The Hef is hosting the Summer Solstice Charity advantage at his house this July come raise money for Rescue Humanity.

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Yes! You get to ogle goddesses AND assist the downtrodden. This is truly "winning!"

Tickets room for sale at for the "special early discount" price of $750 a person, $1,250 a pair (one male, one female), you deserve to buy the ideal to walk roughly the grounds that the Playboy Mansion, view an exotic auto show, and have your images taken with playmates.

For much more money, you can purchase the VIP package, i beg your pardon includes:

"Entrance to VIP Lounge v exclusive seating wrapped about runway because that fashion show and also entertainment"

"Sexy VIP Lounge hostesses"

"2 Go-Go dancers in VIP Lounge"

Wait. You"re buying go-go dancers? I"m confused.

Finally, for $10,000 (or $7,500 if girlfriend buy now!) you gain a cabana parcel for 6 people, i m sorry includes:

"Premium heart Bottle service all night"

"Rotation the Playmates and models to your Cabana"

Just think that the good you"re doing! last year the charity event raised $35,000 (That"s all? Talk about a recession...) This year they"re hoping to traction in large bucks, and why not? It"s a tad an ext interesting 보다 the rubber chicken dinners so well-known on wall Street.

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