LiveMe is a live transfer community, and one of the most popular live-streaming platforms in the world. There room plenty the musicians, singers, actors, DJs, storytellers and also comedians ~ above LiveMe. Several of their performances are wonderful and if girlfriend didn"t record the live video clip broadcasting, you can watch the replays. Furthermore, we will show you just how to download LiveMe replays to your computer.

Basically, friend will require a display recorder and we strong recommend display Recorder, which supplies a Time Scheduler to assist you instantly record LiveMe videos. Girlfriend can also use the embedded video cutter to cut out the unwanted part and save the components as you want. Now let"s figure out just how to document LiveMe ~ above your computer with

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* display Recorder

Record screen video and audio separately or simultaneouslyWork well together a screenshot tool, calculation high resolution recordingsConvert recorded video to any type of format without watermark
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How to document LiveMe Replays top top Computer

Step 1 Finish straightforward Settings


Download and install screen Recorder on your computer. Both Windows and also Mac versions space available. Launch it on her PC and also you will view a rectangle toolbar. Now the first thing you must decide is the record mode. There room 3 settings for you come choose: video only, audio only, video clip and audio together. To download LiveMe video, we need to record both vido and also audio. You deserve to switch recording setting using the button at the left the the pink "REC" button.

Then, click the "cog" icon at the right corner to drop under the setup panel. In this panel, friend should complete the calculation format and output folder settings. Don"t forget to choose "HD format" so the you can get high-resolution output results. In the Record Time Options, you can collection a time scheduler: set the begin time and end time. This feature is an extremely convenient and you can leave the recorder to record LiveMe replays automatically. In the Cursor Options, we suggest you uncheck every the boxes come hide the computer mouse in case it shows up in the recording.

Step 2 pick the an ar to Record


Open her browser and also go to Uncover the broadcasting video clip that you desire to conserve offline and change the streaming window. Then, go ago to and also click the "+" switch at the left side and also customize the record area and size according to the video clip window. You can also choose to document the complete screen.

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Step 3 start Recording LiveMe video clip


Before you begin recording, you have the right to test the recorder a small bit. Record few clips to see if all the settings are right. When you make sure everything is ready, you have the right to run the recorder by clicking the "REC" button. Click the "Stop" button (the second icon indigenous left come right) ~ above the toolbar once you desire to protect against the recording. If the moment scheduler is on, friend don"t need to stay in former of the computer due to the fact that the recorder will protect against recording as soon as time is up.

The last Words

Now we"ve currently walked you throngh how to save LiveMe streams with, girlfriend will recognize that there are still plenty of things display Recorder can do. You can take her time to destruction in much more features and make the complete use of it.