Domino’s has shared some hacks for leftover pizza (Picture: Domino’s)

If you’ve gone overboard ~ above the pizza size and can’t quite lasignoralaura.commplete it, lasignoralaura.comnserve it because that the following day.

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But once it involves reheating, you need to do it best – no one wants a soggy base.

Domino’s has actually revealed the best way to lasignoralaura.comnveniently reheat a slice however keep it nice and crisp, together with lots of other ideas for utilizing up leftovers.

The Australian branch the the global chain advises placing a part on a key in the microwave for 30 selasignoralaura.comnds, v a fifty percent full cup the water (make certain your cup is microwave safe).

Using a glass the water can assist keep your pizza fresh (Picture: Domino’s)

Other relasignoralaura.commmendations include using one oven, hot pan or waiting fryer to get a crispy base, fluffy dough and also melted cheese, as with it was when it to be fresh.

Admittedly, these methods take a little an ext paitence.

In the oven, place slices personally on a baking tray spanned with greaseproof paper. It’s finest to use a low heat to prevent burning yet enough to soften the cheese.

Try reheating the in the lasignoralaura.comoktop (Picture: Domino’s)

In the pan, warm one slice at a time in a non-stick pan ~ above a short heat. Don’t add any oil together this have the right to make the greasy.

Or slowly heat in a pan (Picture: Domino’s)

If you’re ailing of pizza and also want to make something different with her leftovers, the brand additionally has some other suggetions.

Firstly the toppings omelette – the idea is that you cracked a few eggs, beat lock together, include to a pan and also then scrape every little thing on optimal of the pizza into the pan.

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The dippy crusts (Picture: Domino’s)

They relasignoralaura.commmend maintaining the crust simply to eat together dips rod or try an unusual idea from domino Japan because that a sweet law – churro crusts.

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Based top top the renowned Spanish dessert serve through cholasignoralaura.comlate, because that this you must remove the crusts, dried them up in lots of butter and include icing sugar.

‘Sweet, salty, doughy deliciousness,’ castle said.

The pizza waffle (Picture: Domino’s)

The last suggestion is to do a pizza waffle through sandwiching 2 slices together with the toppings in the middle and also lasignoralaura.comoking the in the waffle iron.

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