Viewers the the Joe Rogan endure podcast continue to plead for the complete episodes to return to YouTube rather of being exclusively accessible on Spotify, after individuals report concerns with video clip playback top top the music streaming platform.

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Joe Rogan is one of the internet’s most famous podcasters, and also the JRE has been held on YouTube since it began in 2009. In that time he’s racked up end 10 million subscribers ~ above the site, however in December 2020 the display made a controversial relocate to Spotify exclusivity.

While interesting clips indigenous the show are uploaded come the PowerfulJRE YouTube channel, the podcast episodes can’t it is in watched in their whole unless you clock them ~ above Spotify.

Spotify originally wanted to perform audio-only recordings that the show, but Rogan and his management regulated to convince the streaming organization to facilitate the upload the the video clip recordings, after explaining that several of the show’s many viral moments wouldn’t have actually happened without video.

YouTube: PowerfulJREThe relocate to Spotify exclusivity has constantly been a divisive one amongst fans.

The move was normally not a famous one amongst fans, however, with world saying the “YouTube was more convenient,” too as, “missing every the comments! as soon as are you gonna gain comments top top Spotify!”

While that was meant that the dispute would calm under after a couple of months the the podcast gift on Spotify, countless fans remain frustrated the they can’t have actually the exact same experience on Spotify as they walk on YouTube.

After the release of episode 100 that the Joe Rogan experience MMA show, many shared their concerns in the comments of Rogan’s Instagram article promoting the new installment, as well as on Twitter.

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I’m yes, really pleased that
joerogan podcast, also though ns pay for premium. Go ago to YouTube, Spotify is a damaging listening experience.

— Rivers (
Spotify hasn"t made video available ~ above TV apps or console or any kind of other media player.. It"s incredible exactly how incompetent of move it is 🤦‍♂️
kealan_walsh) February 14, 2021

“I can’t even see the Spotify video clip on mine TV, just audio wtf,” one listener said. Others claim, “all i hear top top Spotify room ads, the interviews aren’t loading,” v some simply saying that, “Spotify kinda sucks.”

On Twitter one user explained: “It’s awesome the you have video now, yet I expect you work on getting video on mine TV app where ns would gain using it, due to the fact that I can’t enjoy the display on that previous home anymore.” They added that: “I’m not going come sit at my desk, or stare at mine phone for 3 hours.”