The United claims is a surprisingly big and diverse country. The much more places us visit, the an ext I appreciate how countless amazing points there space to execute within the united States. This desire to learn an ext about America is the factor I am working to visit every 50 states with mine family and encourage you to begin your very own 50 state challenge.

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Our Inspiration and Goals because that The 50 us State Challenge

My score is to visit every 50 US states with my daughter before she starts college. We have traveled regularly due to the fact that she was a toddler, and also a couple of years back she got a gift the a little scratch-off map.

I to be a little surprised that by 8 year old Elizabeth had already been to 10 united state states. In comparison, the typical American has visited just 12 states over their life time according come this 2016 poll. This got me thinking, can we manage to visit all 50 united state states before she left residence for college?

Requirements for Recording claims In our 50 State Challenge

Our only rule for record a visit come a state is we must do something significant in the state. That means flying into an airport and driving without a tourist stop or having actually a layover in a brand-new state does not count towards the goal.

Why Visit all 50 States?

It is easy to forget the size and diversity of the united States. Because that example, the state the Texas is roughly the dimension of the entire country of France. Traveling state to state in the us is much more like going country to nation in Europe. America has an remarkable amount that diversity the climate and also cultures within simply one country.

The joined States has actually amazing historical sites, nationwide parks, and also places unlike everywhere in the world. Together a bonus friend don’t need a passport or several money to visit most states in the US. This lull of travel is one of the reasons we are motivated to visit all 50 states.

Just for fun think about the unbelievable range of America: it takes around 42 hours to journey from Los Angeles to new York City. In Europe that exact same drive would certainly take girlfriend from Porto, Portugal every the method to Moscow, Russia.

Tips for Doing Your own 50 united state State Challenge

Do A roadway Trip

Road trips are a good way to see multiple says with simply one vacation. A road pilgrimage can also be an economical choice for travel, since flights have tendency to it is in expensive when youngsters are out of school. If you are thinking around travel during school this short article has ideas and also questions to aid you evaluate taking your youngsters out of college to travel.

It is vital to note that i am not a roadway warrior. As soon as we execute road trips, i carefully setup our itinerary to have actually two-night stays and less than six hrs of driving per day on travel days.

Although ns love Google Maps, I usage a traditional document atlas to setup road trips, and I likewise bring the atlas along on the road. This is an especially important safety and security tip as soon as traveling v remote areas. For example, we were without a mobile phone call signal for significant stretches of roadway on the means to the grand Canyon and the file atlas to be a beneficial guide.

Plan together A Family

One of the finest tips I have actually for planning family travel is to include everyone in the to plan process. Young youngsters might not have particular suggestions, however older kids may be motivated to visit places based on movies, books, or topics extended in school. Including youngsters in the to plan usually means they are more excited and participatory when vacationing.


A fun way to introduce youngsters to each of the says is this nationwide Geographic book (affiliate link: to buy on Amazon). This book has a map, exciting facts, odd traffic laws, and destination motivation for every of the 50 united state states. Us bought this publication when Elizabeth was 7 years old and she quiet likes to flip with it as soon as we talk around visiting brand-new states.

Keep A Spreadsheet Or Notebook With pilgrimage Ideas 

Unless you room a full time traveling family, visiting every state will take several years. I store a Google Sheets spreadsheet v a perform of every us state, if we have actually visited, and some concepts for places to see.

There have actually been countless times who is talking about a expedition they took or I’ve review an article around a location I am inspired to research study further. Ns just add it to the spreadsheet and also then have instant incentive when it is time to plan a visit to that particular state.

Sometimes The best Trips will Surprise You


Everyone has a perform of places they really want to visit and I encourage friend to arrangement those trips. However, the more we travel, the more I find out that several of our best vacations come native less common vacation destinations.

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One instance of this is our trip to visit southern Dakota. I planned a special pilgrimage for myself, my daughter, mine mom, and mother-in-law to watch Mount Rushmore. Visiting this iconic national Park was a bucket list item for both my mom and mother-in-law. Our trip to southern Dakota was one i researched and planned yet wasn’t an especially excited to take. However, southern Dakota is among the household vacations we remember many fondly. 

Make A attributed For her 50 says Challenge

Making a deadline deserve to feel scary, but I indicate doing the anyway. Having actually written goals and also a deadline is one of the ideal ways to with a personal goal. If you miss your deadline over there isn’t much downside, yet imagine just how much you will do it celebrate if you do it!

Destination impetus For Visiting all 50 united state States


This is not intended to it is in an exhaustive list of everything to carry out in every us state, but rather offer as catalyst for your very own planning. I will upgrade these web links as we visit an ext states and also work in the direction of completing our 50 state challenge. If you commonly follow follow me on our Disney World, Disneyland, Disney Cruise, and also Universal Orlando vacations there will certainly still it is in plenty of design template parks in our lives also as we occupational on this challenge.