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Churches and also houses the worship lug people together v the mix of religion and community. That a location where human being can find salvation and relief, especially during hard times. 

Historically, tradition and word-of-mouth have been the method churches have expanded their reach. Today, contemporary technologies have actually created new options for acquiring church services out to those who wish to participate however are unable to attend a company in person. Church live streaming services have brought the new potential for sharing masses, sermons, and also other spiritual services. 

As COVID-19 continues to spread, human being cannot safely conference in large groups during this time that need, resulting in restricted church services. Fortunately, it’s still possible to have actually sermons and also gathering through live streaming software for churches.

Church live streaming platforms let pastors and also other church leader broadcast your sermons remotely to world both near and also far without anyone leaving the safety of their own homes. 

In this article, we’ll comment on how churches deserve to use church streaming services and how to live currently church services online. We will certainly compare a couple of of the height church streaming solutions on the market based upon price, features, and also more.

Please store in mind that streaming platforms for churches and also their pricing readjust regularly. Through the addition of a Zoom integration and also multi-user access, this article reflects the most accurate info as the November 2021. 

What we’ll share in this article:

Benefits of Church Streaming ServicesChurch Live Streaming StatisticsHow come Live present A Church ServiceLive Streaming systems for ChurchesComparison that the top 10 Church Live Streaming services in 2021Final Thoughts

Benefits of Church Streaming Services

Broadcasting a religious service offers plenty of benefits because that churches favor yours. When you stream and broadcast a church service with a streaming platform, you deserve to reach people who could otherwise not make it to worship through the community. 

This might be world who space homebound early to disease or injury, or civilization who room too old to journey themselves. World with disabilities also benefit from streaming church services. This is also an especially helpful during global crises, favor COVID-19, i m sorry we’re right now experiencing.

Some various other benefits that live streaming church services include: 

Allow members who are sick or injured, as well old to do it in person, or have a impairment that provides it challenging to travel to watch her service.Helps members who are traveling and want to continue to take part in your own faith communityExtends her reach beyond your local community and assist people to attach with one another

It is also common to live stream church’s Christmas programs and other unique events. This enables the congregation to attend from home.

Church Live Streaming Statistics

In the past couple of years, churches and also other places of worship have actually been turning to over-the-top (OTT) live streaming technology to do services and also events accessible over the internet. Below are a few 2021 streaming statistics and also trends because that why churches room opting to live stream online services:

How come Live present A Church Service


Using your choice of streaming solutions, learn how to live stream her church’s service with this quick guide.We’ve produced this step-by-step how-to guide on the live streaming that church services. When it might seem overwhelming to figure out how to get your Sunday organization online quickly, we’re here to aid you. You re welcome follow this church solutions live streaming indict to set everything increase correctly. 

1. Do a Plan

Start through a roadway map of whereby you space now and also where you desire to be. Take keep in mind if you already have church live streaming equipment obtainable and what type of brand-new video tools you’d choose to invest in.

Consider where you desire to stream your sermon. What kind of features do you must make this happen? This will identify the platform you end up utilizing to live currently the church service.

2. Select a Church Streaming Service

A reliable church streaming business is crucial for hosting a professional-grade live stream. Girlfriend will most likely want a church streaming organization that has the following features:

White-label HTML5 video clip playerCustomizable and also brandableSupports multi-destination streamingAdvanced video clip analyticsPowerful protection toolsRobust content administration systemEasy to use interface

In enhancement to checking all of these boxes, you’re walking to want to pick a equipment that fits your budget.

3. Prepare her Setup

The success the a live present starts v the setup. Pick a camera based on workflow requirements. Collection up your camera v the view you want civilization tuning in come see. 

Next, pick a video encoder. An encoder take away your video clip signal and converts it come a present of data that deserve to be sent over the internet. These space essential additions to live broadcast software for churches that you can use for encoding, however for the finest quality, use specialized encoding hardware.

Work on your lighting. When you work on her lighting in ~ the church, her live present will have actually a far better quality photo for those watching. Use a separate mix for your audio live currently by using an Aux mix output. Climate you have the right to mix the remotely for a much better audio feed.

4. Test Everything

Do a test run to make certain that her live streaming setup is ready to go. It is better to catch any snags in the system prior to you’re live in former of an audience. 

Check your internet speed come make sure that that is fast sufficient to stream. The is recommended that your upload speed is dual the rate that you setup to currently with.

