android or Tango video Calls for iOS.

Tango works with many Android and iOS devices–even those with only a rear-facing video camera or no video clip camera in ~ all.

Supported Android gadgets include the HTC Evo 4G, MyTouch 4G, Desire HD, sensation 4G, ThunderBolt 4G, Droid significant 2, and also Nexus One; the LG Optimus Black, Optimus S, Thrill 4G, and also Ally; the Motorola Droid X, Droid Bionic, Atrix 4G, and also Xoom; and the Samsung Galaxy S II, epos 4G, Nexus S 4G, and also Galaxy Tab 10.1. Check out the Tango website for a full list of supported devices.

Supported iOS devices include the iphone 3GS, iphone phone 4, iphone phone 4S, iPod Touch (third and also fourth generations), iPad, and also iPad 2. Tango requires iOS 4.0 or later.

Step 2: collection up Tango

Android: Once you’ve mounted Tango on her Android device, madness the app to open up it. The application will prompt you to produce a Tango account utilizing your phone’s cell phone number. Creating an account is quick and easy: simply confirm your mobile number, and enter your very first name and your email address.

Tango will instantly sync your phone contact (including any type of Facebook or Google contacts saved to her phone book). However, you cannot call any kind of of your contacts through Tango unless they have actually Tango together well. You have the right to invite her contacts to download Tango by clicking the orange plus next to their name. Come see just contacts who currently have Tango installed, tap your phone’s Menu key, press Groups, and also choose Tango contacts.

Browsing contacts in Tango because that Android.

Tango has 4 tabs: Contacts, call Log, Invite, and also Settings. Contacts and Call Log space self-explanatory. The Invite tab allows you invite friends via email or message message. The setups tab allows you to see and edit your account information, and also to see “Tips,” or simple help info.

iOS: Once you’ve set up Tango on your iOS device, madness the app to open it. Tango will ask to use your resolve book to import contacts. Next, it will prompt you to develop a Tango account making use of your phone call number, name, and also email address. If you’re utilizing an iPod or one iPad, leaving this blank–your email deal with will be your “phone number.”

Browsing phone contact in Tango for iPhone.


If you allow Tango to usage your phone book, her phone’s contact will appear in your Tango call list. You will not be able to call any kind of of her contacts uneven they also have a Tango account–if you click one of your phone-book contact in the Tango contact list, the application will notice you come send that person a text-message invitation. In ~ the height of the Tango call list, you’ll see 2 options: All and Tango. The previous shows both Tango and phone-book contacts, when the latter shows just the girlfriend who have Tango accounts.

You’ll see four tabs in the Tango app: Contacts, Recents, Invite, and also Settings. The Contacts and Recents tabs are largely self-explanatory (Recents hold a list of current calls you’ve made). The Invite tab allows you invite friends come Tango via email or message message. Through setups you can see and edit your profile information, and also view “Tips,” or straightforward help info.

Step 3: do a Call

To make a voice or video clip call using Tango, simply uncover the human you desire to call and tap their name. If the human being you great to contact is in your contact list however does not have a Tango account, you’ll obtain a prompt come invite castle via text message. If you want to contact someone who has actually a Tango account and also you understand only their email address, you deserve to go to the Invite tab and also ask that person to call you.

Starting increase a video clip chat in Tango for iPhone.

All Tango calls are voice calls at first. Come initiate video, merely tap the Video symbol to turn on her device’s video camera. You do not need a forward-facing video clip camera to use video chat–if you perform not have a forward-facing video clip camera, your video stream will come from your gadget’s regular, back-facing camera. If girlfriend do have actually a forward-facing video camera, a small icon in the top edge of the video chat will certainly let you switch in between the forward-facing and back-facing cameras.

Time to Tango

Tango is a an excellent app because that making complimentary video and voice phone call to other smartphone users. The ability to make video calls also if girlfriend don’t have a forward-facing video camera is especially nice.

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You cannot use Tango come make domestic or worldwide calls to actual phone numbers, however if who you want to talk to has a Tango account and happens to be in an additional country, the speak to is tho free. Tango additionally offers a windows application, so girlfriend can call family and also friends also if lock don’t have actually a smartphone.