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There"s in reality a couple of ways come add skills to her Echo present (or Echo Spot) - and this doesn"t in reality differ too lot from exactly how you would certainly install them on a continuous Alexa speaker.

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1. Asking Alexa

The easiest method to add skills to your screened Echo device is to just say, "Alexa, permit .Or, if you want to eliminate a skill, simply say, "Alexa, disable ".

If you"re not certain which an abilities to add - also after reading our comprehensive list listed below - you can ask because that some: "Alexa, recommend me some skills". Friend can also do this for different categories the skills, such as news, smart home and also games.

2. Use the Alexa app

Another means to add an abilities is v the Alexa application on her iOS or Android device.

Open the Alexa app.Tap More.Tap Skills and Games.Find a skill you want to add to your collection. On the skill"s description page, you"ll watch the alternative to Enable to use - tap it. 3. Usage the Amazon website

The least accessible means to download Alexa skills is with the Amazon site itself.

Open Amazon in your web browser. Go to Shop by room > Echo & Alexa > Alexa Skills.On the right-hand side, there"s an option to Enable - tap it.

Best Alexa apps and an abilities for Amazon Echo present



While you deserve to chat to contacts utilizing Alexa Calling, the Skype ability was a severe boon because that the Alexa platform.

You have the right to now video clip call contacts, and with the strength of one Echo show or Echo Spot through a quick “Alexa, contact Mom ~ above Skype.”

Amazon element Video

You deserve to watch TV shows and also movies from Amazon Prime video on her Amazon Echo Show and Spot, detailed you have a element account.

To watch shows such as The cool Tour and Bosch (surprisingly not a show around dishwashers) simply say, “Alexa, pat on Amazon element Video.


OK, not an Alexa skill per se – but an ext useful than most on this list. You can connect and see her calendars on your Alexa screen.


Dailymotion / Vimeo

Video on the Amazon Echo has come to be a little of a mess after a spat in between Google and Amazon expected YouTube support was traction from Alexa devices. Luckily, Dailymotion and also Vimeo have actually stepped into the void - with a little help native Microsoft"s Bing; but there’s no official skill to it is in found.

“Alexa, beat Biffy Clyro music videos” will start a find for the video you desire to watch, and you’ll gain on-screen results consisted of of the 2 services. Great for music videos and also funnies – yet those with various tastes can be discovered wanting. This is a good stop gap until Vevo shows up.


Sometimes you simply want come learn exactly how to carry out something, and also you want some great instructions for exactly how to perform it. Go into the WikiHow skill, which will give you video clip walkthroughs on how to carry out pretty lot anything. All you have to do is to speak something like, "Alexa, asking WikiHow just how to tie my shoes" and also you"re off to the races.



Netflix is on offer on the present range, supplying you the possibility to watch renowned TV mirrors and large budget movies like Project Power, The Irishman and Red notice - on a 5, 8 or 10-inch display - simply as the director intended.


A real win because that smart home fans, you have the right to say “Alexa, present my front door” to have that security camera feed presented on the Echo show or Echo Spot’s display – obviously replace "front door" v the name of your nest Cam.

This can turn your camera into a an excellent baby monitor, or just act together a seamless method of checking on those happening in different locations of the house.

(Security camera feeds additionally work v a lot of other smart home brands too)



Another top video smart residence integration, you deserve to ask “Alexa, present my Ring Doorbell” because that a feeding of those happening out-front.

You don’t even have come wait because that the chime – you can pull up the feeding at any kind of time. Some shortcomings, however, space that the feeding won’t show automatically when Ring sounds, and there’s no two-way audio. Still helpful for screening time-wasting callers, though.

Good Housekeeping

A bustling skill with every little thing from recipes to advice on obtaining stains out of her soft furnishings, you can say points like, "Alexa, ask an excellent Housekeeping what I need to make for dinner tonight."

The screen helps with recipes, make it among the better, well, housekeeping skills available.

Train her brain

You can gain your settle of trivia v multiple quiz skills. Friend can try saying "Alexa, open up Brain cultivate - strange One Out" because that a hold of visual challenges, which gain trickier the longer the video game goes on.

It can likewise be offered by approximately 4 players. If that"s no enough, say "Alexa, enable Quick Fire Quiz", which will fire trivia questions.

Stream Player

Say "Alexa, allow Stream Player" to get a organize of off-the-wall video clip content indigenous the likes that NASA, Bloomberg and also CBS.

There"s loads to watch and also do – and also certainly a good alternative to attempting come watch severe TV top top Netflix and Amazon prime Video.