5. Begin Streaming

Once every little thing is collection up and also working smoothly, that is time to obtain started. Create the stream, gain the cameras rolling, and start streaming.

For more information, check out our collection of videos devoted to live streaming your church services.

Live Streaming solution for Churches

Let’s take it a watch at few of the most famous streaming services that ministers and pastors can utilize to stream religious or spirituality services. We’re basing our comparison of live streaming for churches ~ above the features of each virtual streaming platform. 

It’s a Solution, no an virtual Service.

It’s vital to note that these platforms room not platforms where you can view live streams that church services. This platforms room hosting platforms for those trying to find ways to stream their church’s business to their congregation remotely. Church are at this time facing the trouble of no being may be to have an in-person sermon. This platforms space the equipment to the problem. This overview to solutions and also platforms easily accessible will enable congregations come live stream their church services about the human being during this time that need and after too.

Comparison of The 10 ideal Church Streaming services in 2021

With the information, that time to compare the ideal qualified live streaming platforms church should think about streaming sermons online. An initial up, we’ll take a look in ~ our very own online video clip platform.

1. lasignoralaura.com


lasignoralaura.com is a unified streaming equipment that includes all of the attributes that churches require to organize a professional-grade live stream.


lasignoralaura.com specializes in live streaming because that churches with plans starting from $39 a month.

Set in ~ a compete price point, the lasignoralaura.com streaming platform uses a feature-rich and considerable solution for tiny to bigger congregations. 

Smaller churches with smaller bandwidth needs might prefer the Starter setup ($39/month). It consists of the same great features as larger churches ~ above the occasion or scale Plans. Please, note that not all online video platforms (OVPs) market such a starting plan at lower rates.

Additionally, lasignoralaura.com provides it easy to learn the ropes that broadcasting as you test, collection up, and start streaming, which is useful for first-time church broadcasters.

All lasignoralaura.com plans include content distribution with top-tier CDNs. With the integrity of a content distribution network, her viewers deserve to watch her stream from almost everywhere the world by connecting to a server closest to them.


 Notable features include:


Starter Plan: $39/month (includes 1,000 GB that bandwidth & 50 GB of storage)Event Plan: $63/month (includes 6 TB that bandwidth upfront and also 50 GB the storage)Scale Plan: $188/month (includes 24 TB that bandwidth per year and also 1 TB of storage)

For more details, please visit our pricing page.

Want to access all of ours features and also see just how our live video solution can aid you reach your Church’s streaming needs? Try lasignoralaura.com risk-free because that 30 days v our complimentary trial. 

Start My totally free Trial

2. Streamingchurch.TV


Streamingchurch.TV has actually a number of church-specific features including combined sermon notes.


StreamingChurch.TV is a church streaming organization designed because that church-related streaming alone.

This communication offers many “church-specific” features, consisting of sermon notes, a map that church attendees simulating a live service, and more.

The map attribute shows everyone in attendance and also groups them right into a moderated chat, where individuals can discuss aspects of the live currently church organization sermon. The integrated Sermon notes let you follow follow me as the sermon take away place, ensuring you don’t miss a moment.

StreamingChurch.TV does offer both live and also VOD streaming, however only ~ above Premium plans and also above. In addition, this OVP supplies embedding choices to stream live video. 

One far-reaching drawback for part congregations is that StreamingChurch.tv does not stream contents over a CDN. This have the right to lead come poor video quality when there is a large congregation the viewers watching her broadcast.


Live streaming supportAd-free streamingFacebook and Twitter compatibleMobile an equipment and Roku compatibleModerated ChatInteractive map the attendanceIntegrated sermon notes

Note the VOD, Ultra HD streaming, adaptive bitrate, and simulated live business features are accessible only ~ above the Premium plan.


Basic countless Plan: $79/monthPremium unlimited Plan: $127/monthPlatinum limitless Plan: $179/month

After accessing the one-month totally free trial, all plans encompass a one-time $79 activation fee and unlimited bandwidth (except because that 24/7 transfer ministries).

3. BoxCast (Previously SundayStreams)


Sunday Streams is an virtual streaming solution devoted to churches and also sermons.


BoxCast is a live streaming solution that was developed upon SundayStreams, which was dedicated to churches and sermons. SundayStreams was obtained by Boxcast, which increased its collection of functions to include a completely adaptive player and Google analysis integration to accessibility real-time analytics.

