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Fox is among the must-have networks with a lot of the best shows ~ above TV. So virtually everyone desires Fox as part of your TV subscription. Yet you don’t have to be a cable subscriber to gain it. Cord cutters can quickly get access. Review on to discover your best choices for the town hall Fox there is no cable.

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In a rush? We provide a ton the information listed below on the finest ways to get Fox there is no cable. But if you simply want to clock your neighborhood Fox affiliate, these solutions offer an excellent deals. Sign up in minutes.

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How to acquire Fox there is no Cable

As a network with neighborhood affiliate stations throughout the nation, most viewers deserve to watch Fox for totally free by setup up one OTA antenna. If girlfriend haven’t checked out what’s coming v antennas in a while, it’s worth taking a look!

Another option is a advertisement streaming service that provides Fox and other regional affiliates and also a selection of cable channels. An advantage to these solutions is that they typically provide access to other Fox channels like Fox News, Fox Business, and also the Fox sporting activities channels.

How to Stream Fox Online

All streaming services work more or less the same: because that a monthly fee, you get access to a package of live TV channels. And also you deserve to stream castle on pretty much everything TV or mobile gadgets you own. But each organization is also different — make for various kinds that TV viewers.

When it concerns Fox, you require to understand that prefer the other significant networks (ABC, CBS, NBC), the is dispersed through a variety of affiliated local channels throughout the US. There is no one Fox Channel. For this reason you need a streaming service that provides access to the local Fox channel.

There is one wrinkle, however. Not all regional stations are available everywhere. There room two reasons this deserve to be the case. The area may simply not have actually a neighborhood affiliate. And also if that does, there may not at this time be a contract in between it and a streaming service. Yet in the vast bulk of cases, the optimal streaming solutions will offer the regional Fox affiliate.

So review on to number out which streaming organization is best for you.

FuboTV: Fox to add the finest Sports Channels


FuboTV is known for it’s live sports streaming. In fact, that was started by 3 friends who wanted come watch international soccer games, which even today space poorly covered on cable TV. They sell 38 sports networks with their an easy plan consisting of ESPN and the NFL Network.

However, nevertheless of the beginnings, FuboTV is today one of the best all at once live TV streaming solutions with a wide range of channels like HGTV, FX, and also Disney.

One facet of its focus on sports is the FuboTV provides access to local networks and local sports networks (RSNs). Fox, for example, airs a lot of sports. So FuboTV has actually Fox nearly everywhere.

For $64.99/mo, you gain over 110 channels including every the main Fox cable channels: Fox News, Fox Business, FS1, and also FS2. And also in the vast majority of areas, friend will gain the other major networks: ABC, CBS, NBC, and also the Spanish-language Telemundo.

FuboTV streams on many smart TVs and also mobile devices. You can also use it with your Xbox. The base setup comes v 250 hrs of DVR record time and also the capability to stream on as much as three screens (TV, laptop, smartphone) at one time.

Local ChannelsABC, CBS, Fox, NBC, Telemundo
Fox Cable ChannelsFox Business, Fox News, FS1, FS2
Total Channels110+
Cloud DVR250 hours
Simultaneous Screens3
Free Trial
FuboTV Monthly Price$64.99

Find out an ext about FuboTV:

Hulu + Live TV: present Fox Live follow me With great On-Demand Channels


Hulu + Live TV is best known because that its industry-leading on-demand library the current-run TV. But they likewise provide great live TV streaming service.

Hulu Live supplies 75+ networks for $64.99/mo. In virtually all locations, you will get local network affiliates ABC, CBS, NBC, and especially Fox. If Fox isn’t available in her area through the other streaming services, there’s a an excellent chance it is with Hulu.

Hulu + Live TV comes with 50 hours of cloud DVR and simultaneous streaming on 2 devices. They assistance pretty much any smart TV, mobile device, or game console you have the right to think of.

