The United states Senate will organize a historic 2nd Impeachment hearing of former President trumped this week, start Tuesday, February 9. Viewers will have the ability to watch the trial (live and pre-recorded) across a wide selection of digital and social platforms. Here" just how you have the right to watch:

The Senate trial will be accessible for regional stations to air live. Check here to find out if your regional station is carrying the broadcast.

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Additionally, the people Channel, a digital broadcast channel brought by 157 public tv stations, will carry live coverage. Discover out if civilization Channel is available in your market.

You can uncover live streaming coverage of the impeachment hearings on, the NewsHour site and in the video clip App in the Live TV ar (if your station is moving the feed.) The free video clip App is accessible on iOS, Android, Roku, apple TV, Android TV, Amazon Fire TV, Chromecast, and smart TVs. NewsHour will likewise be streaming the hearings live ~ above Facebook, YouTube, and also Twitter.

Once the livestreams the the psychological concludes every day, the coverage will remain available across the NewsHour digital platforms, consisting of the NewsHour site, and the NewsHour Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter pages.

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It’s one thing to clock the hearings, but it’s another to know context and get more information around the national politics at play. Watch Newshour and also Amanpour & firm for extensive analysis and additional coverage that the trial.



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