When does James Comey testify?

The previous FBI manager testifies in ~ 10 a.m. East time Thursday before the Senate knowledge Committee.

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Why is it a big deal?

This is Comey"s first public testimony due to the fact that President trumped fired that in at an early stage May. Democrats want to understand whether trump fired Comey as a means to sidetrack the FBI"s investigation right into Russian meddling top top the 2016 election. If Comey states Trump did, republic will want to recognize why that didn"t speak up before.

How can I watch?

The cable news networks will all air far-ranging portions the the hearing, but if friend really want gavel-to-gavel coverage, it will be airing on C-SPAN 3, and we will be live-streaming ~ above lasignoralaura.com.


Can ns go in person?

You deserve to — there will supposedly be restricted public seating available (Room 216 in the Hart Senate Office Building) — however keep in mind that there is most likely to be a lengthy line because that very few seats.

Who are the an essential people come watch?

The chairman of the committee, Sen. Richard Burr, R-N.C., and the top Democrat, Sen. Mark Warner, D-Va., have actually been careful to continue in a an extremely collegial bipartisan manner, uneven the home Intelligence Committee, which has actually been riven by partisan tension. It will certainly be exciting to see just how they connect with the cameras rolling.

It is also worth noting that the senators on the committee will stand for a vast ideological spectrum: man Cornyn, R-Texas, is the second-ranking Republican in the U.S. Senate and also was himself considered a optimal candidate to change Comey at the FBI till he withdrew his name from consideration last month; Sen. Kamala Harris, D-Calif., offer in her an initial year in the Senate, has actually been a vocal part of the autonomous "resistance" to Trump"s presidency.

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What will certainly Comey say?

The committee ~ above Wednesday released Comey"s composed opening statement, in i m sorry he shows Trump asked the to earlier off the investigation of Michael Flynn, the national security torture Trump had actually just fired. The written testimony offers a portrait that a chairman extraordinarily concerned around the investigation. You can read it for you yourself here.

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Who has actually said what around James Comey?

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