This reality series chronicles the preparations because that a wedding in between reality-TV personality Kim Zolciak and also a pro football player. Zolciak had accomplished reality-TV fame on The actual Housewives the Atlanta, and this series is, in a sense, a spinoff of the one. It aired on Bravo beginning in 2012.

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With the Biermanns ago home in Atlanta, the family unpack and also reflect on every the high, lows and unseen moment of your cross country road trip.

The Biermanns epic coastline to coast trip finally concerns an end on the clear beaches that Los Angeles. However as lock prepare to say goodbye come the RV, a visit come a psychic raises some eye opened questions around Arianas future.

After main of setbacks and struggles, Kim finally reaches her happy location - ras Vegas. It"s a whirlwind night the gambling and an ext gambling. The only thing that can possibly pull she away is the majestic view of The grand Canyon.
Tracey returns together the Biermanns attack Scottsdale, Arizona. Also as lock go home hunting and contemplate their future away from Atlanta, Kroy need to convince Kim no to contact the totality trip off after another setback v the RV.
When the Biermanns collection out to check out the caves and society of brand-new Mexico, Kroy find his true calling as a tourism guide, when Kim buys increase every road-side decision she have the right to find. However crystals only soothe Kim’s nerves therefore much, together she reaches a breaking allude over the RV’s faulty waiting conditioning.
It"s turn off to Texas because that the Biermanns, wherein Ariana and also Brielle expect to uncover a dude in ~ the dude ranch. Just one problem, there are no dudes. Meanwhile, Kim saddles up and also faces her fear of horses.
With half of the trip behind them, the Biermanns are ready to tackle the legendary course 66. Just one trouble - the RV’s busted.
After days of stormy weather, the sun ultimately comes out for the Biermanns together they head to Branson, Missouri, or together Kroy calls it, "the vegas for Littles." yet the good times just last so lengthy as the RV breaks under in the center of nowhere.
Hold on to your wigs together the Biermanns come challenge to confront with ghouls and ghosts in the many haunted home in the country. The just thing scarier for Kim? Dropping her phone in the RV toilet.

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The Biermanns head to Nashville; the Littles walk hog wild in a candy store; Kim learns part disturbing news around her father.
With the Littles farming up and Ariana off to college next year, Kim and Kroy arrangement to take it the family members on one last epic vacation - Biermann style. Six kids, 6 weeks, going coastline to coast crammed right into an RV - What can possibly go wrong?