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is over there a means to retrieve Craigslist ad that was turned off by the author? (screens, server)
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Long story short: ns bought miscellaneous on CL that the seller asserted was in working order and it to be not. I desire to watch the original advertisement to prove the they declared it worked, yet the seller has deleted the ad. Everyone know just how I have the right to recover that advertisement to prove what they to be claiming was untrue? Thanks.

Try this:Find Old Craigslist ads or eBay auction pages within web browser | Harmari through LTAS Technologiesand in the future always make a display shot of an advertisement when you are buying something... It help
Try this:Find Old Craigslist ads or eBay auction pages within internet browser | Harmari by LTAS Technologiesand in the future always make a display shot that an ad when you space buying something... It help
I had tried the previously and also it didn"t work. Ns agree through the screenshot, should have done that. Lesson learned.
If you desire to conserve a page IE has a "Web archive *.mht" paper format the will save the entire page together a solitary file. This works best from whatever I"ve tried. That said it"s no going come prove something nor will certainly a screenshot becsue those records can easily be manipulated. Around the just thing that may prove anything is obtaining the original advertisement from Craigslist, I"d imagine lock aren"t going to carry out that without a court order. Those ads space deleted from your server, it"s only significant as "deleted" so the doesn"t display. Beyond that it"s a used item and even proving what the ad said probably isn"t walk to help since the item remained in your possession.
Not sure if a third party can discover it, yet the history stays ~ above craigslist even after it"s "deleted". I go on Craigslist and can see listings ns posted indigenous 09 or earlier...
I think if girlfriend buy something turn off craigslist, they need to send girlfriend a copy the the listing for your record, if you inquiry it. They must stand by their company!
Does it really matter? ns mean, advertisement or not, we intend anything we buy come work. Does the seller preserve that he never said that worked?In the end, a screenshot won"t conserve you. It"s yes, really dependent on even if it is the seller is acting in great faith.

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Items to buy on CL are AS-IS. Did the OP test it prior to purchasing it? more than likely not. Walk the seller give a written letter providing a insurance or a warrantee? most likely not. Therefore it is AS-IS and also the the person who lives would shed in court.
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