Season 1, illustration 1 as soon as in Rome

Bobby Flay and Giada De Laurentiis come in Rome and immediately seek out your favorite foods. For Giada, it"s the Pizza Bianca she grew up eating, while because that Bobby, it"s a most-frequented gelato shop. Lock visit the areas they love, learn about four above pastas and sit down to a classic Roman meal v Giada"s mom. It"s all about celebrating the standards as they take in the energy of the Eternal City.

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Season 1, episode 2 Old vs. Brand-new

While Rome is a city steeped in tradition, the food scene is gift updated with contemporary techniques and new flavor combinations. From pizza pies motivated by renowned pastas come a trendy food market, Bobby Flay and also Giada De Laurentiis discover how the food culture is evolving while quiet honoring the classics. Plus, they cook up part cutting-edge cuisine v a neighborhood Michelin star chef.

Season 1, episode 3 A medieval Hamlet

Bobby Flay and Giada De Laurentiis drive to the landscape of Tuscany for the 2nd leg of their Italian adventure. They start in the Siena province, a middle ages hamlet that"s been converted right into the beautiful Monteverdi resort. Below it"s all around exploring the neighborhood food and also traditions: organic farms, an old flour mill, Tuscan-style burgers and even a sheep farm, wherein Bobby and also Giada learn hands-on just how to do the above pecorino cheese.

Season 1, illustration 4 Wine nation

For their final week in Italy, Bobby Flay and also Giada De Laurentiis are in wine country! It"s a chef"s dream together they source high-end neighborhood ingredients and also visit an above winery in Montalcino, a medieval fortress town set in the Tuscan hills and made famed for the Brunello wine. Bobby and Giada suit up to discover the arts of beekeeping and what goes right into making the famous honey. Then, the ingredients they discover are the makings of an epic meal overlooking the Tuscan countryside -- one lock will never ever forget!


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