The linked timeline of far better Call Saul, breaking Bad, and also El Camino runs through multiple decades and also locations. Make feeling of the all v us here.

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Better call Saul Era

Better call Saul Season 1

May 13, 2002 – June 30, 2002

In may of 2002, underpaid windy defender Jimmy mcgill tries to gain hired as accused embezzler Craig Kettleman’s legit representation. Not only does the Kettleman household turn that down, however Jimmy finds self thrust right into the criminal underworld because that the an initial time where he comes throughout Nacho Varga and Tuco Salamanca.

In June, Jimmy is able to prove the the Kettlemans did without doubt embezzle the money and also gets $30,000 in hush money because that his trouble. This brings him into call with Mike Ehrmantraut. Meanwhile, chuck McGill starts to struggle more with his electromagnetic sensitivity disorder.

By so late June, Jimmy is working more closely v his elderly clients on your estates. If pursuing that work, he discovers that elderly treatment facility, Sandpiper Crossing has actually been massively overcharging your guests. The reluctantly hand the case over to HHM and also heads back to Cicero to pull an ext low-level cons v his old friend Marco. After Marco dies, Jimmy return to Albuquerque and also tells Mike that he plans come no longer organize himself back.

Better contact Saul Season 2

July 18, 2002 – September 21, 2002

After having one perfect work of low-level criminal shenanigans v Kim, Jimmy accepts a task with Davis & Main based upon the stamin of his Sandpiper work. On the other hand Mike encounters the extremely annoying client Daniel, who rats to the police ~ his baseball cards space stolen (despite being connected in a large criminal conspiracy himself). Mike is required to enlist Jimmy’s legitimate help.

In August, Jimmy’s relationship with Davis & Main starts to cake after he runs an unprofessional commercial without your permission. Mike and also Nacho enact a setup to gain the volatile Tuco sent to jail for beating Mike up. Hector Salamanca beginning the story to strong-arm Mike into transforming his story and get Tuco’s jail time reduced. Jimmy gets himself fired indigenous Davis & main so the he have the right to keep his signing bonus.

In September, Kim do the efforts to acquire a project as large bank Mesa Verde’s external legal counsel. HHM and Chuck swoop in in ~ the last minute to take it the end from under her. She and also Jimmy (separately) set up shop in one old dentist’s office. Jimmy climate sabotages Chuck’s paperwork for Mesa Verde, which loser the account for HHM.

Mike do the efforts to death Hector Salamanca via sniper rifle however is distracted by the sound the his auto horn. Someone has actually left a branch against the steering wheel through the note “Don’t” attached.

Better speak to Saul Season 3

September 21, 2002 – march 22, 2003

In September, Mike finds out that the is Los Pollos Hermanos owner (and renowned drug kingpin) Gus Fring who left the note. They involved an expertise that Mike can proceed to shot to obtain Hector imprisoned yet cannot kill him. Gus make the efforts to hire Mike complete time however he states he’ll only think about it. Chuck has a record of Jimmy confessing come sabotaging him. Once Jimmy breaks into Chuck’s home to destroy it, Howard and also Chuck record him in the act.

The classic episode “Chicanery” picks up in February, 2003 wherein Chuck takes Jimmy come court end his treachery. Lining is maybe to gain Jimmy suspended by the bar association for a year yet in the process it’s revealed the his electromagnetic sensitivity is every in his head.

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In in march of 2003, Nacho successfully sabotages Hector Salamanca by instead of his nitroglycerin pills through fakes. Hector climate suffers a stroke. Chuck, despondent over what his life has actually become, commits suicide by kicking over a lantern in his paper-filled home.