Escape the room

Exceptionally extremely rated, Escape the Room is a clue-based difficulty where you have to gain out the a locked room within the moment limit. The recent update means you can accessibility hints.

There are five levels to choose from, each varying in difficulty. Begin in the Jail cell which is simplest (ironically) and also make your method up to the car, i m sorry is hardest. Walk figure, and say: "Alexa, enable Escape The Room" to try it out.


The Amazon-owned gaming streaming organization obviously has a visual Alexa skill, which will aid you follow your favourite players. You can attach your account from within Twitch to be informed when among your adhered to players logs on.

Alternatively, you can ask “Alexa, asking Twitch who’s playing or “Alexa, asking Twitch to suggest an IRL channel” to start streaming.


Jeopardy!, the Alexa skill of the popular game show, is among the best on the Echo – and it supplies a little much more for customers of Echo Show and also Echo Spot.

Users will certainly get hints on screen and also see the questions, which makes it just a tiny easier to play than closely listening come Alexa. To start, simply say “Alexa, play Jeopardy.


Food Network / Allrecipes / Recipedia

One that the most-used instances of why Alexa benefits from a display screen is cooking – you have the right to ask for a recipe and have it shown in front of you.

To use any of the above services simply ask, “Alexa, show me a recipe because that and she’ll choose one for you. If you’re specific about which service you like, you have the right to say “Alexa, asking Allrecipes because that a recipe” and also it’ll uncover one because that you.

Echo show users can likewise now get a complimentary one-year subscription come Food Network Kitchen, i beg your pardon adds. Premium content including live and on-demand cooking classes held by chefs consisting of Bobby Flay, Rachael Ray, Giada De Laurentiis, man Fieri, and also more.

To sign up because that the free subscription, just say, “Alexa, i ordered it to Food Network Kitchen.”

Reuters TV

The flash Briefing has quickly become an important piece of utilizing Alexa daily, and Reuters TV is crucial if you"ve acquired an Echo spot or Show.

That"s due to the fact that it"s developed out of video clips the will provide you a an excellent video briefing the the top news that the day. Every you need to do to gain started is say "Alexa, what"s my speed Briefing" just make sure Reuters TV is set up to it is in a part of your flash briefing in the companion Alexa app.

Ambient Visuals

One of our favourite skills for typical Echos, the ambient Visuals range offers be safe vibes with some HD visuals as part of the package.

You can select from Rainfall, an are Shuttle and Lightning Storm skills, among others. Just say "Alexa pat Ambient Visuals " to get started.

Logo Quiz

The popular app game, however now with voice; it"s actually far far better suited to Alexa 보다 it is to the app. You can shout the end the name of the logos, rather than battling to spell company names correctly, questioning for ideas (you obtain three per game) or just pass.

The logos are shown on the display of the Echo Show and Echo Spot.


Uber may not it is in everyone"s favourite new-age taxi operation right now, but that doesn"t median the car-summoning procedure isn"t a happiness through the display of the Echo Show.

Giving you a similar graphic to what you"d suffer on her smartphone (though no one of the map and real-time vehicle movement, annoyingly) the application pops up with the range of cars you can speak to to your house, and the approximated prices. It"s not perfect, however it"s a much nicer process than ordering a ride v the screen-less Echo clan.

Connect 4

Play versus Alexa in a battle of wits, in which she"s much more than a match. The application (open v "Alexa, enable Connect 4") can be better, with major repetition that the indigenous "into i beg your pardon slot perform you throw a disc" which sound a small insane.

However, the game works well, quickly and also Alexa is no walkover. It"s just a dead you can"t beat two-player locally, and also chuck Alexa out of the equation.

Panda Rescue

The winner of the Amazon Developers finest kids skill for Echo Show, Panda Rescue puts youngsters in fee of the advancement of a cub.

The skill is lot the exact same on Echo show as audio-only devices, yet the screen adds pictures of the panda cub at various stages the development, i m sorry adds to the education aspect for kids.


Fandango the app permits Echo customers to quickly to insanity in come movie trailers and even to buy tickets with the clever device.

Integrating v your Fandango account, it lets you ask because that a movie or theatre location, where, indigenous there, you have the right to pick a time and pay because that the tickets. Easy.

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Fish tank for Echo Show

A moderately low res screensaver for Echo Show and Echo clues devices, Fish Tank puts some hyperactive swimmers ~ above your display – v some annoying bubbly sounds the you can’t get rid of. Relaxing that is not, however will most likely keep kids/cats entertained.