Wondering whereby you have the right to watch "Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings" appropriate now? We"ve obtained you covered.

Wondering wherein you have the right to watch Shang-Chi and the Legend that the Ten ring right now? That's understandable! Movie release tactics have become increasingly facility in current years, and also never an ext so 보다 in the pandemic era. Is the on Netflix? Is it streaming anywhere? Is it streaming and in theaters? nobody of the above? I never thought I'd spend so lot of mine time wondering how the hell I can watch new movies, however not to worry, we've put together a handy guide to just how you can watch Shang-Chi right now, therefore you have the right to skip the wondering and also get right to city hall the latest chapter in the MCU.

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WandaVision, The Falcon and also the Winter Soldier, and Loki caught us up with several of the most beloved heroes and villains in the Marvel Cinematic universe after the universe-altering events of Avengers: Endgame. Black Widow scaled back on scope and also looped earlier in time to ultimately give us a backstory because that Scarlett Johansson's dearly departed Avenger, Natasha Romanoff. However Shang-Chi and the Legend the the Ten ring is giving audiences the very first standalone beginning story of step Four, and also the an initial in the franchise due to the fact that 2019's Captain Marvel, with the long-awaited introduction of Simu Liu's Shang-Chi.

Directed by Short ax 12 and Just Mercy movie housing Dustin Daniel Cretton, Shang-Chi also stars Awkwafina, Michelle Yeoh, and also Tony Leung, and also promises to open up up a whole new world the magic (and franchise-best action) in the MCU. And also if you're wondering wherein you deserve to watch the streaming online, to buy the Blu-ray, or if it's still in theaters, we've got you spanned with our regularly updated guide to just how to watch Shang-Chi right now.

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Editor's Note: This post was critical updated on November 21 to include updated streaming, Digital, 4K, Blu-ray and also DVD release details.

Is Shang-Chi Streaming Online?

picture via Marvel Studios
Yes! together of November 12, Shang-Chi and also the Legend that the Ten rings is now streaming ~ above Disney+, wherein it will certainly remain available to subscribers indefinitely.

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Is Shang-Chi available with Disney+ Premier Access?

Shang-Chi-and-the-Legend-of-the-Ten-Rings-Simu-Liu-Awkwafina picture via Marvel
Shang-Chi does not need Disney+ Premier accessibility in order to clock it on streaming.

While Pixar films Soul and also Luca to be released straight to Disney+, Black Widow, Cruella, and also Jungle Cruise were just made available to clock at home via Disney+ Premier Access, for secondary $29.99 fee. However, Shang-Chi will certainly not be accessible to watch with Premier accessibility at any type of point. The upside? currently that Shang-Chi is top top Dinsey+, friend don't need to pay second fee to watch it.

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image via Marvel Studios
It's tho possible, relying on where you live! Shang-Chi and also Legend that the Ten Rings got a vast release in theaters throughout the us on Friday, September 3, showing up in most significant international sectors in the exact same week. And it ceded one of the most impressive crate office performances of the pandemic era, which method it's still play in part second-run theaters for the time being

If you’re in the US and looking for regional showtimes, here are several resources to assist you find out whereby you uncover a screening near you.


Atom Tickets

AMC Theaters

Regal Theaters

Alamo Drafthouse


After months of closure as result of the COVID pandemic, theatre are finally open again nationwide, which way we finally get to check out MCU movies on the large screen again! However, with the Delta variant sparking situation surges internationally, please be certain to take all the crucial precautions in participation with your regional safety guidelines and double-check any kind of policies in ~ the theater prior to you publication your tickets.

Shang-Chi-Tony-Leung-2 picture Via Disney
Shang-Chi and The Legend of The Ten Rings debuted on all major digital communication on November 12 - the same day it came down on Disney+. The film will be available on 4K Ultra HD, Blu-ray and also DVD ~ above November 30. The film also arrives on every digital shop such as Apple TV, Prime video and Vudu v exclusive bonus features.

Here's a outline of the Shang-Chi Bonus attributes (Per Disney, bonus features vary by product and retailer):

Gag Reel – take it a look at several of the fun mishaps on collection with the cast and crew that Shang-Chi and The Legend that The Ten Rings.

Deleted Scenes

They’re waiting – Shang-Chi and Katy attach with Xialing over a call. take a shooting – Katy has actually a moment of resolve throughout a battle. Apology – year after his sudden absence, Shang-Chi tries to apologize come Xialing. I’m below – Shang-Chi and also Katy have actually a conversation in the alley. Katy reassures Shang-Chi the she will always be his support system. Pep talk – In order to revolve the tide, Razor Fist motivates Katy throughout the center of a battle. Greatness – Trevor and Katy bond over passions in their getaway car. escape Tunnel – The corridor slips out v Trevor's escape tunnel in order to secure a getaway vehicle. two Sons – Xu Wenwu to compare Shang-Chi and Razor Fist throughout a it is too dirty dinner. Postcard – Shang-Chi and also Xu Wenwu reunite as father and also son. Shang-Chi makes it clean he disagrees with Xu Wenwu's philosophy. just Friends – Katy and also Xialing obtain to understand each other. Xialing asks Katy some an individual questions. do It you yourself – Xu Wenwu returns to his empire after the iron Gang ceo is captured.

Building a Legacy – walk behind the scenes and explore Shang-Chi’s explosive debut in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Family Ties – A deep dive into the wealthy but complicated legacy the Shang-Chi and Xu Wenwu.

Audio Commentary – view the film through Audio comment by Destin Daniel Cretton and Dave Callaham.

The Avengers Cast photo via Marvel Studios
If you’re looking to stream MCU movies online right now - or probably you want to touch-up on your memory of how the legend that the Ten ring was handled in Iron man 3 - there’s just one real destination: Disney+. Subscribers can accessibility every Disney-owned MCU movie from phase One to step Three, definition everything from stole Man through Avengers: Endgame. Together for phase Four, every the exit MCU Disney+ series are obtainable to stream, but Black Widow is currently only available with Disney+ Premier Access.

The key phrase, however, is Disney-owned. There room a couple of essential MCU movies you won’t uncover on Disney+.... The ones owned by Sony. That contains canon MCU films The remarkable Hulk, Spider-Man: Homecoming, and Spider-Man: much From Home. For this reason if you're a completist, you'll have to look somewhere else to clock those movies - for now.

In in march 2021, Disney and Sony signed a major streaming transaction that had the library civil liberties to Spider-Man movies, for this reason you deserve to expect those to sign up with the Disney+ library sometime soon. Together of ideal now, nobody of these film are available on any kind of streaming service, yet they are accessible to rent and purchase with most major Digital platforms and also providers.

Don't have Disney+? That's no necessarily a deal-breaker; Disney had actually several streaming transaction signed long prior to Disney+ came along, which way you deserve to still find the rare MCU movie the end in the wild top top streaming services.

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Right now, that movie is The Avengers, i m sorry you'll uncover streaming on Paramount+.

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