BoxCast has a great reputation for responding in ~ 24 hrs of a customer reaching out for support via email. However, if you want the insurance of 24/7 client support, you’ll want to consider other live streaming platforms for live streaming the church services. 

This option does market a 90-day money-back guarantee, i beg your pardon you can learn more about here.

The biggest strength that BoxCast is that is simplicity and ability to reach novice broadcasters.


Ad-free streamingEasy embedding (stream from your website)Phone and also email supportFacebook and also Twitter compatibleBroadcast 24/7Mobile compatibility and customizable phone call appsAnalytics dashboards


Essential Plan: $99/monthGrowth Plan: $149/monthExperience Plan: $199/month

Please inspect out the BoxCast pricing page for an in-depth comparison of the plans.

4. ChristianWorldMedia


ChristianWorldMedia provides many different plan options, i m sorry is a great feature for smaller sized churches.


ChristianWorldMedia offers affordable pricing and also a the majority of flexibility, making the a good option to think about for churches and also congregations. Through three various pricing options, even small religious communities deserve to afford live streaming of church solutions with this platform. The online holy bible integration function can be really useful as well.

However, one setback of this platform is support for a limited number that viewers and abnormally low video quality. Before you commit come this platform, make certain that this won’t be an worry for her live stream church service.


24/7 streaming50 simultaneously viewers every live event2 re-streaming channels (minimum)Roku compatibleOnline scriptures integrationSocial media integrationLive record (Pro plan only)Phone and also email assistance (Pro setup only)Unlimited archiving (Pro plan only)Adaptive live transcoding (Pro setup only)


Basic plan: $35/month because that 50 simultaneous viewers per live event and also 2 re-streaming channelsBasic+ plan: $59/month because that 200 simultaneously viewers per live event and 3 re-streaming channelsPro plan: $89/month for 500 coincided viewers every live event and 4 re-streaming channels

Please examine out the ChristianWorldMedia pricing web page for extr information.

5. TruthCasting


TruthCasting started in 2005 v a vision to it is in the most affordable provider that church Live Streaming and video clip on need services.


In terms of live streaming options for churches, TruthCasting offers many features for broadcasting every one of your church-related events. The pricing stems indigenous how numerous members you have on-site, fairly than the attributes you need. No issue how plenty of members, as lengthy as you carry out not exceed her number limit, friend have accessibility to every one of TruthCasting’s available features.

Unfortunately, TruthCasting just supports churches with less than 2000 members.

However, this OVP go offer good quality support. In addition, they host their services with Amazon’s internet Services. If you have actually questions about their CDN, examine out ours live streaming CDN comparison.


Ad-free streamingUnlimited bandwidth and storageEmbed code to present live video on her websiteReliable content deliveryPhone supportLive recordingCompatible through all platforms, including iPhones and also iPads


TruthCasting has a very an easy all-inclusive pricing plan for $39.95 every month, i m sorry includes:

Unlimited storageUnlimited viewersPhone and email supportUnlimited streaming

There is an alternative to include Facebook Live or YouTube Live because that $10 every month.

6. MyChurchWebsite.com


MyChurchWebsite is a design firm for church that offers live streaming together a second service.


In reality, MyChurchWebsite is a high-end website design firm for churches. Because that example, among their specialties is offering a complete website design & setup based on whatever your needs might be. This is accessible for a one-time price of $3,500.

This platform offers a different live streaming systems for churches.

MyChurchWebsite does no offer any kind of partnership v a top-tier CDN or 24/7 support. These space important components to consider, as you’ll have actually no capability to reach the end for support outside of company hours in the situation of buffering or other issues.


Ad-freeMobile compatibilitySocial network integrationLive RecordingAnalytics


First tier: $30/month paid yearly or $36/month paid monthly; 100 GB of storage/bandwidthSecond tier: $60/month paid yearly or $75/month payment monthly; 300 GB of storage/bandwidthThird tier: $100/month paid annually or $140/month payment monthly; 700 GB storage/bandwidth

Each of these plans includes the very same features. The main difference in between them is the amount of storage and bandwidth castle come with. Extr fees use for bandwidth overages.

7. Vimeo Premium


Vimeo’s platform is on the higher-end, do it good for larger churches with international viewership.


Vimeo is one more solution accessible to churches and other residences of worship. Just Vimeo’s Premium setup comes through live streaming capabilities, for this reason that would be the most an ideal plan because that live streaming church services. However, Vimeo additionally offers much more advanced plans with their subsidiary, Livestream, which would additionally be perfect for faith-based streams.

