Not sure where to start with streaming TV? Our overview will display you action by step how to choose a streaming service and also stream TV in your home or ~ above the go.

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$64.99^85View Plan$64.99–$70.99^65View Plans$35–$5050View Plans$33–$79.99^150View Plans$69.99–$139.99°140View Plans
° DIRECTV STREAM device avail. For $5/mo. ~ above 24-month rate agmt for well-qualified customers. Others pay $120 upfront for device. Counting due in ~ sale. View details.

Non-live TV streaming services are generally cheaper and just provide you on-demand content. Yet you could get 2 to three non-live TV streaming services for the price the one live TV streaming service.

As for non-live TV streaming services, inspect out our on Netflix, Disney+, ESPN+, and Amazon Prime.

We recommend every one of them, honestly.

Netflix is the king the streaming services with its fixed amount of content and original content. Disney+ has all of the Disney movies you and your family can ever dream of. ESPN+ offers you live game coverage for a ton of different sports. And Amazon Prime has lots of TV shows and movies, along with movies you have the right to rent, all in one place.

Recommended non-live streaming services
Streaming serviceMonthly priceDetails
Netflix$8.99–$17.99/mo.View Plans
Disney+$6.99/mo.View Plans
ESPN+$5.99/mo.View Plans
Amazon prime Video$8.99–$12.99/mo.

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Let us know if friend have more questions we didn’t address. Us hope our overview has helped you with the an overwhelming process of streaming live TV because that your first time!


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