French fries, choose mashed or roast potatoes, space the form O blood of the food world—they"re compatible v just about everybody. That"s why it"s for this reason sad to carry home leftover frites (that"s French for French fries) and have come toss them the end the next day since they don"t taste as great when they"re reheated.

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Warning: perform Not Ever, ever Use your Microwave

The problem is most likely the microwave. Due to the vagaries and also unevenness of most microwaves, reheating fries usually outcomes in a soggy, limp massive and/or scorched ends. The oil ends up tasting rancid, too. No wonder those leftover fries usually finish up in the trash.

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The Best method to Reheat Fries? usage Your Stove

Turns the end the best means to reheat those fries so the they"re not simply edible yet absolutely delicious is to reheat them on her stovetop, simply as you would with your leftover pizza.

Spread them the end in your ideal heavy skillet come ensure best crispiness (cast iron being the sine qua non, that course). Next, location the skillet over medium heat and also wait till the skillet is very, very hot before adding your French fries.

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While fries generally retain enough oil to no need any kind of extra help, i always include a tiny oil at the bottom of the pan simply to add much more flavor and also to do them extra-crisp. If you"re leery of adding an ext oil to your diet, girlfriend can always use food preparation spray. Personally, ns favor butter or a mix of extra-virgin olive oil and butter, however that"s my personal preference. In general, you"re probably better off choosing a food preparation oil through a high exhilaration point.

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Be certain to spread your fries the end in a single, also layer and to make certain there"s lot of of room around them. As soon as too much product is crowded into a pan, the food often tends to steam instead of fry or sauté together it should. You want to make sure you encourage crispiness.

Once you put the fries in the skillet, be certain to watch them. You should flip and stir to make sure those suckers gain evenly crisp and also heated on every sides.

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Once they"re done, ar them top top a paper towel to drain any kind of excess fat, add a dash that salt and pepper or Parmesan cheese, and also you are an excellent to walk to Tastytown.

Stove also Messy because that You? The Oven additionally Works Well

Your constant oven or toaster range will work just too for reheating French fries, and also it"s a tiny less messier. Again, two keys to ensuring great-tasting reheated fries room using a heavy, good-quality baking paper to for sure crispiness and also pre-heating the oven. If you don"t have a baking sheet, never ever fear—that actors iron skillet functions here, too, uneven you"re reheating a truly ginormous quantity of leftover fries.

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Recommendations for temperatures vary, but I"d say whatever temp you use to bake a potato is the one to use. On mine oven, that"s about 450ºF. On mine neighbor"s, that"s 400ºF (she has actually nicer, newer appliances).

You have the right to prep the baking paper with cooking spray, oil, or aluminum silver paper if you like, but I usually skip this step when using the oven.

Place the baking sheet within while the oven heats up. Once the baking sheet is nice and also hot, spread out out the fries in a thin, also layer with lots of room around them. Complete reheating time will take everywhere from a few minutes for one serving to 7 come 10 minute for 2 or three servings. Be sure to sample fries along the way. That"s the fun component of being the cook!

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Remove indigenous the oven, drainpipe on a record towel if necessary, include desired seasonings, eat, and also congratulate yourself on your thriftiness.

Don"t just Reheat, Get an innovative with Those Stale Fries

If you"re exhausted of eat those French fries, it"s time to an outbreak your underutilized waffle device and do your very own waffle fries.

There"s a good how-to on making leftover fries into pull-apart waffle fries over at significant Eats, yet be forewarned: this an approach works ideal with shoestring fries, conversely, the previously mentioned stovetop and also oven methods work with fries in all their shapes, from the shoestring potato to the wedge-shaped fry, up to and even including home fries and also tater tots.

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And don"t forget there room other ways to attend to old French fries: end at Chowhound, adamiwinner chops them up and also repurposes them together hashbrowns. Rather reuse castle in recipes ranging from poutine to soup. Ingenious!

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One Caveat: rapid Food Fries Don"t job-related as Well

Reheating French fries tends to work best with restaurant-quality fries and within a job or 2 of their initial creation. We"ve experimented through reheating fast-food fries, and those don"t organize up fine to reheating in any kind unless you"re doing the the very same day girlfriend bought them.

My guess: v is that the oil in fast food joints isn"t terribly high quality when giant batches of fries and who to know what else are being cooked in them. Also, to be honest, i rarely, if ever, leaving behind any type of McDonald"s French fries, therefore it"s no something ns worry about anyway.

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