Google has updated Google Maps through a new feature for walking directions that renders the app much much more helpful because that those getting roughly on foot. Google Maps’ brand-new Detailed Voice Guidance, together it’s called, is primarily designed because that users v sight impairments, despite it can easily benefit anyone.

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If she anything favor me, friend obsessively double- and triple-check her Google Maps directions, particularly when she walking to a new destination in one unfamiliar place. The brand-new detailed walking directions average you deserve to keep your phone in your pocket and also listen to the audio directions, rather than continually having to inspect your phone call to view where you are.

Google Maps’ brand-new walking directions will certainly now:

Clearly define estimated go times and also distances at the start of navigation.Alert you once you’re nearing busy streets, intersections, and also more.Tell you just how long until your following turn, as well as which cardinal direction you’re at this time headed in.

How to allow Detailed Voice guidance in Google Maps

Open the Google Maps app.Tap the three stacked lines beside the search bar to open the next menu.Scroll down and also tap “Settings” climate scroll down when again and tap “Navigation Settings.”Find “Walking Directions” in ~ the bottom that the menu and also turn top top “Detailed Voice Guidance.”

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