If prompted, select Install DIRECTV Player.Find the DIRECTV_Player.dmg file in her Downloads folder and also open it.Double-click DIRECTV_Player.pkg to begin installation.Follow the on-screen indict to finish installation. If friend don’t have actually the latest version of Adobe Flash, the installer will install that too.When surroundings is complete, your internet browser will refresh and also your regime will begin.

When I in reality attempt to watch digital all I obtain is: "Sorry us ran right into a problem. You re welcome restart the video player" however when I click it to restart it, it just loops me ago to the exact same dialogue. Really FRUSTRATING dealing with yet an additional TV service provider the resists supplying ANY kind of client service. Anyone?

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MacBook waiting (2018 or later)

posted on january 12, 2019 9:26 afternoon

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jan 14, 2019 3:57 afternoon in an answer to twmissmt In response to twmissmt

Hey there, twmissmt,

Thanks for avoiding by the lasignoralaura.com assistance Communities. If I recognize your post, you're having some trouble obtaining the DirectTV application to occupational on your Mac. I'm happy to provide you through some information.

After reviewing DirectTV's indict here: clock DIRECTV top top Your computer - DIRECTV Support, it looks prefer you carry out not require a special application if you have actually OS X 10.8 Yosemite or later. Instead, DirectTV instructs you to visit your website and sign in v your DirectTV username and password: present TV & Movies digital + On demand | DIRECTV.

Have a good day.

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january 14, 2019 3:57 afternoon

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