These days, over there are countless ways to clock live TV there is no cable. Hulu Live is now a great option for simply that! Hulu with Live TV (free 7-day trial) is among the more recent live streaming services, and also one the the most complete. The service offers four different packages, for this reason no issue your budget, Hulu has an alternative for you.

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Hulu’s four various plans are: Hulu ($5.99/mo.), Hulu v No Ads ($11.99/mo.), Hulu + Live TV ($64.99/mo.), and also Hulu (No Ads) + Live TV ($70.99/mo.).

Many civilization wonder around the Hulu Live TV channel list, wanting to ensure they deserve to watch all your favorite shows and also sports prior to making the move from cable. If you’re wonder what channels are on Hulu v Live TV, we’ve gained you covered! If you want to quickly compare Hulu Live against other top streaming options, inspect out ourcomprehensive compare guide.


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What is Hulu + Live TV and also how much does it cost?


First things very first – what isHulu Live?

Until recently, Hulu was simply an on-demand entertain platform, similar to Netflix. Yet the company has expanded, in a huge way! Hulu now offers live TV streaming starting at $64.99 per month. Basically, the service intends to be an alternative to cable TV, offer up much more than 65 of your favorite networks at a same price.

Hulu + Live TV supplies live neighborhood networks and also numerous popular channels found top top cable TV. Overall, the Hulu Live arrangement gives you accessibility to:

All the on-demand contents that comes v the typical Hulu packageMore 보다 65 channels, consisting of most popular networks found on cable prefer HGTV, MSNBC, Fox News & HallmarkMost sporting activities channels, consisting of ESPN, CBS & ACC NetworkLive local channels like ABC, CBS & NBC50 hours of cloud DVR storage (with easily accessible upgrade)2 coincided streams (with easily accessible upgrade)6 customizable profilesNo contract obligation, permitting you to cancel your subscription at any kind of time.

You deserve to watch Hulu Live on any device compatible v Hulu, consisting of streaming football player (Roku, apple TV, etc.), computers, mobile devices and also more. Visit ours Hulu devices guide to read more. There’s also a totally free 7-day psychological to check out!

How lot is Hulu?

For a base price that only $5.99 every month, Hulu is just one of the cheapest streaming solutions available. If you’re ~ above a budget, you can accessibility all of Hulu’s good on-demand contents if you’re fine with watching a couple of ads. Hulu through No Ads expenses $11.99 every month, yet offers ad-free streaming for most of that on-demand library.

Hulu + Live TV costs $64.99 per month (ad-supported), and Hulu Live without ads costs $70.99 per month. Both live TV offerings include a cost-free trial option and have end 65 channels available.

Here’s a quick look in ~ the various Hulu plans and also the variety of channels contained with each:

Hulu Hulu (No Ads)Hulu + Live TVHulu (No Ads) + Live TV

For more information, inspect out our Hulu review and our Hulu Live review.

What is the complete Hulu + Live TV channels list?

The Hulu networks list is quite extensive – and quite impressive! The service features comprehensive coverage that sports, news, TV shows, movies and also more, and easily functions as a complete different to cable TV.


Channels contained in Hulu + Live TV: 65+ channels for $64.99/mo. (with ads), or $70.99/mo. (without ads). There is a 7-day complimentary trial available.

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The Hulu Live package with ads consists of 50 hrs of Cloud DVR storage, up to six user profiles and also two simultaneously streams. The Hulu Live package without ads consists of the very same channels and features, yet costs a bit more, and likewise includes the capacity to download because that offline viewing and the Hulu watch Party feature.