Local ChannelsABC, CBS, NBC, and Fox, Telemundo
Fox Cable ChannelsFox Business, Fox News, FS1, FS2
Total Channels75+
Cloud DVR50 hours
Simultaneous Screens2
Free Trial
Hulu + Live TV Monthly Price$64.99

There is a lot more to Hulu + Live TV. Watch the complying with for much more information:

Sling TV: present Fox at the lowest Price


When it pertains to low-cost streaming, it’s difficult to win Sling TV. They offer two plans because that $35/mo (or $50 together). There are two means to acquire Fox through Sling TV: streaming or via antenna.

Streaming Fox through Sling TV

The Sling Blue setup comes with neighborhood Fox and also NBC affiliates in select markets. What space these? They sell in Fox in 18 markets:

EastAtlanta (WAGA)Chicago (WFLD)Detroit (WJBK)Gainesville (WOGX)Milwaukee (WITI)New York (WNYW)Orlando (WOFL)Philadelphia (WTXF)Tampa (WTVT)Washington, DC (WTTG)
WestAustin (KTBC)Dallas (KDFW)Houston (KRIV)Los Angeles (KTTV)Minneapolis (KMSP)Phoenix (KSAZ)San Francisco (KTVU)Seattle (KCPQ)

Sling Blue comes with 43 other networks besides Fox. These encompass Fox News and also Fox sporting activities 1 (FS1). If you desire Fox Business, friend can get it as part of the News Extra add-on because that $6/mo. And also you can gain FS2 through the sports Extra add-on for $11/mo. That would certainly be a complete of $52/mo for 69 channels.

Sling TV running on one Android phone.
Fox with OTA Antenna and Sling TV

If friend don’t live in one of the areas provided above, you deserve to still acquire Fox with Sling TV. Castle have created their app so that the local channels you acquire from her antenna are consisted of in your Sling TV guide. No various other services sell this kind of integration!

Better still, if you sign up for two or three months, Sling TV will provide you a compatible antenna because that reduced cost — or even free!

Here are the details of Sling TV’s offerings:

Local ChannelsNBC, Fox
Fox Cable ChannelsFox News, FS1
Total Channels40+
Cloud DVR50 hours
Simultaneous Screens3
Free Trial
Sling TV Monthly Price$35.00
You can obtain a 3-day totally free trial with the Sling TV app. Yet you room probably better of with their $10 first month deal.

Here is more information on Sling TV:

DirecTV Stream: an excellent Local channels Including Fox


If you are unconvinced of cord-cutting, DirecTV currently (formerly at&t TV) has the sort of reputation that might allay her fears. It’s a bit much more expensive than various other streaming services yet it provides a solid choice of channels and technology.

For $69.99/mo, DirecTV Stream provides 65+ channels. In nearly all areas, this includes the local affiliates of every the networks including Fox. They additionally offer a number of less common affiliates like Univision and The CW.

DirecTV currently features an excellent support for smart TVs and also mobile devices. And also they carry out the most simultaneous streams of any major service. This provides it particularly great for large households.

Local ChannelsABC, CBS, NBC, Fox
Fox Cable ChannelsFox Business, Fox News, FS1
Total Channels65+
Cloud DVR20 hours
Simultaneous Screens20
Free Trial
DirecTV currently Monthly Price$69.99
DirecTV stream doesn’t sell a cost-free trial, yet if friend cancel in ~ 14 days girlfriend can gain a full refund.

To learn an ext about DirecTV Stream, check out our thorough review.

Vidgo: Fox plus 95+ networks for One low Price


Vidgo is a mid-priced streaming service ($55/mo) that supplies 95+ channels. Lock can carry out this number of channels because that a low price in component because castle don’t offer much in terms of neighborhood channels.

