There space a variety of ways to view saved video clip footage indigenous the Tesla dashcam. The easiest means is to watch all four video clip streams at the very same time ~ above the key screen. Just tap the dashcam icon when parked, and also select Launch Viewer.

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You can additionally view your saved videos on most modern PCs, Macs, tablets, and also phones indigenous the USB drive where the recordings to be made.


Tesla encodes the video clip in HEVC H.265, a very modern-day codec the tightly compresses video. Part older systems may not yet support H.265, so an add-in may be essential to see H.265 encoded video clip or a contemporary graphics card the supports H.265 in hardware.

Files space stored in one of three directories that are produced by the Tesla dashcam feature. The last hour of recording is saved in the RecentClips folder. Once you manually conserve by tapping the dashcam icon, 10 minutes of files are moved from the RecentClips folder to the SavedClips folder. As soon as Sentry mode trips, documents are moved from the RecentClips to the SentryClips folder.

Flash journey folders

You check out a clip on your phone making use of a handy SD card adapter that has both a USB phone call connector and a USB connector for the car.

Viewing a former camera clip

The Tesla dashcam, like most dashcams, documents videos in brief one-minute segments. Navigating through hrs of four separate one-minute video streams is rather tedious through standard video viewers. Numerous owners created commodities to do this task far easier.

SentryCam Player

This works in Chrome, Edge, and also Safari browsers (which assistance H.265) and also likely others. There is nothing come install together SentryCam loads the files from the TeslaCam directory, subdirectory, or the particular files.

It contains the capacity to change video clip speed, and also a slider to move quickly within your videos. You see all four video streams in ~ the exact same time (only three shown below).

SentryCam viewing saved files

To use on her phone, you’ll have to use an adapter with an SD card (see our Recommendations) or a cable to transform your USB flash journey to enhance the connector on her phone.

Best power occurs when you have a fast data connection.

Sentry Eyes

The Sentry Eyes app is mounted on your iPhone or iPad to check out all 4 cameras in ~ the very same time. Many of options to acquire to a particular video too. The iPhone demands an adapter that takes your flash storage (USB stick, Micro SD Card, etc.) that connects to your iPhone. Apple provides several adapters that carry out this.

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Sentry eye on an iPhone


Sentry goalkeeper is a Windows regimen you install. Being local, it deserve to be fairly responsive and support the town hall all 4 cameras at the same time. It includes playback speed controls, the ability to merge, archive, and delete clips.