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Al Otro Lado – remote VolunteeringCasa Alitas – Tucson, Arizona ON HOLD due to COVID-19

NOTE: We will be update this details in the comes days come reflect Al Otro Lado’s most up to day volunteer needs. They have temporarily halted the recruitment of in-person volunteers and have relocated to remote volunteering. 

Al Otro Lado is a bi-national legal services organization serving migrants and deportees in ~ the US-México border, undocumented immigrants living in Los Angeles, and detained immigrants in southern California. We have actually offices in Los Angeles, mountain Diego, and Tijuana, Mexico.

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The Border civil liberties Projec​t is just one of our tower projects that has actually been concentrated on addressing the produced humanitarian crisis at the border. The project has actually been conducting legal monitoring at the harbor of entry, know your legal rights presentations, and legal screenings in Tijuana for numerous years. For numerous years we have documented human civil liberties violations committed versus asylum seekers in ~ the port-of-entry and also inside immigration detention centers in southern California.


Al Otro Lado: current Volunteer Needs

Current VOLUNTEER NEEDS include:

Fluent Spanish-speakers ready to take on a variety of roles: teachers, society workers, spiritual leaders, hospitality, child care…Experienced immigration attorneys (do not must speak Spanish) who can review legit documentationProficient Spanish-speakers willing to take it on a variety of rolesGeneral volunteer who might or might not speak Spanish willing to support wherever needed, including administrative tasks

Fluent Spanish-speakers, regulation students, DOJ accredited representatives, paralegals, legit workers, mental health and wellness professionals and others v deep experience in trauma-informed care, and immigration attorneys with substantial experience are encouraged to apply. Al Otro Lado also needs volunteers who are skilled in Arabic, French, Haitian Creole, and Tigrinya.

All volunteers must be 18 year of age or older come serve through Al Otro Lado’s Border rights Project. Exceptions deserve to be made for older teenagers (16 and also 17 years) volunteering with a parent or legal guardian. Permission should be granted before submitting a volunteer application.

Volunteers do not need to it is in UU or affiliated v a UU Congregation to take part in this volunteer opportunity. 

Al Otro Lado: Volunteer Logistics

Click right here to read the complete Al Otro Lado Border Rights project Applicant Guide

Safety and Security: We execute all that we can to ensure the our volunteers room safe during their time right here with us. We do our absolute best to make certain we know precisely who is in the building at every times and that nobody enters without gift registered. As for time spent outside of ours building, it is no recommended come walk around alone ~ dark. The main tourist strip, Calle Revolucion, is generally fairly safe. There is a hefty police presence in many areas of Tijuana; this renders some people feel safer and also others feel less secure, depending on how you feel about the police. We cannot insurance your safety while you space here, however as lengthy as you take reasonable precautions the you would in any large city or location unknown to you, you need to be alright. The safety pertains to that our clients face, typically do not influence our momentary volunteers. Lastly, while Al Otro Lado’s co-directors space under heightened scrutiny through both Mexico and also the US, this is because they room continually suing the government, and also is no a worry for quick term volunteers.

Passport and also Visa Requirements: volunteers must current a valid united state passport book upon beginning Mexico on-foot. Travellers will it is in asked the size of their remain in Tijuana, and also will be provided a permit for the size of their stay. When using for the permit, suggest the length of time the you intended to be in México, and that friend are here to volunteer. Read an ext in the Applicant Guide.

Technology: before traveling volunteer should contact their mobile carriers to determine what data plan they should purchase in advancement of their expedition to enable them to avoid global roaming charges, while in ~ the same time allowing volunteers to usage data on their phones because that other important activities, such together ordering transportation or making a phone call. Friend will have actually Wifi available but no at all times and also not in all spaces. Read more in the Applicant Guide.

Lodging/ Accommodations: Al Otro Lado go not market nor species volunteer lodging. Securing accommodations for your time in Tijuana will certainly be your responsibility. If friend are staying in Tijuana for a longer period of time, girlfriend can publication an Airbnb for the first couple of days and then number out the rest of your stay as soon as you room in town. Looking for an apartment regularly requires in-person visits, and also many apartments advertised online on Craigslist space overpriced and also targeted for a affluent expat or tourist audience. Learn more in the Applicant Guide, consisting of tips on where to stay.

What come Pack: Al Otro Lado employee dress casually, yet please additionally be aware that volunteer are offering legal services to people from countless different cultures and also backgrounds. Dress through this reality in mind. Usual volunteer attire ranges from slacks and also blouses come jeans and also tidy t-shirts. Wear shoes the you can do a many walking and standing in. Most drugstore commodities that you will need, such together hygiene items, will certainly be obtainable here if needed. Learn more in the Applicant Guide. if you room interested in learning an ext about internships and also fellowships or would like to stay for an extended duration of time.

Pro Se Asylum Clinics happen ~ above the third weekend of each month giving asylum seekers who have been sent ago to Mexico under the Migrant protection Protocols (MPP) an chance to get legal orientation and also work with volunteers come fill the end their asylum application.

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There are various other volunteer opportunities for remote job-related for those who may not be able to volunteer in Tijuana for 5 days or longer. If girlfriend would favor to learn an ext about these added volunteer opportunities, make certain you have an initial completed the Volunteer profile Application at

If you are interested in giving pro bono legal representation to asylum seekers who have been went back to Mexico under the Migrant security Protocols/Remain in Mexico policy, please call probono