Vinyl siding is a durable and attractive part of your home, however needs occasional maintenance to save it looking favor new. Because it is most likely to gather dirt, stains, mold and mildew over time, that can cause your home’s exterior come look grimy and also worn out – but with a tiny time and effort, you can change that! By following these simple tips, cleaning vinyl siding favor a expert will be a breeze and also you can give your residence that fresh look girlfriend want.

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Getting ready

Before you begin cleaning vinyl siding, take these actions avoid potential hazards and even bigger messes.

Safety First

Wear comfortable clothing, closed-toe shoes, rubber gloves and safety goggles to defend eyes and a face mask to protect against breathing in fumes from clean chemicals. Eliminate outdoor furniture, toys and objects from the area therefore they don’t obtain in her way. If you room using a ladder, have actually a friend organize it for security reasons.

Protect Your Stuff

Close every doors and also windows to prevent water from spraying within the house. Sheathe plants, pots and landscaping v plastic tarps to prevent damage from clean products. Turn off, unplug and also cover lights and also electrical units v plastic sheets and secure with duct tape.

Choose the appropriate Day – No straight Sunlight

Work ~ above a cloudy job so the sunlight doesn’t dry spots also quickly and also unevenly.

What You have to Clean Vinyl Siding

You must have actually the right devices in order to efficiently clean vinyl siding and also get the well-kept look you want. Below are some recommended items and solutions to take into consideration using once cleaning vinyl siding.


Store-bought vinyl siding cleaning commodities (Clorox, Windex, Lysol, etc.)Soft clothLong-handled, soft-bristle brushHose/buckets of waterPressure washer (optional)

Choosing a Cleaning systems for Vinyl Siding

Bleach and vinegar solutions can be both helpful and hurtful in miscellaneous ways. Here are the encourage mixtures and the pros and also cons of making use of them.

Bleach clean Solution

Recipe1 quart the bleach for each gallon of water


Makes discolored surface white againDestroys almost every one of bacteria and also mold


Gives off toxic fumes, so need to be offered in a well-ventilated areaHarsh on skin, lungs and also environment

Vinegar clean Solution

Recipe: 30/70 mixture of vinegar come water


Usually kills about 80% that bacteria and moldDoes not offer off danger fumesNon-toxic, natural and also safe come use


Chemical/Bleach solutions generally eliminate all bacteria and mold

Cleaning Vinyl Siding by Hand

Cleaning vinyl siding by hand is the simplest means to get rid of unwanted stains. Role up her sleeves and follow these valuable tips.

Divide and also Conquer: Clean her Siding in little Areas in ~ a Time

Divide your house’s vinyl siding into 5 foot x 5 foot sections to occupational in little areas and also easily identify what is clean and what is still dirty. Test a little section that the siding v your cleaning equipment to make sure it works without damaging the repaint or finish. Begin scrubbing in ~ the bottom of the house and work your way towards the top in bespeak to prevent streaking. When you have finished this vertical section, repeat until the side of the house is complete.

The Right way to Clean Vinyl Siding

Dip the towel or brush right into the solution and also scrub the siding until you view noticeable changes. Though you desire to scrub hard to eliminate the grime, it is in gentle with the siding together too lot pressure might crack it. Rinse v water from peak to bottom frequently as you go to protect against uneven drying and spotting.

Clean Vinyl Siding v a push Washer

Cleaning vinyl siding by hand deserve to be long and also tiring, therefore some pick to push wash a house. Press washers save a most time and energy and produce clean results, yet can additionally damage siding and cause much more problems if supplied incorrectly. You have the right to rent or to buy one at miscellaneous costs, all over from about $50 and also up. Right here are the measures you must follow once pressure washing a home with vinyl siding.


Before you Start

Check to watch if your manufacturer recommends utilizing a push washer on the vinyl siding, as numerous warn that they cause damage on the material. Review the indict carefully prior to use. Include a cleaning solution to the press washer if the product allows for it, or else just plain water will work.

The Right method to press Wash her Siding

Determine the amount of push that have the right to be safely applied to her vinyl siding. Take it a firm view a couple of feet away from the house while spraying. Host a 25-degree nozzle in ~ eye-level and suggest it right at the siding through two hands. An increase spray can force water behind vinyl siding, causing more problems because that you as mold and also mildew can grow in these wet spots. Start pressure washing your house from the bottom up in tiny sections, utilizing a side-to-side motion and steady pace to protect against streaking. Rinse through a water tap or buckets the water.

Cleaning Mold native Vinyl Siding

Mold and mildew can prosper on vinyl siding in shady, moist locations from leaky gutters, wet tree branches or assorted other reasons. It can be tough to clean mold from vinyl siding, so below are some tips on how to handle the nastiest spots.

Mold clean Method

Use the recommended bleach or vinegar solution to kill mold and also mildew top top surfaces. Scrub the spots on the siding and let the solution soak in because that a couple of minutes. Start with the most noticeable and an overwhelming spots an initial to ease them up. Rinse completely to get rid of any type of leftover residue from clean products.

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Helpful Tips

With super tough spots, include a baking soda paste to the equipment as the abrasive nature will certainly break the up and also remove stains. Come reach small nooks, usage a smaller brush or toothbrush come clean.

A Clean residence with skilled Results

By following these guidelines, friend will be able to clean vinyl siding in an efficient, effective and also safe way – just like a professional. What looks finest with clean vinyl siding? Clean windows! Learn exactly how to to wash windows favor a pro. Save your residence looking like new with glowing vinyl siding and also windows and enjoy the spotless exterior watch of your home!