Amazon’s summer sales extravaganza, element Day, is happening on June 21 this year and typically large a complete 48 hours. Among the finest ways to find an excellent prices during the sales fest is Amazon’s Lightning Deals.

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Lightning deals feature limited stock available at a short price for a limited time, v a acquisition limit of one every customer per item. They typically offer several of the finest sale prices throughout Prime Day, which renders the need for castle that lot higher.

Lightning deals expire in two ways: Either the moment limit operation out, or customers claim all available stock. Due to the fact that these bargains regularly sell the end fast,you’ll want to have actually an action plan.

Strategy 1: dare defense


If that’s too much of a hassle, try looking ahead. Amazon often teases that is lightning transaction in advance. If girlfriend visit the element Day webpage, because that example, you should see a carousel the Lightning Deals. Save scrolling through those deals, and you’ll soon hit assets that are on deck however haven’t started offering yet.

Upcoming Lightning transaction won’t show a revenue price till they walk live, but you can still usage that time because that research. If you discover something you’d choose to buy, execute the historic price-checking appropriate then. Once the product go on sale, you’ll recognize whether Amazon’s limited-time price is worth it or not.

Strategy 4: gain alerts for particular Lightning Deals

Speaking that which, you don’t have to wait about or save an eye on the clock to recognize when your favorite deals space going live. The Amazon app for Android and also iOS allows you develop a deals watch list, and then get notifications once your deals space active.


Waitlist settings on Amazon Shopping for Android.

Once you’ve set up the Amazon app and signed in, walk to Settings > Notifications > her Watched & Waitlisted Deals. Activate the slider in that section. You can now include an upcoming items to her watch list by going come the deals page in the app, find the upcoming deals you’re interested in, and also tap Watch this deal.

You can additionally build a watch list on from your desktop PC, but you won’t get any notifications. Instead, you have to check earlier with her watch perform on Amazon’s website. Amazon claims its internet browser add-on, Amazon Assistant, will provide notifications as soon as Lightning transaction on her watch list go live, however in our tests on Firefox for windows that did not happen.

Strategy 5: Waitlists

We’ve all done it. You grab something native Amazon, leave it in her cart, and promptly forget about it. When that happens v a Lightning transaction the article drops from your cart after ~ 15 minutes. That’s whereby waitlist comes in. If you find a Lightning transaction that is quiet valid, yet out of stock, you may see a switch that says Join waitlist.

That probably means all the items room claimed but not all have actually been purchased. ~ joining a waitlist, if the items drops native someone’s cart, and you’re following in heat on the waitlist, you have a possibility to buy it.

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The Amazon mobile app for Android or iOS it is intended a notification if the transaction becomes available to you. On the website, you’ll see a notice in the upper right-hand corner of the site. Once your shot comes up, you’ve obtained a restricted time to include it to your cart, and make your purchase.