Here’re every the methods and also tips for reducing your iPhone battery draining quickly. You can jump down to a section, or read all of them!

So, Why Is her iPhone Battery Draining Fast?

There can be two factors why your battery is draining therefore quickly; one is a hardware issue, while the various other is software. 

Since fixing software issues is the most manageable and also most likely to be the problem, we’ll start there. If, after trying the end these software program fixes (and a few hardware), her iPhone battery is still draining fast, we’ll look at some hardware options.

If you’ve just updated come a brand-new version of iOS, climate you could just have to wait for the next version to fix the issue. 

Before you upgrade your iphone phone in the future, check online a few days after ~ its relax to see exactly how other iPhones room faring through the brand-new version. I’m supplying this advice after ns decimated mine beloved iphone phone 4 through an update ago in 2011