That said, Livestream targets those with larger budgets, offering luxury features and also customization options for church that room willing and also able come pay. The price allude and minimal plan options, however, don’t do it ideal for most churches.

Vimeo does market streaming over a CDN, i m sorry is essential for large-scale broadcasts streaming approximately the world. A global CDN can administer quality live streaming for churches to large audiences city hall the transfer simultaneously.


Vimeo’s Premium arrangement includes the following skilled features: 

Player customizationPrivacy controlsSocial distributionReview and also approvalPrivate team projectsCustomizable Showcase sitesVideo production with tradition brandingCalls-to-action and lead generationGoogle AnalyticsUnlimited live eventsLive stream come multiple destinationsLive Q&A, graphics, and pollsAudience chat


Vimeo offers an easy video streaming pricing plans because that broadcasters with various needs. This plans include:

Basic plan: 30-day free trialPlus plan: $7 / month billed annually; 5 GB every week; 250 GB yearly; single userPro plan: $20 / month billed annually; 20 GB per week; 1 TB yearly; 3 usersPremium plan: $75 / month billed annually; unlimited live streaming 5 TB yearly; unlimited viewers

8. Muvi


Muvi’s religious beliefs solution is geared in the direction of churches and houses the worship.


Muvi is a live streaming service that has actually a religion streaming equipment geared towards live streaming church services. This platform support both live and on-demand video hosting.

This communication is completely loaded with expert features, yet the price sign is equally together massive. ~ subscription prices and additional fees, the shortest priced arrangement is around $800/month. This is a huge investment for churches, so uneven you’re running a megachurch through an equally “mega” budget, this platform may be slightly the end of reach.


Live stream supportVOD hostingVideo monetization tools (SVOD, TVOD, AVOD)Global content deliveryMulti-screen streamingWhite-label video clip playerEasy embedding for streaming ~ above your own site


Muvi prices its plans at the following 5 levels:

Black plan: this is a practice solution and also includes everything in the Ultimate plan plus premium services and also project management.

Each of this pleas is topic to added monthly fees starting at $299.

9. SermonCast


SermonCast is a live streaming equipment that is committed to church use.


SermonCast has been serving the spiritual industry since 2006 together a live streaming solution. This platform provides support because that both on-demand video clip hosting and live streaming. This is an excellent for church that create libraries of previous sermons come share with their congregation.

SermonCast uses an HTML5 video player to with members of the neighborhood on every different types of devices.


Powerful analyticsLive streaming and also VODAd-free streamingAll-device video clip playerEasy video clip upload


SermonCast calls for broadcasters to collection up a demo prior to accessing pricing plans. However, their site lists the following:

VOD plans start at $29/monthLive streaming plans start at $49/month

10. ChurchStreaming.TV


Church streaming has actually three various streaming plans because that churches of various sizes.


Not come be perplexed with StreamingChurch.TV that us reviewed earlier, ChurchStreaming.TV is another an excellent live streaming solution for broadcasting liturgical solutions in real-time.

This platform is wealthy in features. It also comes v a complimentary setup without any type of heft activation fees. 


Easy embedding (on your website, app, and also beyond)Reliable technology supportSimulcasting to YouTube, Facebook, and also moreSupport because that Apple TV and Roku channelsAuto-archivingViewer analytics


Basic: $79/month; 10 streaming hours/month and 100 GB that storageStandard: $99/month; 20 streaming hours/month and 200 GB of storagePremium: $139/month; unlimited streaming and 500 GB of storage

Final Thoughts

There are a lot of of great options for live streaming because that churches, and the 10 platforms we’ve discussed are the best ones to take into consideration using for live streaming of her church service. Think about membership costs, tools needed, technological support available to identify which platform uses a equipment to her problem.

In addition, salary close attention to the live streaming CDN when making her OVP decision. A top-tier CDN helps to ensure the finest live present church service. Additionally, us recommend treating 24/7 customer support as a non-negotiable. This is crucial for live events during the weekend choose your Sunday service and after organization hours.

We introduce taking advantage of the free trials offered by most live streaming solutions.

Not sure where to start? Why not give lasignoralaura.com a try? shot our platform risk-free for 30 days to check out all of our luxury features. Every little thing your goals, we’re below to aid you uncover the right arrangement for your church’s needs and also budget.

Sign up today to begin your totally free trial. No credit card or binding contract is required.

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