Obviously I can create a playlist, add each video clip to it, climate play the whole playlist, however is over there a simpler way?



URL hacking because that the rescue! You deserve to append &list=UL come the finish of a video URL from that user.

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So, if girlfriend have:

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zucBfXpCA6sit must become:


^ appropriate hereYou could also include something choose this to your bookmark and also simply click it:

javascript:window.location+="&list=UL"Select it climate drag and drop that on her bookmarks. (how?)

Now, there is an issue!

It"s obtained a monster behaviour as dear
burtek carried to my fist on the comments.

In my circumstances here, through Valentina Lisitsa, she acquired 272 videos appropriate now, however it won"t ever show much more than 99 ~ above the list. And also it seems like it"s bespeak from oldest to newest, therefore if you desire to play every videos you fairly start v the user"s first video. In she case, this is it:


From over there you have the right to leave that playing and it will play all her videos.

Seemed choose the current video will always try to be in place #20 the the list, reflecting 19 ahead ones and 79 following ones, however now I believe it"s even more random than that.

Most users, however, do have an "uploads" section on their profile, and also you can just click on "Play All" right there to gain a created playlist indigenous newest come oldest, like
wisbucky spicy in another answer here:


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Much easier means now:

Hover over the "Uploads" section. Friend will check out a "Play all" button appear next come "Uploads".

Click ~ above "Play all" and it will generate a playlist through all the user"s uploaded videos indigenous newest come oldest. (I simply wish over there was an easy option to sort from earliest to newest)



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You could additionally use this website here: http://youtube.nestharion.de

It creates a playlist through all the videos from a user and also plays castle continually.

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Little cheat I uncovered is to obtain a user"s distinctive code/string from their profile page"s source. Here"s just how to execute it:

Go to your user page and also right-click -> "view page source". Search for "vnd" and copy the password that you find (It have to start through "UC"). Open among the user"s videos. In the URL address, add the adhering to to the end: "&list=" then dough the string girlfriend copied. Last step is simply change the second character that the code you pasted native a C to a U. Struggle enter and also the video should reload, and now it shows up in a playlist of every the user"s videos.

This appears to work pretty reliably, yet sometimes does no get every one of the user"s videos.

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It"s subtle, and it"s cheeky, however it have the right to be done:

Given a specific channel URL:


You can fiddle a small bit and:


Note that you change channel/UC come playlist?list=UU.

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$ echo "$URL" | sed "s/channel/UC/playlist?list=UU/"

You don"t need to have actually a particular video.

The playlist can"t be sorted, conserved or manipulated in any useful way (at time of writing), but when friend hit "Play all" or pick a video clip you deserve to use the shuffle button