However, Vidgo does offer ABC and also Fox throughout the nation. They offer Fox in these areas:

Abilene, TXAtlantaAustinBangor, MEBend, ORBinghamton, NYBirminghamBostonCape Coral, FLCharleston, SCCharlotteCharlottesvilleChicagoCincinnatiColumbia, MOColumbus, GADallas-FT. WorthDetroitEl Centro, CAEugene, ORFt. Wayne, INGrand RapisGreenville, SCGreenwood-Greenville, SCHarrisburg-Lncstr-Leb-YorkHartfordHattiesburg-Laurel, MSHoustonHuntsville, ALIndio/Palm SpringsJackson, MSJacksonvilleKnoxville, TNLake Charles, LALansingLaredo, TXLas vegas
Los AngelesLouisville, KYMcAllenMedford-Klamath Falls, ORMemphisMeridianMiamiMinneapolisMobile-Pensacola, ALMontgomery-SelmaMyrtle BeachNew OrleansNew YorkOrlandoPanama City, FLPeoria, ILPhiladelphiaPhoenixPocatelloPortlandSalt Lake CitySan FranciscoSan Angelo , TXSanta BarbaraSpokaneSpringfield-Holyoke, MASt. JosephSyracuseTampaTerre Haute, INToledoTucsonTulsaWashington, DCWest Palm BeachWilmingtonYakima, WA

Vidgo offers a great overall choice of networks including a the majority of sports channels. In terms of Fox cable channels, they sell the typical ones: Fox Business, Fox News, FS1, and FS2. They also offer the Spanish-language Fox Deportes.

One downside of Vidgo is the they carry out not sell a DVR. You can, however, buy her own and also integrate it through your system.

Local ChannelsABC, Fox
Fox Cable ChannelsFox Business, Fox News, FS1, FS2
Total Channels95+
Simultaneous Screens3
Free Trial
Vidgo Monthly Price$55.00
Although Vidgo has actually no complimentary trial, its very first month is simply $10.

If girlfriend need an ext information, examine out the following:

Other ways to present Fox

There room other choices for streaming Fox there is no cable:

How to obtain Fox Via TV Antenna

As we discussed above with Sling TV, you can get Fox in most locations over-the-air (OTA) via one antenna.

You can discover out if Fox is obtainable where girlfriend live making use of the FCC’s application DTV reception Maps. Just go into your resolve and it will list all the local stations and also how strong their signals are.

If friend can gain Fox OTA whereby you live, setting up an antenna is easy. Watch our guides:

One thing debated in these articles is the use of a wireless tuner. With these, you plug in the antenna and also it broadcasts the signal locally. This way, you deserve to use a single antenna on lot of TVs and also mobile devices.

FuboTV offers Fox and the various other network affiliates practically everywhere.

TVs and also Mobile tools to watch Fox On

Just choose you require a TV to watch the networks you acquire from your cable provider, you need a TV or other maker to view the networks you obtain from a live TV streaming service. The distinction is that there space a lot much more devices that are supported by the height streaming services. And this is great news due to the fact that Fox streams in HD.

All the streaming solutions support the significant smart TVs and TV devices:

Amazon Fire TV: a an equipment that plugs into a TV’s HDMI input enabling you to operation apps because that the assorted streaming services prefer a smart TV.Android TV: Google’s operating mechanism (OS) for smart TVs.Apple TV: Apple’s an equipment that plugs into the HDMI input on your TV that provides it job-related like a clever TV.Roku: A machine that connects to a TV’s HDMI entry to make it duty like a smart TV.

All that the services other than Vidgo additionally support the Samsung smart TVs as well as Chromecast, which allows you come send video streams from your smartphone to your TV.

The services also stream come smartphones and also tablets:

Android: Google’s mobile OS powering phones and tablets.iOS: Apple’s mobile OS the powers iPhones, iPads, and also even some iPods.

Many world stream making use of gaming systems. All the services other than for Vidgo and DirecTV Stream administer support because that the Xbox. If you use the PlayStation, Hulu + Live TV has you covered. It also supports Echo Show. And also for VR fans, Sling TV support Oculus.

Finally, every the services permit you come stream making use of a web browser. That method you have the right to watch live TV utilizing your laptop. Friend can also connect this computer to her TV if you desire to usage its bigger screen.

If you are using an enlarge or unusual device, you’ll need to inspect around. Yet the devices provided above should cover basically all customers and permit them come stream Fox in all its glory.

Wrapping Up

For many TV viewers, the Fox network is essential. However there are lots of ways to get it without cable. Due to the fact that it is so important, the major streaming services administer it. However even without that, in most locations, girlfriend can gain Fox in HD with an antenna. For this reason what room you waiting for? Dump her cable subscription now and enjoy the shows you love for much less money!

To learn an ext about acquiring Fox and also other channels without cable, check out our guide, how to clock Local networks Without Cable.


Can i watch Fox because that free?

Since Fox is not a cable channel, girlfriend can watch it for free. Every you have to do is buy one antenna and connect it to your TV. Friend can gain an antenna for less than $30 and also it should last for years. Check out our OTA Antenna and also DVR guide for exactly how to acquire started. It’s an extremely easy and also you’ll be impressed with all the channels and subchannels friend get!

What space the Fox channels?

There is only one Fox channel however there space many networks under the Fox Broadcasting company unbrella:

FoxFox BusinessFox DeportesFox SoulFox sporting activities RacingMyNetworkTV.

There are also a lot of on-demand platforms from Fox choose Tubi and also Fox Now.

How have the right to I clock Fox sporting activities without cable?

Fox offers two good sports channels: FS1 and also FS2. They are cable channels so friend can’t obtain them over-the-air with an antenna. Yet a most streaming services sell them. The low-cost Sling TV provides FS1 for simply $35/mo. And Vidgo uses both FS1 and also FS2 because that $55/mo. Most of the various other services sell it as well.

How execute I get local Fox without cable?

Fox is a network so that is transfer via regional affiliates throughout the nation. There are two ways to obtain your neighborhood Fox affiliate. Girlfriend can set up an antenna and also get the signal end the air. This functions well if girlfriend are relatively close come a transfer tower. Or you can sign-up through a streaming service like Hulu + Live TV to get your neighborhood channel streamed to you.

Can ns watch Fox top top Amazon Prime?

Amazon element is a an excellent service because that on-demand streaming. However it at this time offers no live TV streaming. Friend can, however, stream miscellaneous Fox shows favor the 32 seasons of The Simpsons or the 4 periods of 9-1-1. However these cost extra; lock aren’t had with the simple Prime subscription.

How execute I clock Fox company without cable?

Fox service Network is a cable channel so that isn’t available through an antenna. The is a typical channel with many streaming solutions — either with the basic plan or through an inexpensive add-on. Generally, if you uncover a business with the regional Fox affiliate, they will also carry out Fox Business.

How can I clock Fox News there is no cable?

Fox does carry out some news prefer Fox News Sunday. However if you want the Fox News Channel, friend must obtain it through a payment live TV provider. This doesn’t need to be a cable company, however; a streaming company works fine. Every one of the services like Hulu + Live TV and also DirecTV Stream encompass Fox News through their basic plans. They typically also administer CNN and MSNBC.

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How can I gain Fox in mine area v an antenna?

Fox is obtainable throughout the United says so you have the right to buy an antenna and plug it into your TV. The only worry is whether over there is a an excellent enough signal whereby you live. For many people, a small indoor antenna will certainly be simply fine. Yet if you are in a remote area, you might need a larger outdoor antenna. See our antenna buyer’s guide and our step-by-step instructions because that connecting multiples TVs.

What reflects does Fox offer?

Fox uses a large amount of quality content from scripted reflects to truth TV come sports consisting of NASCAR, MLB, and also NBA. Their most renowned shows include:

9-1-1Beat ShazamDuncanvilleFamily GuyFox NFL SundayLego MastersThe masked SingerMasterChefThe ResidentThe Simpsons